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  1. Any tips on getting this to run on Linux? I switched to Linux mint last year, and haven't been able to get this to work on it through wine yet. So far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be a Linux version, but I'm not super observant. I really enjoyed playing arrakis while i could, anyway.
  2. I would love to play this on my Droid tablet :D
  3. In keeping with the argument of many control styles, why not include joystick controll at some point as well?(that would be interesting) or even gamepads?
  4. I refuse to play command and conquer 4, It should have been released as a game non-related to the command and conquer story line, and I think should be concidered non-cannon. It simply doesnt have any features required to be what i expect it to. It cant live up to my personal expectations of a cnc game.
  5. not sure if this is where I would post this, but I've found a repeatable glitch in which harvesters get stuck directly next to the refinery to the left. I'm playing with the D2TM-WIP-352 unstable release, I dont know if this is a known glitch, but it causes me to have to constantly build harvesters, despite light losses.
  6. The download on the new website is broken
  7. Are there Amiga emulators out there I could use to play this?
  8. In my opinion, I think it's fairly easy to modify the units characteristics as it is. the system is plainly explained in the config file, and I edit it to my will already with ease. But, thats just one persons preference
  9. I live in Washington. Most of Canada's weather floats down into the puget sound area where I live, overcast and rainy every day. Oh well though, at least its green :P
  10. I havent been here in a while, is this going to be released? Id be happy to take dune with me wherever I go lol.
  11. Its all good man, everyone has prioritys(mine being friends mostly). Cant spend like 12 hours a week on the computer lol.
  12. Ah, the whole real life thing lol. We all need to make money I guess, and spending all your time on a free game probably doesnt help with that lol.
  13. I havent seen any major progress or even forum activity when it comes to Arrakis in some time, Has our beloved reincarnation of Dune 2 given its last breath, and released its death rattle?
  14. I dont think he was going insane. Id like to think that the man who wrote the one bookset to keep me entertained for the past 3 years was a very intelligent person.(and not insane)
  15. Im inept when it comes to things like that, so chances are id just confuse my self. Thanks for the offer though =)
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