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  3. It is possible to change the flame tank and the flame trooper multi-fire aspect but you have to manually edit the xbf so that the fire sequence is reduced to the number and frequency required, I did this during development of my EBFD mods. You can also disable the graphic sfx of firing which is needed for models like the ATR DUke Atreides unit which flashes four times but only fires twice (before the cycle repeats). This was also how I removed the flame effects from flame trooper, gas trooper and flame turret. It takes trial and error and unfortunately I have forgotten how I did it, but if you download my last mod you could look at the units and see what I changed. The biggest issue is that the XBF editor did not allow any real editing of animation bones or adding bits to models (you could delete bits).
  4. Medic cant be done, but the repair vehicle can repair infantry if the rules file is adjusted. Unfortunately no one around here anymore mods Emperor and even I have forgotten how to do it (12 months since I edited the rules files) but I think you have to set CanRepair = FALSE to CanRepair = True for each infantry that you want able to be healed by the repair vehicle. Cant remember whether I did this for House Corrino in my Conflict of the Landsraad final mod or not (I tried it out, cant remember whether I then junked the idea).
  5. Shouldnt the title of this subject be renamed as ...its almost ready...if its 2010!
  6. JulesG

    Kane's Wrath

    :O Watch out - according to all the C&C forums Kanes Wrath uses more memory in-game than the C&C3 specs of 512K, more like 640k. I have found the game to load slower (I have 2Gb RAM) and I had to drop the GFX to medium/high rather than high using my GeForce 7900GS. Dont play online just repeating campaign on HARD.
  7. Thats OK, it is just that some of us here have years of experience modding EBFD/Dune 2K and just havent bothered to attempt what you are doing with C&C3 - I know a lot of C&C 3 modders cut their teeth on Generals/ZH and LOTR/LOTRII and so have been able to pick up C&C 3 coding quickly. That means if you dont know (or are unsure) how EBFD does something just ask us. You could keep the Deviator as a "Chaos Tank" to match the Superweapon while the "real" deviator units are low cost - perhaps short range infantry with a green chemical deviator gas spray like DuneNewt suggested. I have been thinking about the issue of Carryalls for Harvesters - is it possible to automatically trigger Call-for-transport by an event, like the harvester being full and returning to base or are there no internal triggers you could use?
  8. ::) So actually you havent got it working - sorry ccgx you flamed us that we dont know how TW works because we dont know the lower order detail that the C&C 3 coders did not use that you have found out while modding it, we only know what may be capable from the game itself and from what other modders have so far come up with and released to the C&C community. However you obviously dont know how EBFD works either otherwise your colleague above wouldnt have to correct your previous comment concerning deviator code "as you understand it implemented and working". What you have at the moment is equivalent to EBFD "Beserk = True" statement as used in the Chaos weapon and in various mods as a unit weapon. Deviation as I described it is how it worked in EBFD and Dune2K - to balance the power of the weapon the time the unit was converted was short and the missiles were inaccurate with a long reload time as well as the unit being expensive but weakly armoured. An option you have is to give the mastermind ability to a low level Ordos unit that is cheap to produce but easy to kill so that they can mass convert the enemy(one each), but can be killed quickly. Such a "permanent style of enemy conversion" was part of the story before the last Emperor Worm mission where each house fights the other houses all "converted" to fight for Guild/Tleilaxu alliance. It would not be perfect (KW Mastermind mode is much closer) but it would at least be closer than a chaos style weapon. DuneNewt the Sardaukar tank in EBFD was just a standard Harkonnen one, the APC was a gunless smoothed off Atreides APC (the textures for which were the worst quality and size in the game). Arrakeen was one of the cities on the planet Arrakis, that had its sheildwall destroyed by Atomics by Paul Atreides when he attacked with his Fremen soldiers at the end of the first Dune book. So it should be Arrakian War(s) as in War of Arrakis
  9. Deviator gas = You have coded the ability to change multiple units (hit one after another by deviator missiles or by splash damage explosion) to Ordos side for a set time span? - If so well done. The units that EBFD fans will want are: Harkonnen Flamer If Harkonnen do not have an APC then need armed engineer, though many EBFD mods included a Hark APC unit Sardaukar - heavy machine gunner Sardaukar Elite dual weapon unit(laser and sword) Ordos Chem unit Ordos Mortar (high arc anti-infantry inaccurate high splash damage weapon) Atreides Kindjal (lower flight arc than mortar and much more accurate anti-vehicle weapon) Atreides Sniper General light infantry and rocket troops for two/three sides Fremen sniper Fremen Fedyakin (sonic weapon) Some may want a short range Deviator rocket trooper Some may want Dune2K Atreides Grenadier Leeches and Contaminators could be based on Scrin Corrupter weapon effects That would just leave Ix and Guild units to work out plus extra unit ideas like DuneNewts Choice of friendly houses = EBFD Skirmish/Multi-player mode. Set sub-houses to main house = EBFD campaign style play. Former better than latter.
  10. quote author=Dunenewt link=topic=20393.msg323449#msg323449 date=1203358789] I posted a topic on the thundermods forums. It would be nice to see Fremen as part of Atreides rather than a separate faction, and bring in Richese as a subhouse. A proper House Corrino would be nice as well For unit ideas: Harkonnen Inkvine Trooper - A unit armed with a pistol, and when it deploys, a Inkvine mortar. Ordos Deviator Infantry - Slow moving unit armed with very short range Deviator gas sprayer. Atreides Hawk Infantry - Infantry armed with the small sonic rifles. DuneNewt you need to understand that C&C 3 has limitations in its ability to code new capabilities, so what you ask is difficult - deploy mode does not really exist anymore in C&C 3. I am surprised that they have been able to code the Kobra mode of dual battle. The Devastator as in Dune2K is just a modified GDI Mammoth, much easier to build than Mechs, even the EA Devs didnt want mechs hence their reticence in putting Tiberian Sun mechs into Kanes Wrath (forced through by APOC). Deviator gas is probably possible due to the prescence of the Mastermind control function, though in C&C 3 it only enables one unit to be controlled at a time (Kanes Wrath extends this to a radius effect). Gas effects can use the harvester tiberium "gas effect" (which is green in TW even on Blue fields!) Mortars are available on the Pitbull but not as an infantry unit (flamers, beam weapons, rifles, grenades, snipers and rocket troopers are the norm) and not certain if this team is developing new infantry models. Sonic weapons are possible, hence the new Shatterer in KW but whether you can make the gfx effect smaller than a large weapon (as in gun turret in TW or shatterer in KW) I dont know, most modders in C&C3 just code small unit changes - and that is dificult, I gave up after coding walls back in and changing a few units around! As for factions - there arnt any in TW that is Kanes Wrath, so Fremen would have to be a "GDI = Atreides" infantry unit. As for the 3 main houses Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos I will be interested to see how they do sub-houses. They will need to have a "sub-house unit" that can be built from three different buildings each aligned to the 3 main houses, but that will then assume you can build any house at any time unlike the three max sub-houses in EBFD... It will be thus interesting to see his reply to your last question...
  11. I could never get any extra mp3 files to work, if I added extra to the auido.bag it stopped me running EBFD, or the voices went out of synch. I would have liked to have had extra "voices" to have used in Conflict of the Landsraad, say from Dune2K but anyway no-one is modding Emperor now - everyone has moved on (to say C&C 3 etc). I come back occasionally - I did start an infantry only mod but there are not enough different infantry units in Emp to make it fun. I also got bored with the three sides I chose (Corrino, Guild and Tleilaxu). Now C&C 3 has lots of infantry models to use...but is SO difficult to mod!
  12. The game was balanced on all missions EXCLUDING the Emperor Worm one. I just made certain that it played (some other mods crashed on that mission). Anyway Landsraad may have been easier, however you try Corrino or Ix!
  13. Could someone sticky this topic as it will be useful for any person with non-english Emperor wanting to use any mod which has modified the strings folder (Conflict of the Landsraad, Imperial Civil War, Shai-hulud, Collapse of a Dynasty etc. Thanks JulesG
  14. My Mod includes: /data/sfx/ E_output_extra_text_pickups.txt --> rename this G_output_extra_text_pickups.txt E_output_pickup.txt ---> rename this G_output_pickup.txt E_output_text_pickup.txt --> rename this G_output_text_pickup.txt after that if there are any other errors tell me as it will be other files that the german version has appended G_ on the front of (the above one the E_ stands for english).
  15. Check whether you have duplicate SFX entries. All of my mod are UK-English ones and your text error is due to you having botha german one and my english one, so other differences will be SFX (and possibly edits made to correct Superweapons which is in another of the folders to do with speech).
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