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C&C 3: Tiberium Wars discussion thread


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there is a very bad programing mistakes in this game..

on hard level all the ai unites gets stuck and mass over eatch others

not finding the way to the enemy locations..

i got that in olmost every level and it killed the campain  for me

plus in some turns ai unites massed in a way werethe game slowed up

untill freez.

its a very bad game and i wounder haw they didnt test it with a game

so famous as c&c

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compatibility! what that have to do with it?? the game is running


i have p4 3ghz  1g ram  6200,250mb xfx geforce.. its well above min req.

but its a comon issue in rts games when one side or both sides mass 100s

of units the game would slow down untill freez..thats why they have popcap

did u playe the campain?? what about the alien levels? they dont mass

at their base?? or u didnt pay attention hehehe

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Well AI routines could interfere with graphics routines, and vice versa, if something went generally awry with game performance, couldn't they?

I don't know really ??? Ask the EA tech support, maybe it's some bug in the code they can fix?

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I didn't mean it that way! What I meant was that there is a huge variation in the specifications for PCs, and 360s have basically the same hardware, so the gameplay experience would not really change much for 360 owners. Once you've played it on one, you've played it on all of them.

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It is truly not uncommon that games appear differently on different PCs not only in general performance quality (graphics, speed and such stuff), but also in the way the game actually behaves, i.e. algorithms that control the game world may be executed differently, or have different effect in some ways (often not perceived by players), although my scarce technical knwoledge allows little explanation for such phenomena.

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In the good old days people would hack into the game, analyze its structure and write their own custom patches. The C&C modding community(ies) might come up with something useful to solve the problem ::)

EDIT: I have just found a thread on the Project Perfect Mod forum that may have something to do with your problem, sp1cy. Check here.

Also a quote from that thread:

I heard half the Kane Editions won't work anyway due to corrupted files that got slipped into the game... =o

All from somewhere in the Tech Support area of EA Forums. =3

Well, let's hope someone gets to release a patch...

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its fun..just like c&c stories have allwayes been..

the unites are good olso but i dont know why u dont belive me

in lots of missions the ai unites just get jamed by the 100s near their base

and wont attack and that is not a graphic error like you said

befor and its not a memory error like in the link u find i never

get any error messages or crach its a programing problem were

they faild to tell the unites haw to avoid Obstacles and find

and attack  enemy base..

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I have a working copy of the Kane Edition. Bought it as soon it was in store.

It worked as a charm, looks very impressive, and the AI is tough.

In short, a must have.

I am low ranked on the internet, i get beaten all the time. ok, i won once. But that was more of a newby then me. ;-)

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From what I can see qua storyline; the story on itself is pretty decent. But as one in the Command & Conquer series it is below par. They reverted the style back to Tiberian Dawn, which is not good considering they are years in the future. I know there are fans who didn't like Tiberian Sun, but I believe most complaints were about unit setup, and not much about the atmosphere it created. Still I don't think they should have ignored Tiberian Sun like they did. For example:

There are no more Ion Storms. They talk about "Red Zones", but you never see any corruption the Tiberium is doing, what happened with the world that you saw in the GDI Mission "Dogma Day Afternoon" in the Firestorm campaign? Also the dark atmosphere is lacking, I don't want to hear the Tiberium or Nod is gaining influence is spreading, I want to see it! Nod always seemed scary when playing with GDI, now they aren't so. Should I go on? Sure the Scrin appear, but they looked more mysterious and scary with one crashed ship in Tiberian Sun than they do with their (bigger) role in Tiberium Wars.

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Although I haven't seen the game "in action", my attitude to it judging from what other info is available (screenshots, descriptions etc.) is quite close to what you say, Timenn. And BTW, is it me, or the game's really shouting for a sequel/addon? You know, I really dislike when a book/movie/game is made with a sequel already in mind. It doesn't mean a story should always be completely resolved without any possibilities for a continuation, but these "to be continued"s really annoy me. Anyway, just my opinion, an maybe irrelevant to C&C3.

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Aye, I believe they had an expansion pack in mind when they were still working on the storyboard.

Solving major plotlines in expansion packs usually doesn't do the trick. The main game always feels as it should solve the main task, and expansion packs should do the outrigger threads. A negative example is Heroes of Might and Magic V. The game doesn't resolve its main storyline until the upcoming expansion pack. That makes the main campaign feel insignificant. But a positive example is The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The expansion pack Tribunal had an epic questline, which was more action packed than the main game's. However, the story still was a loose end tie-up in relation to the main game's storyline, which made it work perfectly (for me anyway).

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Well, my computer does not have the required specs to play C&C 3, but a friend of mine recently bought it and I've watched him play several missions.

I was definitely left wondering what happened to all the Tiberium evolution and mutation we saw in Tiberian Sun. Overall, as Timenn said, the atmosphere of C&C 3 is too contemporary - it's too much like Tiberian Dawn. Where is the blue tiberium? What happened to those orange veins that damaged ground vehicles? And let's not even bring up all the mutated/alien flora and fauna from Firestorm...

The only logical in-game explanation for this is that all the C&C 3 maps we've seen so far are located in blue zones or in the relatively clean portions of the yellow zones. Hopefully an expansion pack will come up with more tilesets, and will introduce maps set in the mutated tiberian world we saw in Firestorm.

I can't comment on the storyline yet, because I've only seen a couple of missions and movies, but I really HOPE we finally get to find out why Kane just won't die.

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