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  1. Is there a mIRC channel or another option to chat to players, to easily get games going on? Ive joined some hamachi servers: ebfd2001+ and ebfd2001++ But noone playing games? Greetings Nathan EDIT: nvm, found the chat in hamachi :)
  2. Hey, Been so long that I've been here :O hope I can get some emperor games going on soon! Nice to read that theres still people playing it.. best RTS ever?!
  3. SKUM2 ftw! me and mord lol :P owning SKUM :D
  4. Yea i have played online yesterday :) but its just a friend of mine cant get online, so we play via LAN now^^
  5. Hmm can someone help me with this Battle Lan prog, because i dont really understand what to do, even with the readme file :s Thx EDIT: ok, sry, we found it =)
  6. Hah schorpie :P I just got online, not anyone on though. Just trying to get some friend online too, but he cant get online for some reason (soemthing about account and pass).
  7. hey guys, i havent played thise game for years :D I dont know if anyone remembers me, but im the brother of brennq. Well I do remember some like desertway,alchemi,harkdawg,doompower(if he still plays :P),mordus and others... Im gonna try to get online again =). Is it true that there are servers again or? Greetz Nathan
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