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  1. 123 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-09-26 Players » Two Map Size » 96 * 192 Additional Info » Two big base areas, some spice for both, middle spice area is surrounded by infantry rock, therefore only reachable for infantry and air units. Note: There is no colorwash, this is intentional in order to keep the friggin download smaller. Please copy the default colorwash from any of my previous maps or from the map editor to the maps directory to make it look a lot better. Greets to all the old timers. This game is dying but hell, it still rocks!
  2. 72 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-24 Players » Four Map Size » 184 * 184 Additional Info » Large Arrakis map for four on the north pole of Arrakis. It's pretty cold but cause no one has harvested here before, there's still a lot of spice to collect. All players start on the same circular cliff and can either expand their base to enemy area or just take the middle highground and kill the enemy harvestors. The long bridge holds a secret passage...
  3. mendelbop



    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-24 Players » Two Map Size » 80 * 80 Additional Info » Small Arrakis map with... tada... only one base rock, but its not connected all the way. Anyway you can extend your base to enemy base later in game and have intense turret fight or you can just march to spice and then attack with your troops from your enemy's backdoor. By the way unlike my previous maps, I added AI zones for this one so it is can be played skirmish too.
  4. mendelbop



    Tileset » Caladan Release » 2001-10-21 Players » Two Map Size » 184 * 184 Additional Info » A big 4 player map with single bridge entrances to fortified base areas In the middle there is a lake, trenches and infantry rock.
  5. 53 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-21 Players » Four Map Size » n/a Additional Info » A medium size 4 player map in a bit surprising environment. There's a strange man made grass cliff with elevators that magically bounce your units on top of it. :)
  6. mendelbop

    Air Field


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-21 Players » Two Map Size » 64 * 112 Additional Info » A small Arrakis map. Spice is unreachable to everything but air units. This will hopefully result in intense air battles.
  7. added a bit about BoP but cant even remember who invited me there... :(
  8. Ok now im really confuckeled and fuckeled :-[ :-[ :-[ I met a fellow BoP member today and played like 20 training games... ;D just to realize half way through i had forgotten the proxy programme on. ::) ::) Well, i didnt get too many points from that in the end but i wouldnt mind if someone erased all games me vs omega from xcc ladder since none of them were supposed to be ladder games anyways.
  9. Now the fed2k ladder doesn't seem to report any games at all. Triple checked it today. Can anyone confirm this? Xcc ladder seems to work still.
  10. I sure don't know. But last time i checked, fed2k ladder didn't work but the other one did. So go figure. And besides, what's better than winning a ladder? That's winning two ladders :D Just kidding of course, if theres really only like 4 players in ladder of which 2 active... How hard is it to win? But of course. I need challenge and there it is: Catching Zilents in the xcc ladder. And eh... confuckeled? I shall have to start using that :D
  11. To make things clear, i record most of my games but not all. For instance, if i have just woken up, i like to play like 5 or so games before i start recording cause im slow to wake up. Sometime during the session i shut emperor down, then start proxy and continue playing. Hmm, after checking my account i see that i played vs supremmmm something and i only have a recorded win even though i lost once and won after that. If you're him i owe you one and we will have to deal with that. But if you really like playing ladder, then why not have your own proxy programme running too and double check getting your points that way too?
  12. *SORRY* I didn't tell you which ladder! It did get reported to xcc community ladder. Im playing that now and trying to catch zilents. game id http://xccu.sourceforge.net/xcl/?gid=54361 edit: and here's the standings. http://xccu.sourceforge.net/xcl/?lid=ebfd (Actually I don't know what's going on in fed2k ladder, it doesn't report games at all. I played at least 3 games after the game vs dunest with the fed proxy on. Then switched to xcc proxy cause it seems to work still) edit 2: fixed game id link
  13. Yes, but olaf's ladder looks better and clicking name to give personal matches list is great feature. And so is displaying points earned, points lost /match. On the other hand fed2k's list gives a good info about what happened in a certain game, eg units made, lost so on. So make one good ladder with good features from both ladders. That's my other half of a point you missed cause i didn't say clearly enough...
  14. Ok I have no idea where all those newbies are coming from but there's very little challenge to going one on one with them, right? Wrong. Try something more difficult than just carelessly crushing your opponent. Try winning with losing as few of your units as possible. First goal: win while losing less than 10 units. Ultimate goal: To win without losing a single unit. Take extra good care of your scouts, don't ever let them die. Build only reasonable amounts of units, just as many as you can easily manouver and just as many as you know will be enough to deal with your opponent. For example do not attack the silly wondering single minotaur with more than like 6 buzzsaws to keep too many of them from taking too much damage and to keep it challenging, or be clever and bring just one buzz to take the fire and actually kill mino with some 5 sard elites. Use only units that are good versus the unit they are fighting. never attack missiletank with group of vehicles since one will likely die, attack with sards instead. never attack catapults with any infantry, use guild. etc etc. Try it, it requires a huge amount of micromanaging but its really fun. I think i've managed to get a recorded game of losing only 6 or 7 units so far. Have to try harder i guess :D
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