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Dune related "in-jokes"


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In the episode "Inside Man", the holographic doctor wishes to play a round of golf with the Barclay hologram. One course he suggested was the "back nine on Geidi Prime." This is another reference to Dune (1984).


In the game Fallout, there is a reference to a Mentat, which is an intelligence booster.

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its like dune 2, but  they have completily changed story, same houses, little improved music and  maps. i forgot link were i downloaded it,  i they have 10mb size.  they was in russian website.. only that i remembered.  when i find link  i put theere it ..

ps. in dune you hear ordos    that mean: or DoS. 


Denial Of Service    hehe

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I think there's one, we've all missed until now: the movie and the series "Tremors." It's about a worm-like creature, which travels under the ground just like Shai-Hulud, but it's smaller, meaner, and uglier. The film an the tv-series are all very-very bad and low quality, yet it's climeb up to 2 or more parts as a film and a series. Should you see it somewhere, quickly switch channels, because it'll eat your brain up.:)

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Arutha:  Nice.  I'll have to replay that game sometime.  Or at least the level, which was my favourite of the game.

Nefud:  I'm surprised no one has mentioned it here yet.  It's been mentioned a thousand times before on the board, but for some reason, never made it to this particular thread.  Go figure.  Thanks.

And for the record, that movie rocked!

"Run for it? Running's not a plan! Running's what you do once a plan fails!"

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