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  1. Well, being an air unit does make it immune to most weapons fire, and if you don't have to reload, that makes it pretty good. If kiroves had enough ammo to fire twice before thay had to return, nobody would build them, despite the great armour and the overpowered damage of its bombs. Similarly, if the Kirov was a ground unit, if could be attacked by just about everything in the game, so the threat would again be lessened. Also, I appreciate your comments on scouting but I should point out that later in the game it can be very difficult to scout inside a base to see what/where all the buildings
  2. Yeah, that was the sort of balancing I had in mind... I wanted to allow them to be sent into unexplored areas too, but then I think that should remain the preserve of Trikes/Quads, so maybe not. As for units announcing when they are created, it does get a bit annoying! Plus, I use the Kirov example as the 'Kirov Rush' is usually late game, and even if it is announced, it is nearly impossible to stop. You see, cost-for-cost the Kirovs can take waaay more damage that is fair, and thus even if they are slow, are hard to shoot down. Now, as this is late game, there will be ground troops to distra
  3. Rocketeers are a pretty good parallel - thanks. :) As for amassing any flying units, that is true. But I do remind you that it has always been difficult to make true fliers useful without being overpowering in CnC/Dune games. In RA1, MiGs were blatantly overpowered, and in RA2 massing Kirovs was fairly unstoppable in the long-game. By the same token, The Dune2 Ornithopters, the RA1 Yaks and the Orca craft in TS were expensive and not very useful. I agree that there is a reasonable amount of AA available early on, but it comes down to a base defence and two units - one of which is infantry. In
  4. Ah, but you're fogetting one important detail: control. Because players will have control over Kirov-like units, Ornithopters would be far too powerful if players started to mass them, especially considering the very limited AA in the game. Remember that in Dune2, players were unlikely to have more than three ornis in play at any one time, and that as they couldn't be controlled, they got shot down fairly fast without acheiving much. That resulted in most players not building them (right?). To make it fairer, you could have the Ornithopters dock with a building to recharge, and that would als
  5. @ VidiWare: Thanks for the offer of hosting space ;). As for the Ornis being both regular and SW, it could be done. The regular Ornis could have MGS or Rockets, and the SW ornis could have bombs (for example). I do want to keep it Dune2 tho, and the Fremen will be controllable in the mod (so more useful/powerful). Still, I think that as a SW it'd not be overpowered. Ordos Saboteur would be like the Dune2 one, except that he would be able to disguise (more useful that way). Probably give them a build limit of two as well, partly as that is how it was in Dune2, and partly because they can be ver
  6. @ MCV: I think that feature was removed in RA2. That is to say, you can have planes like Harriers but if they are not airport bound, they cannot be ordered to redock with the airpad. I think several mods have tried to solve this, but none have done so yet (to my knowledge). This means that if they are to reload at a building, then they need to be like RA2 Harriers. @ VidiWare & Nema Fakei: Hmm, I do agree that it is a bit plain/bright, but that is the problem with this strip of colours in the palette; they are always too bright and that hides detail. I can certainly add camo, but that isn'
  7. Well, I have been busy working on things that are either not working how I want, or that aren't really something I can show off in a screenie (yet). Still, I thought I'd show you another unit in the meantime; the Rocket Tank. I'm not really very happy with this unit, and I'm not quite sure why. I have remade it four times already, but it still doesn't look quite right to me. Anyway, see what you guys think...
  8. If the rocket dies, the mond-control is broken. Plus, the I doubt the victim would be controllable if mind-controlled by a rocket (assuming a rocket can be coded like that). If the rocket spawns a "Terror Drone" as it dies so that control of the enemy is possible, there is also the problem of destroying a unit with a mind-controlling Terror Drone; it emerges when the unit is destroyed. I think as far as the Deviator goes, that'd be a bit weird...
  9. Hmm, mind-controlling Terror Drones would be possible I think, yes. But to have Terror Drones fired from another unit, no. Besides, apart from the big rockets (like the V3, Dread Missiles, etc), I understand that rockets are considered by the engine as being neutral. That means that anything spawned by them would not be player-controllable. Similar problems arise with the infection/Brute conversion logic - only the YR Mutator has that conversion logic keyed to convert to the owning side; emulating that logic on anything else though results in the creation of ownerless units. And the big roc
  10. Well, the third Trike's guns are both meant to suit the large pictures and look more like MGs than light cannon too. Also, I can make barrels either 1x1 (like Trike 3) or 2x2 (like Trikes 1 and 2) in cross section. I do know what you mean though, and I may have (yet) another go at them. The Raider will probably have a different gun configuration anyway, though I suppose I could use the armoured cockpit version to represent it... I take your points regarding Starports, but I wondered if by letting Houses acquire units that they otherwise wouldn't be allowed, it would defeat the point of having
  11. Quick update: Whilst working on the next unit, I had yet another quick idea for the Trike. I've added a new model of the Trike (Trike #3) to the comparisons, and you can see it below. Better than #1 or #2, or not?
  12. Thanks :) Each House will have a different Scheme, so yes, Ordos Raiders will be in the colours shown in the larger images. That specific camo pattern always reminded me of WW2 British Caunter, used in the first half of the North African campaign... Will do, especially if ppl ask questions/make suggestions here; I do want to use features available in RA2, but I also want ppl to enjoy it like the original Dune2!! ;) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- BTW, something else that your comments on the Tikes have reminded me of is the issue of non-House units
  13. Flags eh? Hmm, not a bad idea that... I may just release two MIX files afterall! ;)
  14. Hehe, yeah I can, but that still doesn't solve this: Otherwise, I wouldn't have even suggested it as a choice. Of course, I could have had green units with some areas of remap for Ordos, red units with some areas remap for Harkonnen, etc. But the colours available for this in the voxel palette are really sucky... :(
  15. Thanks :). It wasn't meant to be GDI-ish, but now you mention it, it does a bit doesn't it? Hmm. So far I have: Glass Canopy = Nema Fakei, Mr Flibble(?) Armoured Canopy = Caid Ivik This is still undecided as far as I'm concerned, and I will refrain making a choice until others have said something, or had more to to at any rate. Hehe, you kinda tipped my hand with this one, as I had intended to make the Ordos Raider Twin-gunned! This is to further differentiate it from the ordinary Trike. Otherwise players might assume it was the same vehicle but with a different camo pattern... Still, the Or
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