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Dune related "in-jokes"


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Hmm, well I came across this by accident, and is extremely obscure, so be warned.

I was looking for a very old game called "A Boy and his Blob", in which you guide your character through the game with the aid of a blob. Said blob turns into various tools to help you complete the levels, and does this via the use of jellybeans that you collect and feed to him at the opportune moment.

The jellybeans are flavoured according to a loose association with their function: Tangerine turns him into a trampoline, apple turns him into a jack (as in apple jack), and so on. There is also a cinnamon flavoured jellybean turns him into a blowtorch.  ;D

As I said, the cinnamon/blowtorch is obscure, but I cannot see how it could possibly refer to anything else.

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This may be a spoiler for Matrix Revolutions (and Dune Messiah):

[hide]Towards the end, Neo becomes the blind Messiah who can see in his own way.

Apart from that there is a resemblance to Lord of the Rings 3 too. There is a city under siege doomed to fall, and two heroes are going in the heart of the enemy's land to end the war.[/hide]

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