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Message to House Trebeis:

[hide]I assure you, Duke Trebeis, that the Ix are devoting nothing more than their best efforts into this research, and speed is optimum.  You must understand that the ability to attract worms has been around for some time - indeed, nearly anything will attract them.

The ability to deter them, to hide people or objects from the senses of a worm of Dune... that is difficult.  However, it is possible to speed up production at the expense of reliability.  See our guidelines below... oh, and the goggles will be with you soon.

(O.O.C. --> When building Project Silence, it will take another 20 Posts to complete... it IS a very high-tech project, never achieved by anyone else.  But - if you want - you can exchange remaining % till completion with reliability.  For example, if you wanted it when it was only 70% complete, there would be a 30% chance of failure, see?)

I look forward to your reply.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Desert Works

Outpost A - COMPLETE

Sietch Tabr Outpost - Construction Started

Research and Development

Project Eagle5000 - 8 Posts until completion.

Project Eagle35000 - Pending.

Project Silence Research - 85% @ 5% per post.

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Message to Relnev.

[hide]I believe it would be better to push more fr reliability, the last thing I need is 1,000

marching men getting eaten! Thank you and I await the goggles.

-Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arrakis.[/hide]

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Aleksandr sighed in relief. The spice equipment was finally repaired, modified, and working at a suitable rate. The Baron's quotas had been met, with room to spare. He wondered if perhaps the guerillas were giving him a chance. Even the Fremen seemed to be behaving themselves, sort of; though there was this disturbing message from the Trebeis facility... He decided to file the infomation away for later. The fremen weren't overtly hostile, he didn't need to interfere. Yet.

As an added bonus, the Arrakeen project was nearbing completion. Soon the city would be rebuilt, and the citizens were already showing deep gratitude to their Harkonnen saviour.

Rebuilding of Arrakeen: 50% + 17% using Trebeis & Fremen supplies: 67%. 5% per post.

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Despite the sismic activity still eminating from the Freman bases, The Duke was happy. To gain control the entrance of the valley in which the Water Treatment Facility was located, The Duke ordered the building of a base in the entrence. He also ordered a force from the W.T.F and arakeen base to man the base. Due to the forces newly stationed in the W.T.F.D.B the incompleate base had nearly as much men and equipment as the other two bases.

Here is a image of the valley, depicted is the base in construction, the W.T.F and the freman bases.


Turns until Water Treatment Center Defense Base compleation-3

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Ixian Outpost A was completed.  A fully operational base had been constructed atop Sietch Tabr, with the Fremen unable to do anything about it.  With forces deployed at the water treatment facility, there was no point in even trying to oppose the vast forces of the Ix.

Message to The Fremen:

[hide]We have constructed an Ixian Outpost upon Sietch Tabr.  We understand that your removal from this place would be unfair and impractical.  You will not, however, interfere with any of the actions carried out by the Ix with regard to this base.  Any detrimental action towards Outpost A will be dealt with harshly.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Message to House Trebeis:

[hide]Research of Project Silence completed.  Development has begun.  We shall keep you informed.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Message to House Harkonnen:

[hide]This message is to inform you of the plans of the Ix.  We intend to carry out a mass expansion program around Arrakis.  Within months, we hope to have an Outpost in every city worth its water.  The Harkonnen are not to interfere with this expansion; aid is welcomed and shall be rewarded, but this planet is to be colonised.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

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Message to Alexsandr

The Ixians have established a base over the top of one of our sietches. If you do not intervene, we will destroy the area with explosives. The Fremen

Message to House Huahin

[hide]We require your help in destroying an Ixian base. If the Harkonenn do not respond to my message, I will send you a message.[/hide]

Message to other Fremen leaders

[hide]The Ixians have built a base over one of our sietches. I would like to request troops and weaponry to the following specifications:

70,000 (including warriors from bases around the WTF)warriors equipped with lasguns and AA technology

150 sand crawlers

800 ornithopters armed with lasguns and rockets

Enough supplies to last 2 standerd years

I expect you to order the troops to pitch camp about

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OOC: Vaccine, once again your numbers could do with some revision. The Fremen just don't have that kind of capability. Not only would they not have that many ornithopters, sandcrawlers or supplies, but they wouldn't be able to transport them either since they don't have that many ready men. That and the different tribes of Arrakis don't habitually work together all of the time, it took Paul Atreides to unite them and he isn't here.

And yes, I know it was a hidden message, but when you address it to players that don't exist, what do you expect? :P

The sun burned above what had once been Sietch Tabr, scorching the sand and reflecting brightly from the newly built Ixian compound. A weak breeze moved a few grains of sand, as a silhouette flitted across the rocks. A broad, dark shadow emerged from below the western horizon, as the beating of many wings filled the air.

The ornithopters flew in protective formation around two carryalls, their Harkonnen insignia on plain display to anyone who might have been watching. They made a beeline directly for the Ixian compound, flying only as fast as the carryalls could travel. As the ornithopters approached the base the formation split into two, allowing the carryalls to fly directly over and set down near a hanger. The ornithopters continued to circle, while the lead craft peeled off from the group and flew carefully downwards, setting down on a large landing pad that the Ixians had constructed across the rock. It was immediately met by a landing crew, as well as a figure who strode from the building with a definate air of authority. She wore a stillsuit of Ixian manufacture, with the face flap undone. She stood with her hands on her hips as the first man disembarked from the craft and removed his helmet.

"Sub-Commander Thorne with Harkonnen reinforcements." He saluted, "As arranged."

"Good." The woman smiled humourlessly. "Your quarters will be in the compound until you construct your barracks. I trust you have brought adequate defences?"

"Five hundred men, one hundred ornithopters. All fully armed; Ma'am." Thorne announced. "The carryalls hold our supplies and construction crew."

"They are being unloaded as we speak." The woman nodded. "While the defences are being set up I want you to create traps around the base. Pressure pads, shigawire nets, you can do this, yes?"

"Yes Ma'am." Thorne nodded abruptly.

"Good." The woman turned around, leading the way back into the compound. "You may signal to your men, they can land now. Your ornithopters will be stored in our hanger."

"Is that... safe, Ma'am?" Thorne inquired, following the woman and indicating to the men in his ornithopter to signal the others.

"The surface construction is the tip of the iceberg." The woman replied stonily. "Everything here is carred out underground. It is the safest way."

"As you say, Ma'am."

* * *

Message to the fremen:

I do not control the Ixians, and they have their right to construct research bases. I have already organised their security, and would appreciate it if you would not interfere. You are welcome to settle in Arrakeen, as legitimate citizens of Arrakis.


Rebuilding of Arrakeen: 72%, 5% per post.

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(O.O.C. --> "Ford, there's an infinite number of Fremen back here who want to show us this script for Hamlet they've come up with." ::))

Relnev was once again assessing the map of Arrakis.  Soon, there would be Ixian outposts everywhere, spanning the entire inhabited lands of Arrakis.  The Ix could start improving upon existing technologies, making others obsolete, and selling new technologies to the populace of Arrakis.  There was untold profit to be made here, and Relnev would let nothing stand in his way.

"So you say that the Fremen don't like us building on their precious sietch?" Relnev asked.

"It would appear so, sire." Eemins replied.

"For what reason?" he asked, raising both arms.  "We do no harm to them being there!"

"No, sire." Eemins agreed, feeling that Relnev was missing the point.

"Yet they shun diplomacy and choose instead to attack us?"

"Yes, sire."

Relnev considered this.  "Normally, this type of action would warrant a pre-emptive strike.  However, since the Fremen have been good customers, we shall give them a chance to concede."

"Very good, sire." Eemins said, welcoming this note of sanity in Relnev's voice.

"The base shall, however, be fortified with weaponry and put on high alert.  And commence the construction of Outpost B on the slopes of Mt. Idaho."

"At once, sire."

Message to The Fremen:

Your pitiful indirect threats do not frighten the Ix.  We have heard of your plans through our Harkonnen friends; as we stated before, any action taken against this base shall be dealt with swiftly and forcefully.  If you choose to attack us, then you shall be our enemy, and we shall conquer you as such.

Be informed, too, that this is not the only base that the Ix plan to build atop a sietch.  If the rock is big enough to warrant construction upon, then there will be an Outpost built there.  You have no choice in the matter... your lives shall not be affected.

But I warn you, Fremen... attack the Ix, and Sietch Tabr shall be ours entirely.

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Message to House Huahin

[hide]We require advanced surveilance equipment. Name your price. We do not need assistance right now, but we might need military support if the Ix are going to build more bases on other sietchs. The Fremen[/hide]

Message to other Fremen Tribes (OOC: Yes, I know. Another message to a player that dousn't exist)

[hide]I would like to warn you that the Ixians will try to build outposts on some sietchs. Some will not be effected but some will. I am sending back the troops that you sent m so that you can defend yourselves. I am sending some of my troops to help in your defence.[/hide]

OOC:note that some of the fremen tribes guard the ground above their sietchs with AA turrets and pillboxes, some do not at all.

Message to the fremen:

I do not control the Ixians, and they have their right to construct research bases. I have already organised their security, and would appreciate it if you would not interfere. You are welcome to settle in Arrakeen, as legitimate citizens of Arrakis.


Also, the Ixians don't need bases in and on every town or sietch
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"Things are definatly changing on this planet!" surmised the Duke. "Ah well, It is none of my buisness." picking up a pen, he began drafting a letter.

To all it may concern.

I have noticed the increasingly hostile enviroment as of late and would like to formally declare my neutrality. But hear this, shall any hostle actions come to House Trebeis or any of its intrests it will be met with swift retribution.

-Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arrakis.

Message to Relnev.

[hide]May I inquire as to the amount of time until development on Project Silence is compleated? thak you for your time.

-Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arrakis.[/hide]

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The fortification of Outpost A atop Sietch Tabr was nearing completion.  Defences had been erected throughout the complex, with others in bunkers and alcoves outside to protect them from the harsh winds of the desert.  The Fremen had not yet attacked, though there were rumours of general displease throughout their ranks.  The desert people seemed vehemently opposed to the building of Ixian bases on top of their homes.

Eemins wandered through the corridors of Outpost A.  Relnev had sent him here to check up on the fortification progress, ensuring that there was no chance of a Fremen attack succeeding.  As a Harkonnen patrol passed by him, Eemins stopped and looked out of a viewport towards Mt. Idaho.  As he had expected, he could clearly see the beginnings of Outpost B on its slopes, tentatively balanced on struts for the time being until a proper foundation could be established.  He sighed.

"He'll probably send me there, too." Eemins said to himself.

Continuing his walk, Eemins let his mind wander.  He thought of how irrational and power hungry Relnev had been as of late.  This was not the Relnev that he had known for so many years; the Relnev that he had called 'friend' until recently.  There was no obvious reason for this insanity that had overcome Relnev, this urge to expand.  Deciding to devote some time into discovering the source of Relnev's strange behaviour, Eemins headed towards the ornithopter hangar.  He would be needed back at Outpost 9, no doubt.

Message to House Trebeis:

[hide]Project Silence has entered the final stages of development, though we must warn you that the technologies being used here are highly experimental.  The Ix are not willing to test out such a dangerous new invention in real-life circumstances.  However, I can assure you that all theoretical tests show that the Project Silence device should reduce the chances of being noticed by a worm by anything between 40 and 80%, depending on your location and the mass of the objects you wish to conceal.

Exact operational specifications shall follow when the Project has been completed.  We shall keep you informed.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Outpost B Construction - 20% @ 10 % per post.

Project Silence Development - 30% @ 10% per post.

Mystery Event - In 10 posts.

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The city of Arsunt. Bustling, loud, noisy; but different from the more metropolitan Arrakeen, or the almost foreign Carthag. Arsunt sits under the early morning sun. The dew gatherers are out of course, scraping precious moisture from the sands. The merchants begin to set up shop, the early workers leave their houses. Only a few buildings display lights. The Harkonnen pennant on the official fortress is not flying. The Lady Ekaterina is not home. Most of the civilians keep their eyes down as they pass the building, and the guards. They do not dare to even glance at the stone walls.

The day wears on. The pennant stays down. Ekaterina has been away from her prison home for nearly a day. The streets are crowded now, and the people start to feel safe, surrounded by each other. A few dare to raise their eyes and glance at the guards. A few dare to peek further upwards at the bare flagpole. None come within ten metres of the gates. The atmosphere is tense, as it always is in the once-quiet Arsunt nowadays. People have gone missing.

Mid afternoon. The streets are packed with refugees from Arrakeen, as well as the citizens of Arsunt and travellers from Carthag and Tsimpo, as well as a few dour-faced fremen. The people pay little attention to one another, either through fear of spies or simple respect for privacy. So only a very few notice the six figures standing in the street outside the fortress, three at each end. They wear no special clothing, but their faces are hooded. They stand perfectly still, as if waiting. The wiser, or more paranoid civilians quickly slip away down alleys and side streets. Nevertheless, the street is still packed when the first figure draws her sword.

The hoods are thrown back, the capes are swept aside. The three figures at the top of the street start to walk forward, hacking left, right and centre.

At first there is no screaming. There is no sound behind the roar of the shopping crowds. Then there is a shriek, followed by another. The first people start to run, and the three do not give chase. There is screaming, there is terror; and the crowd begins to stampede down the street.

They are funneled directly into the path of the other three waiting figures. Each of them draws a weapon, and begins their own march forward.

At first the crowd does not realise that it is being attacked from both sides. People run left and right, back and forth. Children are separated from mothers, husbands from wives, sisters from brothers. The six walking figures do not run, they do not shout or threaten. They simply kill anyone who comes near them, and thus herd the crowd into the middle of the street.

* * *

"Oh no, oh no..." Jadif moaned, clutching younger sister Eafwi tight. He bit his bottom lip hard, and began to frantically scan the bustling mass of frightened people around them.

"Jadif, Jadif what is it?" Eafwi asked, her eyes wide with dear. She was too small to see above the adults around here, but she recognised the fear in her brother. It terrified her, what could ever scare Jadif, who dealt with fremen?

"It's... it's bad." Jadif said unhappily, his voice nearly drowned out by the screams as they got louder. "The people here... they, ah... They're bad people." He finished unhappily, not wanting to frighten Eafwi more than necessary. Chances were she wasn't going to live that long anyway. He looked at the six figures in the distance.

He recognised them. All of them. They were not well known, but among the criminal underworld their reputations were fearsome. Danaus Cassius, the huge bald man who was beating people left and right with the body of a small boy. He had been born on Giedi Prime. Towering over most normal people, he was also massively fat and powerfully strong. As with most of the elite group, he was known for his brutality. Of all of them, he had the most stories to his name. Stories of biting out spines to kill people, stories of tearing people limb from limb with his bare hands. Danaus had been wanted across the Imperium until he had been employed by the wife of a minor Harkonnen noble.

The woman next to him, Orianna Lyasma. Like Jadif himself, she had spent time among the fremen. She had been accepted by them years ago, but turned her back on her former friends (and stabbing theirs in the process). Sinewy and desert-wise, Orianna weilded a crysknife in her right hand and a poisoned blade in the other. Unlike Danaus or Alacia Vorbid, who both killed for pleasure, Orianna seemed to have no pattern, no motive. She killed whenever she felt like it, and appears to gain no pleasure, and feel no remorse.

Caelen Larva, the tiny man at her side. Short, unassuming, balding and poker-faced, Caelen was an expert swordman. His blade was like a needle, thin enough to slip through shields even at relatively high speeds. He killed because he was good at it, and for no other reason.

On the other side of the street, Alonya Rabban, of the old Rabban family of Lankiveil. A swordmaster with a vicious streak, her reputation had it that she kept two salusan tigers as pets, and used them for hunting live prey. At her side the man known only as 'Wordsworth,' a stick-thin man dressed all in black under his cloak. He was old, though his hair was still dark. As he fought he mumbled to himself.

And finally, 'Rachael.' Nobody knew about Rachael. She was slim and blonde, in her early thirties. She had some mentat ability,, but no official past. Nobody knew where she came from, or how she got her skills, for neither the swordmasters nor the mentats had any records of training her.

Jadif groaned again, and murmured a quick prayer. Six of the deadliest people on the planet had surrounded him, penning him in with about two hundred others. That a mere six could do this was testament to the power they had.

"Now hear this!" A voice bellowed over the rooftops. The six stopped, the crowd looked up, and cries of fear were heard as the speaker was revealed to be Alacia Vorbid, head of the elite guard. She stood with her hands on her hips, grinning fiercely.

"This morning, two prisoners escaped from the Harkonnen fortress!" She announced. "Understand that this has nothing to do with you, but we're going to kill you anyway as a statement to the escapees! Carth, wherever you are, this is on your head!"

The six moved in at once. The crowd stood no chance. Some of them tried to fight back and were mercilessly beaten aside. Some of them fell down, critically injured but not dead. They were ignored as the six continued their massacre.

Jadif looked about frantically, searching for an escape, any escape. He ran to and fro, ducking and diving, pulling the crying Eafwi behind him like a doll. In front of him a woman fell, a man was sliced apart, and Jadif found himself gazing at Alonya Rabban. The red haired woman gave no sign that she had noticed him, and sliced through his head downards with a lasgun.

Eawfi started to scream, but was knocked from behind by the elbow of a woman with a baby. As the woman prostrated herself at Alonya's feet, Eafwi slipped into unconsciousness...

* * *

"It's not like you to get bothered by the loss of a prisoner." The slim Raymand smiled slyly, swirling his drink.

"This wasn't just any prisoner." Ekaterina told her cousin sharply. "This was Carth, Carth... Oh I forget his name." She flipped her hand irritably. "A leader of the smugglers and a rather annoying individual. But anyway," she shrugged, "I'm not that unhappy about his escape. He'll be dead in seven days anyway, if not sooner. This is just an excuse to hurt people."


OOC: Yes, well, I said there were eleven elite at the start, and I figured it was time I introduced the rest of them. :)

Rebuilding of Arrakeen: 77%, 5% per post.

Also, the Ixians don't need bases in and on every town or sietch

*Shrugs* Not my department. Also, do you have to keep changing your name? Nice avatar though, I made that one. ;D
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Due to the location of House Trebeis's main base in Arakeen, The Duke was abled to watch the progress of re-building. "Hmmmmm, Seems to have slown a bit as of late." said trebeis. "Send more supplies, We have much excess after the Decommisioning of one base and the building of the W.T.F.D.B, naturally they should be donated!" 20 minutes later, a massive stream of building material-laden workers began streaming out of the base and into the war-torn city.

(OOC: Dante, those supplies and workers should quicken the building effort significantly.)

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Hot. Dusty. The Fremen were used to these conditions. In secret spies had spotted a new base on Mt. Idaho. Now a outpost was being built on the other side of Mt. Idaho. Defences would be built, but time was needed for that. 2000 fremen warriors helped guard and build the outpost.

Message to the Ixians

[hide]The troops have been removed from the area of Sietch Tabr. We would like to know the limitations of the stealth land vehicle you made for us.[/hide]

During that day Seth ordered the troops to be sent home. There was no reason to keep them there for longer than they needed.

Mt.Idaho outpost - 20% @ 20% per post

Underground Works - Complete

OOC: Dousn't anybody even read my posts? In one of my posts I said the Fremen population was ten million.

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OOC: Your point being? Not all of them will be warriors, and the Fremen tribes do not normally work together.

"We're nearly completed, sir." The surveyer reported primly. "The Trebeis have been extremely helpful with their extra supplies, even if we aren't entirely sure where they appeared from... Arrakeen will be completely rebuilt in a matter of days."

"Wonderful." Aleksandr beamed, examining the map before him. "I note that the structure has been altered, somewhat?"

"Yes, Governor." One of the numerous architects stepped forward. "The Imperial residence has been converted into a small palace, and official residence of the Harkonnen family." He pointed to a large building on the map. "At your instruction, we have also installed a fountain in the centre of Harko Square. The water in it will come from the old pipes that used to supply the old Harkonnen fort, which was destroyed."

"So it will cost the same as the water upkeep of the old fort?" Aleksandr clarified.

"Slightly less, actually." The architect smirked. "We also took the liberty of adding smaller pipes around the edge, you see here..." He pulled across a sheaf of papers. "When twisted, a cupful of water is released."

"Ah, the supply for the public." Aleksandr smiled.

"That's right." The architect surpressed his inner accountant, who balked at the cost of the device. "It will be shut down at night, in order to minimise leaks."

"And the celebrations for the city are nearly ready?" Aleksandr asked.

"They'll be there on time." Another planner muttered from behind a stack of maps. "We have fireworks, dancers, various displays... You get the idea."

"Yes, yes I do..."

Message to Duke Trebeis:

Arrakeen will be rebuilt in a matter of days, and I plan a three-day festival to celebrate. I would be most honoured if you would join me at the opening banquet as a guest of honour.

Awaiting your reply, Governor Aleksandr Harkonnen, of Arrakis.

P.S. Thanks for the supplies.

Message to the Ixians:

Arrakeen will be rebuilt in a few days, perhaps sooner. I am planning a three-day celebration to mark the reconstruction of the city, and would be honoured if you were to send a representative to join me as a guest of honour at the opening festival.

Awaiting your reply, Governor Aleksandr Harkonnen, of Arrakis.

Rebuilding of Arrakeen: 82% + Trebeis supplies (13%) = 95%, 5% per post.

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Message to House Harkonnen:

I shall be delighted to allow my Mentat, Eemins Telron, to attend this celebration.  My congratulations to you, Aleksandr.  You have surely made the Baron proud.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.

Message to The Fremen:

[hide]Clever boy, Seth.  Withdrawing your forces was a very wise decision.

As to the limits of this 'stealth tank' you speak of... it would appear that there may be a small chance of something such as this existing on a small scale.  We shall keep you informed.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

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OOC: Dante, my man... thanx for letting me out.

Carth and the young woman reached The Den the very same day thanx to one of their few contacts in Arsunt.

- Hey, man! Where've you been?

- Where's Sven?

- Hey! WHat happened?

- ASSEMBLE THE COUNCIL. Carth stated. And... see that she is accomodated.

- Yes, man.

A few hours later the whole Kondor Cartel is assembled.

- Well, Carth? Where were you? Is it true you were inside Ekaterina's citadel?

- Yes, it's true. She still has some of our men. Maverik and Sven are still there. And I'll be dead in seven days unless I find a cure for this poison she gave me.

- So, the spy did its job... Good man.

- Spy? What spy?

- The spy you send on Giedi Prime. That resourceful man... He didn't give us his name.

- You send him THERE??

- Yes.

- He's gonna be tortured! I didn't meet him there! Darn! Call him back.

- You know... radio silence.

Message to Alexandr Harkonnen:

[hide] I wish to talk to you. Soon. There still are some of my men inside Ekaterina's citadel. And some more inocent people. They are being tortured, and pain is the only event ... We have to meet soon.[/hide]

Message to the Ixian outpost:

[hide] I'll wish you to develop a poison-reactive substance. I'll come over today so you'll be able to analyse that poison inside my body.[/hide]

After a few hours Carth entered the Ixian base and asked the first man he met:

- Did my message arrive? Where is the lab?

The man pointed out the administrator's office.

Dragoon, take it from here.

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Relnev was sitting in his office, waiting for the inevitable commotion to follow.  He heard several shouts as the half-crazed man ran towards his office, cumulating in him bursting through the door to Relnev's office.

"Are you the one in charge here?" he asked, slightly out of breath from running.  Relnev smiled, and stood up.

"Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9." he said.  "You must be Carth."

"You got my message, then?" he asked, seeming to calm slightly.

"Follow me." Relnev said, exiting his office.

A short walk and three sub-basements later, Relnev lead Carth into a white room, obviously for 'medical' purposes.

"Firstly, we need to sort out those injuries of yours." Relnev stated.

"My injuries will heal themselves, it is the poison that-"

"We'll come to the poison in due course." Relnev interrupted.  "For now, these injuries shall be dealt with."

Over the next hour or so, Carth was administered to by several Ixian medics, who expertly tended to Carth's wounds.  Since he refused to go under anaesthetic, the pain was somewhat terrible, but Carth knew when something was being done correctly.  Within a week or so, there would be only scars... presuming he had a week left.

Still panting from the pain, Carth spoke.  "Now, what about the cure?"

Relnev's smile faded.  "I have it right here, Carth.  But unless you want to die, I'm not going to give it to you."

"What do you mean?" he asked, confused.

"Did Ekaterina not tell you?" Relnev asked.  "We analysed the poison from blood samples we extracted at the beginning of this session.  It is a little used and highly toxic brand, which will indeed kill any infected within seven standard days.  The cure for it, however, will indirectly kill that person instantly... you shall simply die from the withdrawal symptoms."

Carth stood up at this statement. "You are saying that I'm dead?!"

"Sit down." Relnev said firmly.  Knowing he was in no place to disagree, Carth did so.  "No, you are not dead.  There is an alternative."

"What is it?  Will it allow me to live?"

"Yes, you will live.  The poison cannot be cured without the victim dying almost instantly, but it can be suppressed."

"I think I remember hearing something about that..." Carth said.

"We are going to administer an injection of a small capsule into your jugular vein - with your permission, of course - that shall deliver a constant dose of the suppressor drug into your bloodstream."

"My vein?" said Carth, seeming protective.

"Yes.  There it shall stay for about a month, whereupon it shall need refilled.  After four such refillings, it shall need replaced, lest it become septic."

"I'm not sure..."

"There is a tablet form available, but it has terrible side effects to the digestive system... the least of which is chronic, explosive diarrhea."


Relnev leaned against the wall.  "What shall it be?"

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Barbarrossa, The population of a average sietch was in excess of 500

OOC: Where precisly do you get that figure?

Walking amungst the Hangers used to store the Ornithopters of the House Trebeis Air Force, the Duke frowned in dismay. "324 People slaughtered" read the Duke "All killed with deadly precision and speed" continued the Spy Report. "It is my oppinion that the Lady Harkonnen planned this attack, There is also the possibilty of this being retaliation for one thing or another"

walking into a small lean-to attached to a hanger, he grabbed a stylus and began composing a message.

Message to Aleksandr:

[Hide]I do not know how closely you observe your sister's actions, but yesterday according to my sources, 324 innocent civilians were slaughtered by her guard. I do not hold you responsable for her actions but I do suggest you place a shorter leash on her. Such actions on her part could serve to distablise success made in the public relations area by your house, and also serve to make my considering further distancing myself from your house easier.

-Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arrakis.[/hide]

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