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  1. Also try changing the keyboard layout in the DOSbox config if you haven't yet.
  2. I'm so hardcore I grew up with windows and later switched to DOS 8)
  3. Here you go :) (in the structurebuildlistcreate function) seg010:1C74 loc_1C0A4: ; Check House seg010:1C74 26 80 7F 08 00 cmp es:[bx+_buildingGame.houseID], 0 seg010:1C79 74 08 jz short loc_1C0B3 ; Jump if house=harkonnen seg010:1C7B seg010:1C7B loc_1C0AB: ; Check building type seg010:1C7B 83 FE 03 cmp si, 3 seg010:1C7E 75 03 jnz
  4. It probably doesn't help that the alignment is messy even inside the code tags :) edit: Ok, I've looked into the problem with the sardaukar quad (it was late when I posted yesterday), looks like the problem is that it still checks the tech prerequisite after replacing the unit in the build list. So an unupgraded light factory with a trike replaced by a quad will just get that unbuildable carryal instead. I'll have to find another solution for the sardaukar quad :( Anyway, I found no problems using the settings in nyer's program to give the raider trike to house ordos, so if you have another i
  5. Luckily Segra also found this exception, it's in the StructureBuildListCreate function seg010:1D5D loc_1C18D: ; CODE XREF: structureBuildListCreate:loc_1C188j seg010:1D5D 83 7E EE 0D cmp word ptr [bp+buildingDataPtr2+2], 0Dh ; constructOptN seg010:1D61 75 0F jnz short loc_1C1A2 ; Jump if Not Zero (ZF=0) seg010:1D63 seg010:1D63 loc_1C193: ; Load Full Pointer to ES:xx seg010:1D63 C4 5E
  6. You're right :) Actually why did they turn the raider trike into a code exception? It's easy enough to do with the existing parameters in Nyerguds editor, no?
  7. Sure, I'll post the IDA code as well so someone with some experience can tell me if I've done something stupid :) I (or rather, segra) found a check for the trooper squad and infantry squad in the UnitTakeDamage function. seg031:0D66 loc_290C6: ; CODE XREF: unitTakeDamage+1DAj seg031:0D66 C4 5E 06 les bx, [bp+unitGamePtr] ; Load Full Pointer to ES:xx seg031:0D69 26 80 7F 02 05 cmp byte ptr es:[bx+2], 5 ; troopers seg031:0D6E 74 0A
  8. Thanks Nyerguds, I actually have some extremely basic knowledge of assembly and managed it myself. I also successfully removed the code that turned squads into single soldiers at 50% hp (I replaced the single soldiers with the Fremen&Sardaukar troopers :) ), keeping the retreat check. I was quite proud of that one. :D But trying to answer Flibble's post I realize I actually don't have a clear idea of what changes I'd like to do yet. For now I wanted to make the Sardaukar light factory start upgraded just like the Harkonnen (and also keep the harkonnen upgraded light factory). With or witho
  9. Ah brilliant, many thanks! I thought I had checked all of segra's posts but guess I wasn't very thorough. edit: still don't understand how those exceptions work though :) the ordos heavy factory and harkonnen light factory ones are obvious but the others...
  10. Segra, where in your Dune2 IDA database are those house specific techtree exceptions? I think I've found a few in the structurebuildlistcreate function but I don't really understand how they work. Also, you posted some information on the worms disappearing after three swallows but would you mind telling me what to change exactly to disable it? Many thanks!
  11. Looking at Segra's IDA database I found this after a switch jump based on weapon type, in the ScriptunitAttack function. (just before this it does the distance check for troopers but all that happens there is that the weapon type is set to 16h (minirockets) if greater than 200h MiniRocket: ; case 0x16 mov ax, [bp+weaponDamage] mov cl, 2 sar ax, cl ; Shift Arithmetic Right loc_26ECD: ; Integer Subtraction sub [bp+weaponDamage], ax I don't know what that bitshift does in effect but that substraction seems to suggest the rockets do less damage
  12. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knew if the long-range rockets the troopers use actually do more damage than the short range machinegun? Or is the difference purely graphical? Also, WTF is house of WOR? :)
  13. Just a minor remark, but have you found the score requirements for the ranks yet? Looks like you'll attain the highest possible rank after playing just a few missions with these kind of large scale battles :)
  14. I believe (though I haven't done any extensive testing) that Unknown 44 in the Units section of Nyerguds' editor is the (in)accuracy (in tiles?) of the missile tank&deviator. It is set to 11 on the Death Hand 'unit', but it is quite possible it has a different function for the 'weapon units'.
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