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  1. I've played around a lot with modding this game but I've never really tried to go that in depth with it. My main goal was to make it into an infantry only game. I've switched infantry units around to balance out the game sans mechs. Replaced their weapons (Kinjals with Inkvines can be pretty formidable, I can tell you that for nothing :D) But currently what I've settled on is for everyone to have access to the same infantry units (excluding subhouses). This is great and all but what I don't know how to do is changing the troops names to reflect the house they're in. Like everyone can mak
  2. Well...here it is. You should just be able to extract it to C:WestwoodEmperorDATA. The goal here was to take existing units and disperse them amongst the houses and subhouses to balance the game for infantry only. I ended up having to modify some units. I also tried to take out at least a little of the micromanagement by making buildings and harvesters selfrepairing. (not sure how much that actually helps) Hope you enjoy it. InfantryMix.zip
  3. Thats too bad. What you had so far looked interesting. On a brighter note, I'm done with mine and I'm going to post it tonight. Just need to make the readme file. So Jules, at least another mod came out of your abandoned one. Hopefully folks will dig it. :)
  4. Well...there's one thing that a lot of people around the world seem to have in common. So many of us like to think that we're better than someone else because of where we live.
  5. Yeah, but I'm not doing any where near what Jules is doing. I'm pretty much just switching around some of the units. I'm also changing some of the speed and capabilities of a few units but I'm not creating any new ones. But it is fairly fun so far...hell...modding the game is turning out to be fun within itself :). Hopefully I'll be able to finish it up this weekend though and I'll post the whole file. Now that I'm able to use all of the sub houses I've selected their units: Ix: infiltrator and the ordos dust scout (extended build times and higher cost) Tleilaxu: fast contaminator (with sl
  6. Jules' Mod Is there a way to make it so APCs can't cush infantry short of making all infantry uncrushable? A small fleet of them could work hell on an army running toward your base...a little too much hell IMO. A cloaked trike, unless everyone can get them it seems like it would be a bit much to me too. But is kinda nifty. I'd like it better in a different kind of mod. Aristeas' Mod I fixed the issue with the Subhouses. They're all active now. I'm having to do some more balancing though. With the sniper/scouts....it really isn't a balancing issue if everyone has snipers. As it stands
  7. I agree but I would think that any military engineer would carry at least a handgun. I would make an engineer into an infantryman that could also take over buildings. Aristeas mod I've attached the rules file that I've been playing on. I haven't fixed the issue with the Guild, TL, and Ix being able to be built. All units are now Elite = TRUE No Scouts Snipers have been given the view range of scouts and can stealth when still upon creation. Equipped with Fremen Warrior guns. Fremen Warriors now only buildable by House Atreides. Increased view to the same as scouts. Harkonnen Light Infan
  8. Whether or not Bush has followed the law is a matter of speculation as far as I'm concerned. And I just generally disagree with how he runs things...but then I would...I'm a decocrat
  9. The US has several political parties but the Democratic and Republican parties are, by far, the largest. They are so large that other parties have very little sway in American government. Not sure where Andrew is coming from on saying that both liberals and conservatives in this country are the same. They aren't...not by a long shot. Like everyone we do have varying degrees of liberal and conservative folks that do blur the lines and do I think I understand where such an opinion might stem from. As far as Americans thinking that anyone who disagrees with them is an idiot, no. Thats a p
  10. Well...I've fiddled around with it a lot these past few days and I think I'm coming close to something thats fairly well balanced. It may sound crazy but here is basically what I've settled on...I am still tweaking weaponry. 1st off...when I started modding I did this...extracted DukeLeto's Infantry Wars mod then replaced his rules file with SnIper's Infantry mod rules file and started modding from there. No one gets scouts. Every house gets snipers and I've extended their view to the same as scouts. This just seems more "realistic" to me. Also, since the Atreides get Fremen warriors they
  11. Ok...I'm discovering that the idea of having every house have every infantry unit might not be the best idea. This is just the initial impression I have from the messing around I did last night. Of course it creates balance...everyone has pretty much the same stuff. But the downside is that it also creates a situation where you have so many kinds of infantry to choose from that it makes your head spin. So I think I'll narrow things down a bit. Actually, it does also take away a little of the character of the Houses but I'm willing to trade this aesthetic for balance. I like the atmosphere of
  12. Sweet! I'll give that a shot thanks. Now thats interesting. You know how I was saying the Harkonnen infantry sucked? Maybe that would be a way to balance them out a bit. They shouldn't be as powerful as Sards though but the Sards have more health and range, yes? If you had an HK infantryman with bullets on par with a Sard would the Sard still win? Not sure how useful that would be against Atreides snipers though. I still think all sides should get snipers standard. They're just so damn powerful. But I suppose a house that didn't have snipers could opt for Fremen as a subhouse.
  13. I meant in the regular game...or rather the mod I'm messing around with at the moment...DukeLeto's infantry mod...making it so that all three of the major houses could have flametroops, snipers, mortars, chemtroopers, kinjals, and light infantry (I'm trying to do a little balancing experiment) The real differences between the houses would be what subhouses players pick as opposed to the type of units they have on their own. But other than pasting Elite = TRUE into all of the infantry units I haven't done any modding so if its much more complicated than that nevermind as I'm likely as not to
  14. Hey Jules, just for the fun of it I did this with every houses' infantry in the InfantryWars mod. Would it be just as simple to do that and re-enable Elite Sards and Feds AND make it so every house can make any infantry unit from either of the three houses?
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