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  1. Everytime I go to Tunngle there's tons of redirects and pop ups. I've tried more than 1 computer and browser with the same stuff. Doesnt really make me want to put my personal information in there and download software. Is this normal?
  2. So we decided that we play way too much WOW and so we took a break. We played last night, and i got to see how much I forgot. So I look forward to playing with some more of the old timers. Mord was online of course. We plan on playing Emperor for awhile.
  3. *FEW* Thought I would throw in the guys that created *FEW* Procyonb and Feydaykin Procyonb who I still game with created the clan *FEW* and as a two man team Feydaykin and Procyonb were very hard to beat. Alot of people don't remember the original Feydaykin because he got engagaed and well.. that can sometimes really slow down your gaming as I have come to realize. Also some of the original members of *FEW* include madluxan, my bro sendakon, and of course Tracxm. Later on we merged with another guild bringing in Gunwounds who always kicked my butt with ordos. Can't forget Drnknmastr (cant rem
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