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SoW vs g0d


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Unknown reason?! Inferiority Complex?! More like spam removal.


yeah, I would have sent it to the Dungeon too... >:D

PS- I'm the only one round these parts allowed to have or pass out complexes.

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Skum ?? Never heared from as clan.

I know totalskum, but if the SKUM clan ever existed (and i highly doubt that), and the clan was as 'good' as skum, then they can't have reached #1 !!!

lol you serious about that?

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well totalskum for one


skum0m3n (bloodwasp)

i think skump0w3r (i'm not sure if i spelled this right)

hmm... all i can think of right now, but they all had skum in the name.  I was never part of the clan so i dont know as much as say leo or some others

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lol...for sure a nice thread..

hey paranoid, maybe u meant the GUM-clan....thats my old clan, my nick there was bubble-gum...i was the only 1 member. doom clam and omen would like to join, but i kicked them, they were to weak for the great GUM. to bad they dont play anymore, i would like to teach em....hehe

peace skum......KALONY

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