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  1. no 2pac aint dead, saw him on mtv yesterday ::)
  2. i would say 1 of the most importing keys control is the shift- ctrl buttoms... U know of it?? i remember when i didnt know of it... And spacelord allways beat the shit out of my, no matter how big my army were compare to his...... Really change the game for me..... and using the j key so all your units go slow, insteed of your buzz or dusties run ahead of your inft.... .... Make the gameplay far more better ,i still suck tho...... ::) but not at much as i have ....
  3. yooo sjalax good to see u and lancer r back..... :D
  4. ummmmmmmm skum... Think i have seen it on a pizzaslice somewhere :) ::)
  5. well des, if i could i would come to the states.... But it is a little bit too long form me in denmark:)
  6. hi guys... good to back again... i have just move in a new apartment.. so boxes everywhere... my emp disk should there somewere :) yes NUN iam the PIZZAMAN............. 8)
  7. hi all i am back to play again 8) 8) 8) been long 7 month without emp... but now i have move and got my own internet.. so should be able to start next week... whos is playing??
  8. hi cybo... i have just found out about it... iam online againnnnnnnnnnnn :)
  9. huh opps... what i was trying to say is.. i need some help... when i come to the lobby it says... error disconnecting... WTF is that?
  10. hi kalony u can make new nicks on dune2k.. in the left side of the homepage in multiplayer section
  11. yoooooooooooooo slappyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  12. hi mate long time how r u.. sorry but i dont like homeworld games. try the first one but dint like it....
  13. hi it is friday night here, and there is only 3 people on, spac e, jeff and kalony wow......i have seen a lots of complains about how few there is, funny it is none of thoses whho is is online as allways.... it might be sad that there is no one to play with any more... but most of the people who
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