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World of warcraft


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My main is a Level 60 Night Elf Druid.  I have several alts; the two that I am concentrating on right now are my Level 11 Human Priest, and my Level 10 Gnome Warlock.

I love the game; can't get enough of it.  I have Uni and work, of course, but there's nothing I enjoy more than coming home from either of them and playing until it's time to go to bed. ;D

To those who quit: what didn't you like about the game?  A lot has improved in the last couple of months. :)

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realm garona

Orc Hunter level 60 Sepheroth

Orc Rogue  level 60 Mordus

Troll Priest level 58 Lapus

and about ten other toons from level 20-45 hehe had alot of time when i didnt play ebfd, im in A school for the military wont be home till december but after that im game again if you ever want to look me up im in the guild Clan of the Burning Hand give me a shout guys! ps. the games second best ever next to ebfd, just the roll playing the items the bosses GOD its great heh.

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"This just in, in a daring and highly organised move, it seems that Fed2K member Evil White Stripe (known as EWS to fellow Fed2kians) has purchased a copy of the best selling massivly multiplayer online role playing game (mmorpg) World of Warcraft (WoW).  In a unique event it seemed that he finally parted with his hard earned cash in what is believed to be the last copy of the game in the great Scottish City of Glasgow.  'Mon the MMORPG WoW EWS."

(Anyone think that we use too many abbreviations?)

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Yeah. But if you play on local servers(Yeah, right. As if there would be any good Latvian servers! ::)Mumblemumble) then you can play for free.

I think.

That's what I heard, at least.

By the way, who is Draenor and who Arathor? Are they the orc/human kingdoms/races? Just interested.  :)

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Its quite good fun actually.  Although I have just started, the game probably won't start becoming good until I get to a higher level and discover some more areas.  Seems like a good deal of fun for me, even if it is just going to the world just to mess about, chat and play games.

Would be nice to see if there are ingame minigames to play - like card games or stuff like that.  If they can implement that then it would be brilliant (that saying I don't know if it is actually in it in the first place).  I'm sure someone here could tell me.

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