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C&C 3: Tiberium Wars discussion thread


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This is the discussion thread for the new Command and Conquer game set in the Tiberium universe.

Known facts (quoted from Wikipedia):

Like most games in development, the known facts for Tiberium Wars are few and far between. Although information on Tiberium Wars is still shaky, EA has released enough information for C&C fans to get a general idea of the game and its development.

The plot

The story begins in 2047, and the world is in an even worse condition than in Tiberian Sun. The spread of Tiberium continues to the destroy the Earth, and the world has been divided into different zones. 20% of the Earth's surface is Tiberium-infested and inhospitable "Red Zones", 50% of the Earth is "Yellow Zones", areas where Nod is present and where Tiberium hasn't fully taken hold but is encroaching on the population, and the rest of the Earth is "Blue Zones", where it is safe to live and where GDI is present. The GDI is still trying to prevent the spread of Tiberium and convert the Yellow Zones to Blue Zones.

In March, Nod fires a nuclear missile at GDI's orbiting headquarters, the Philadelphia, destroying the fulcrum of GDI's military power. Since the end of the Second Tiberium War, Nod has built up its military into superpower status, and is now supported by the majority of the world's population through aid and propaganda. In no shape to handle the Nod offensives led by Black Hand shock troops around the globe, GDI commanders take charge, rallying their demoralized troops, hoping to win a victory over Nod (as in previous C&C games, no victor is specified).

Known units and structures

Concept artwork of GDI Zone Troopers crossing a Tiberium field


Concept artwork of GDI Zone Troopers crossing a Tiberium field


    * GDI ORCA Gunship (Preview screenshot/article, PC Gamer issue 149)

    * GDI ORCA/ORCA Scout (Preview article, PC Gamer issue 149)

    * GDI Firehawk Fast Attack Jet (Preview article, PC Gamer issue 149)

    * GDI Zone trooper, a heavilly armed soldier in a power armour suit who is immune to tiberium and who also has short range jumpjets (Preview screenshot, PC Gamer issue 149) could be a replacement for the Wolverine from Tiberian Sun. It is possible that the power armour suit is an evolution of the Mobius Suit seen in Renegade.

    * GDI light infantry

    * GDI grenadier

    * GDI rocket soldier

    * GDI commando

    * GDI Mammoth Tank, main heavy tank equipped with dual 150mm guns that can be upgraded to rail guns, will also have dual rocket pods to take on infantry and aircraft; an onboard engineer will slowly bring it's health back to 50% when damaged

    * GDI Predator Light Tank, can be upgraded to have missile launchers on a side mount (Preview screenshot, PC Gamer issue 149 & 1st of June's 06 Podcast)

    * GDI Mystery buggy (Preview screenshot, PC Gamer issue 149)

    * GDI Mystery defense turret (Preview screenshot, PC Gamer issue 149)

    * GDI Juggernought artillery unit (Official C&C 3 forum)


    * Nod Stealth Tank (Preview article, PC Gamer issues 149)


    * Tiberium Havester for both races (third faction unknown) will go back to Tiberium Dawn's design with claws "like a scarab beetle" (1st of june's 06 Podcast)

    * Side bar and construction yard method of building bases and units (third faction unknown) (1st of june's 06 Podcast)


    * Unknown Faction Mystery Green Soldier (Preview screenshot, PC Gamer issue 149)

    * It is also known that Mechs, first introduced in Tiberian Sun, will make a return in Command & Conquer 3.

    * Other familiar units will also be returning, although EA is staying tight lipped about which units those may be.

Third side speculations

Once the player has completed both the GDI and Nod campaigns, they will be able to play a third mystery faction. The current speculations are:

    * The Forgotten: Appearing for the first time in C&C History in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, the Forgotten have been an integral part of the entire Tiberian storyline. The Forgotten were led by Tratos, until he was killed. Other major characters include Umagon (Dies from divination, as previously mentioned), Ghost Stalker and the Mutant Hijacker. In Tiberian Sun's expansion, Firestorm, the leader of The Forgotten was murdered by CABAL. The fate of the other two major Forgotten Characters remains unknown.

First seen in an internal EALA monitor and leaked by a visitor of the official BFME Community summit, this image is named 'Scrin Primal' by the developers of the C&C Franchise


First seen in an internal EALA monitor and leaked by a visitor of the official BFME Community summit, this image is named 'Scrin Primal' by the developers of the C&C Franchise

    * The Scrin: Appearing for the first time in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun in the form of a huge alien ship and later (Although earlier by game chronology) in Command & Conquer: Renegade as a crashed flying saucer, not much is known about these beings, except that they are somehow connected to CABAL, Kane, Tiberium and its origin and distribution. Scrin technology is used in the Nod Banshee.

    * CABAL (Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform): Appearing in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and its expansion-Firestorm, CABAL is Nod's AI in charge of Cybernetic Development and Tiberium Evolution. After going insane in Tiberian Sun's expansion, Firestorm, it has become known that CABAL is somehow connected to Nod's leader, Kane. The origin of these connections is unknown. The fate of CABAL after Firestorm is unknown. A damaged state of CABAL can be heard in C&C Renegade's last mission, inside the Temple of Nod.

    * Or, even possibly an entirely new faction. According to PC gamer, and according to pictures, it appears that there could be new units unknown to any of the speculations.

Other known facts

Other known facts about the game include:

    * The return of full motion videos, after being notably absent in Command & Conquer: Renegade and Command & Conquer: Generals.

    * The return of resource harvesting and Mobile Construction Vehicles.

    * The return of Kane, although it cannot be confirmed if Joseph D. Kucan will reprise his role as the Nod leader, as casting for the movies is not yet finished.

    * It seems unlikely that Frank Klepacki, game music composer who did all Command & Conquer games except Generals, will do the music for Command & Conquer 3. Klepacki is currently a full-time employee at Petroglyph, and both himself and the EA Community Manager have stated that he is not on the game's development team nor has he been asked to join. EA's community manager has also said that the team is aware of fan's concern, and that EA's audio team has been studying Klepacki's music for the past ten years, and fans will not be disappointed.

    * Command & Conquer 3 will use the pre-Generals right sidebar interface, as revealed in an interview on IGN at this link: "It's also worth mentioning the return of the side-bar interface: Our in-game UI for C&C3 is a side-bar that will feel familiar to C&C players but it has some added features that make it more useful - and make it feel interesting and new. We are combining the centralized production queues in the classic C&C side-bar with contextual space for selected units and structures. The new UI lets you quickly build units and structures, easily control grouped units, and access your build queues anywhere on the map - even in the middle of a battle. But you can still get lots of information about your selected units and activate their special abilities - which is pretty much expected in the latest generation RTS games. We think our interface for C&C3 is the best of both worlds."

    * The development team, with help from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has devised information to see how Tiberium would work in real-world science.

    * AI will be improved and campaigns will be more immersive.

    * A brand new version of the SAGE (Strategy Action Game Engine) engine will be used.

    * Multiplayer will feature VoIP support.

    * EA is planning several fan summits for previews, feedback and discussions.

Here's the trailer:


Shots from the trailer:













And some screenshots:

GDI Harvester in Tiberium field

GDI Tank convoy and defence structures

GDI Tank

GDI Light vehicles

GDI Base

GDI in the city

GDI forces moving into a ghost town

GDI forces (note:Naval units and stunning water effects!)

Concept art:

GDI Zone troopers

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i wonder if joes still up for the director position as in prevous true c&c games (not generals)

slavik would also be a nice touch to the nod side

or another seth (clone?)  hehehehe  i loved that guy (' a direct assalt with your strongest forces should render their military centre of operati'---bang)

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Hi, just asking what video card do you think C&C 3 will need?  I hope it works on 32 MB card.

I doubt it very much, the minimum spec will be similar to Lord of the Rings II and thus needs a new DX 9.0c compliant (Pixel Shader 3) card and I doubt your 32MB card supports that...

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actually thats not the case... they are bringing back resource harvesting and MCV's..... stuff like that is exactly what i am talking about..... the Original WW flavor.

Generals was such a crap hybrid of warcraft and Dark Reign ....with its bulldozer replacement of the MCV .....and removal of engineer's taking buildings.... and the warcraft 3 type HUD,..... and the overpowered Superweapons...... and the biased towards turtling and turrets instead of open-field combat that is so reminescent of Command & Conquer originals and Emperor Battle for Dune.

Sure the graphics are much more advanced and the gameplay may be a little different in pure 3-D but my point was that i hope it retains the original WW flavor that we all originally fell in love with.

And this is very comforting --> "Our in-game UI for C&C3 is a side-bar that will feel familiar to C&C players but it has some added features that make it more useful - and make it feel interesting and new. We are combining the centralized production queues in the classic C&C side-bar with contextual space for selected units and structures. "


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Lets be blunt:

according to this months PCGamer the Lord of the Rings II was changed at the last moment from Add-on Upgrade Pack to Sequel - why? - TO MAKE MORE MONEY.

This caused many headaches for the programmers as the SAGE code had grown from 0.7 million lines of code in Generals to 1.75 million in BFME II.

So we now have C&C III - why? - TO MAKE MORE MONEY. How?

1) Entice all those that bought BFME and Generals to buy this - nice graphics similar play.

2) Entice old pissed off Westwood fans with MCVs and sidebar and promise of exciting new things.


It will be a hybrid version of Generals/BFME II and C&C to maximise sales.

Oh - Tiberium very hard to do as growing blossom trees if you want to ship in 2007, conclusion just edit the Generals "cargo resource areas" piece of existing code into crystal looking fields that you can harvest with a Harvester. Also cuts down on having to add to many more lines of code to the SAGE engine (which slows development).

So dont expect a 3D version of Firestorm - it is more likely to be a 3D version of Tiberium Dawn where if you remember the tiberium fields were simple blue or green crystal fields...

...and fits in more with their talk of a world war over Tiberium, if they were following the Firestorm storyline then it would be a joint war against the Scrin and Tiberium.

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It's not anti C&C3... It's just how things will be. Yeah, the old building menu and -system is back and such, which I like, but some of the gameplay aspects of Generals (or BFME 2) will also be in it, which I like too.

I really look forward to this game.

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You're probably right, JulesG. C&C3 won't be the same old-style WS game anymore. Let's hope they don't screw it up too much... Maybe it will be something decent after all ::) Something to really adhere to the original C&C Tiberian series, and not just a game to please those unfamiliar with it with lots of eye-candies...

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