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  1. mikew30

    Dune full map!

    Thanks rymoah for that link. Know I can figure out where everything is, thanks!
  2. Hi All: Thanks for responding but a friend of my told me that if you press, Ctrl + C you can take a in game screenchot for Red Alert 2. For Yuri Revenge you press Shift + S Try the both and they work.
  3. Hi, both keys dont work (F12 and Print Screen) and I dont know why, any suggestion?
  4. Hi, just asking what video card do you think C&C 3 will need? I hope it works on 32 MB card.
  5. Hi All: Just asking how do you take a screenshot (whick key or fuction key do you press to get a screenshot?) I try to use Print Screen but it doesn't work and directory does the screenshot go, does anyone have any suggestion? Please let me if another know how to take screen shots in C & C Red Alert 2, thanks?
  6. Hi Everyone: Just asking do you think there be another Dune game after Emperor Battle for Dune story line? I like to see want the new Emperor does and will he start wars on other Houses. Just a thought but I hope there be a new dune game down the road from EA or other game company.
  7. Hi, does that mean Starcraft II is not coming out and Blizzard skipping single player and just have multplayer game :(. I hope there going to be future Starcraft & Warcraft IV game or Blizzard just keep expansion pack for World of Warcraft. For me I like single player campaigns and not a internet player that much.
  8. Great News :) one of my favourite PC Games is coming back and I hope Joe is back as Kane. I wonder what the video card spec will be, I hope it around 16 or 32.
  9. Hi Everyone: I bought the cd version and the voice work great :)! I dont know why the downloaded version character voices didn't work but they work great now with my cd.
  10. Hi Everyone: I just bought the pc game Dune from UK for around $15Can. I receive today and the character voices work great :)! If you like to buy a copy go to ebay, search for "Pc Game Dune", you find a someone of the name of jkandjo selling PC Dune - BRAND NEW GAMES for around 3.50 GBP (around $7.00Can), good luck :)!
  11. Hi, I just downloaded Dune 1 (Cryo/Virgin 1992) game and the music and game work great but there no voices for the characters. I bought this game on cd and there was voices for the characters. Can you help me out please? Please email me at mike99_bh@yahoo.com and thanks.
  12. Hi All: I just asking if anyone know where I can buy a copy of this game (dune2000) and Virg 1992 Dune and Emperor Battle for dune, thanks?
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