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Recording the history of E:BFD clans

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Shouldn't we add like... only the well known clans ?

Well... I don't know.. I'm just suggesting

Otherwise the players will see a recreated history without old legend clans like FEW for example...a history with only little clans were we were member of...

here are some from the maaaaannyyy that are worth mentioning imo:














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I tried and did my best to make a good history of the emperor clans.

I probably forgot allot and made some mistakes, so please, the oldies over here... check it and correct it  ;D

And for the rest, feel free to delete, add things and rewrite in my text aswell!!

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A brief foray in to the world of clans was made by "HEHE" clan. It consisted of me, muds and one more. It consistently got bashed and didnt do anything special. Shame I cant add much of value to the other clans.

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Hehe clan was was around while GoDs clan was still active but since there wern't enough players due to the population for this game, the clan just fizzled out.

We didn't get bashed! We actually won our first warm up match but you (ergin) couldn't be bothered with having a clan war. :P

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Thats true. Thanks for the reminder.

Yeah, I guess we were not the crappest, but then most clans were 1 or 2 man/boy bands by then, and nobody was taking them seriously...at least nobody important :P

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Thought I would throw in the guys that created *FEW*

Procyonb and Feydaykin

Procyonb who I still game with created the clan *FEW* and as a two man team Feydaykin and Procyonb were very hard to beat.  Alot of people don't remember the original Feydaykin because he got engagaed and well.. that can sometimes really slow down your gaming as I have come to realize.

Also some of the original members of *FEW* include madluxan, my bro sendakon, and of course Tracxm.

Later on we merged with another guild bringing in Gunwounds who always kicked my butt with ordos.

Can't forget Drnknmastr (cant remember how he spelled his name)

Almost forgot Desertway

I know we also added Deluged, Scar, Ra and DJcid.

After that I moved to generals, so I'm not really sure.

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