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SoW vs g0d


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Guys, this thread is going downhill fast and will end up in the dungeons, so lets back on topic and ask about the games played so far and whether anyone will be playing any of these phantom games soon.

By the way, I checked the result of the "secret" duel between Sko "NOT Skorpia or Scorpia or Skorp or Scorp Scorpy or Skor, or Skorpi, but SKORPIJA !!!!" and Desertway. How can you guys keep it secret if its there for all to see ? :P

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Well guys. If 3/4 of the people here don't know what Skum is, I can say your relatively new to the game or experience bad memory loss. Skum was one of the most ownage clans out there in the game. Warskum, skump0w3r, ect. Man..if I wouldn't have quit I might have been the oldest player here. Hehe. I blow though now, I haven't even had it installed. Ah well. Good luck with your games.

*Walks away muttering to himself*

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ahah nice jokin bout SKUM guys, didn't read that yet.. ;D

So u got to have a "tag" to be somebody nowadays well thats pretty phuckin sad considering theres like 15 ppl playing

And oh SKUM rocked the ladder straight away in the first month of existence by becoming #1 and dominate the ladder for the next 3 or 4 following months, and havent been out of the top 5 ever since till the ladder died, but hey who remembers that we all get old and start dribbling  :-X

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not to be mean skorpija but any1 in skum could beat u and some could own u badly. second u said u heard of breenq and that u seen better? plz tell em who coz people today play hark based on how brennq made it evolve.

third off, skum was #1 for a while and brennq is all over the qm ladders for almost every month 1st place while the ladders where still up.

besides clam74 leo1990 and doomp0w3r are skum that are still active , log on anytime and i'll take u too school

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Whoohoo guys ! Warming up in here isnt it ?  :D

I think our good friends were just having a laugh. Its all good, we all play like friends, we will even humour those guys who imagined SKUM ever existed...


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not to be mean skorpija but any1 in skum could beat u and some could own u badly.

I of course accept other people's opinions... but i have seen skorpija winning vs skum members.. he atleast won couple of times vs d00mpie

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