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  1. heeeeeeeeyyyy i tryed that on multi and it didnt work >:( (for those of you who cant tell, that was sarcasm)
  2. im using a windows xp,and it wont run the install program, and i tryed the setup.exe before and it died too
  3. i just got a new top of the line computer for christmas and emperor wont install on it autorun starts then when i hit install installsheild wont run(it dosent say anything it just dosent run)
  4. My guess on what is goin to happen is brian and kevin are goin to ruin it
  5. emperor was based largely on the last few dune books namely god emperor by FH (his son is crap at writing them anyway). the tielaxu were more f**ked up than the harkonens, and the corinnos were good. also the face dancer is based off of the carecter sylux who tryed to assasinate leto and later revive tilexu (one other thing i noticed is that the sard generals are in the david lynch movie dune as background carecters. also the ending was cool espacilly the emperor worm (witch is based off of leto 2, you are right there)
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    1. humans couldnt have brought sandworms to arraks cause that would have been before the guild thus it would take way too long to get there, and then they would have had to wait for the sandtrout to break down the oceans and lakes into desert before there were worms. 2. the zenzunni wanderers (fremen) were the first humans on arrakas and they arrived when it was desert. 3. (ok this is outside the books) isnt the speaker alein
  7. i usally try to break into forbidden areas in the test relam ;D (ive broke into mt hyjal and glenas before) reight now im trying to find a way around the scarab wall caus i really wanna see what is inside it
  8. any of you guys play wow? if so what class/race? im a level 60 troll warrior.
  9. i still play all blizzard games religously but im currently spendin more time in WOW than my own life :)
  10. can you do a red substitute for pink cause thats the only color i dont use?
  11. for me its a tie between stealthy tielaxu purple or awsome guild green (how do you select red in skirmish anyway)
  12. im a farily competent player with atreidies(sp) (and i completly owned the harkonen on gedi prime) but that dern emperor worm mission usally makes me lose. i get a good base up and usally end up capturing the harkonen buildings close to my base, but then im rushed by guild-tielaxu-ordos forces and i lose. any help please?
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