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How exactly would anyone know an attack was planned when no outward moves have yet been made? ??? *Shrugs* When in Rome...

While the Duke went about his preparations, Aleksandr quietly slipped away. It was clear that he would only be in the way now. Besides, if the Fremen really were about to attack then he had told the Duke he would help. Aleksandr needed to get his own forces in order, should a couter-attack prove necessary.

* * *

"You underestimate me." Ekaterina smirked. "If I wanted to, I would certainly be able to kill them all. But do you really think that's what I want?" She glared at Carth, her mood shifting quickly. Striding forward, she slapped him sharply about the face. "What do you take me for? Some kind of brainless psychopath who just kills because she can't help it?!" She backhanded him extra hard before backing away, taking deep breaths. "Only an idiot wants to kill everyone." She muttered. "I am not an idiot, Carth. I don't want to kill everyone. I don't even get much pleasure from death. It's pain I enjoy, Carth. And the fact that your people are 'united against me' just makes me happier; because it proves that I am still causing pain, even when I'm not there." She glanced to one side, sneering at the slumped body in the chair beside her.

"Besides, Sven's not dead. I'm not incompetant, Carth." She indicated to Douglas Trilu, who unstrapped Sven and took him from the room, followed by his twin. "How do you think I kept Maverik alive? Hm?" She rolled her eyes. "That's your problem, Carth. Never thinking. Sven will continue to live for several years yet, as will Maverik. As will you." She smiled. "As will I."

* * *

The Harkonnen camp was even more hurried and chaotic than usual, ornithopters and land transports being primed and armed while the Arrakeen building workers got under cover. Commander Danforth was summoned from Carthag. All the while, however, there was a sense of calmness. Few took the word of the Trebeis at face value, believing that the word of a Fremen attack was rumour and little else. Nevertheless, their preparations were taken seriously, and executed efficiently. From Carthag an extra two thousand men were summoned with the commander, making Ten thousand total [OOC: for anyone who's interested I worked this out from my earlier figures. Twenty four thousand was promised by the Baron, and they will have arrived by now. Note that this isn't going back on my word a few replies ago, as these 24,000 have not technically been on the planet yet. Anyway, I spilt these to four thousand each in Arsunt and Tsimpo, with eight thousand for Arrakeen camp and Carthag. Carthag donates two thousand to Arrakeen, making ten thousand. See this is how figures should be worked out, not pulling them from the air...]. The vast mechanical supplies used by Ekaterina to attack Arrakeen were pressed into service, making three hundred land transports and 'many' ornithopters.

* * *

"Do you remember once sending me a message, vowing that I would be your slave?" Ekaterina asked.

Carth frowned. Ekaterina shrugged. "Well you did. I was some time ago, but don't you think it's funny now?" She walked over to a rack, moving it aside and pulling out a small drawer, the contents of which Carth could not see. From it she removed a bottle and a needle. Walking back over to Carth, she held both of them up.

"This," she indicated the bottle, "Is a poison developed by the Tleilaxu, and used by my Harkonnen superiors for many years to control their slaves." She held the needle and the bottle together, unscrewing the bottle with her other hand. She placed the top nearby, and dipped the needle into the milky contents of the bottle. "The wonderful thing about it," she continued, "Is that the poison doesn't kill immediately. It takes about seven days, in fact. And it can be delayed even longer, indefinately in fact, if the subject is given regular doses of another drug. So," she stabbed the needle into Carth's chest, causing him to shout in pain, "This is yet another way of completely degrading you without actually killing you. You'll be getting regular doses of the suppressant as long as you stay here. Seven days without it, and you die." Ekaterina withdrew the needle, smiling. "Better hope the guards have good memories, hm?" She replaced the top of the bottle while Carth panted as the pain faded. "And the really great thing is that if anyone finds a way to remove the poison, which is unlikely, you'll die anyway because of withdrawal symptoms." She sighed happily, replacing the bottle and cleaning the needle. She locked the drawer before coming back over to Carth. "How are you feeling?"

"Bitch." Carth grunted. Ekaterina shrugged.

"That's gratidue for you." She sighed. "You'll be disappointed to know that I won't be here with you tonight, I'm going to a party. See you in the morning!" She blew a kiss as she exited, followed by Vail, who twisted its face into a grotesque mimic of Carth's own as it left. The metal door slammed shut behind them, and the guards took up their places.

* * *

Message to the Ixians:

You may want to up defences for the time being. The Trebeis are preparing for an attack on the other side of Arrakeen, and I don't know how the Fremen will react to any Harkonnen aid I may grant the Duke.


EDIT: Page six! Whee!

Rebuilding of Arrakeen: 40%. 2% per post until spice mining at workable level.

Spice equipment repairs: 60%. 10% per post, -15% for every incident. 100% must be reached in fifteen posts or less.

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I did not make any moves to attack.

Seth decided to make permanent bases with Advanced AA turrets, Lasgun turrets and pillboxes. Patrols combed the area day and night, making sure that there would be no suprise attacks.But, he thought,I'll need to send a message to Duke Trebias. ;D ;D

Message to House Trebias

[hide]Although we have decided not to attack you, you will have to be very careful in your actions, otherwise we will attack in full force[/hide]

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OOC: Vaccine, nobody is playing the Landsraad. Exactly what do you hope to achieve? Furthermore, the Fremen would have no way of getting a message to the council, and have no knowledge of how the De-Meks work anyway. Also, it's 'Trebeis,' not Trebias.

*Continues to wait for stuff to happen.*

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Well, Prehaps my spies are not as accurate as I believed! mused the Duke, None the less this has shown how quickly we can mobilise, which was useful in it self. The forces of House Trebeis were still on high alert with all defenses manned, The Ornithopter crews were even sleeping in their craft!

Elsewhere 10 frigates dropped from the newly arrived highliner, They contained the last of the Surviving fighters from Athalon IV. Landing in the Trebesian's main base, Men started filing out of the craft followed by damaged and worn ornis and other equipment. Most of the men were badly wounded from their clashes with the Imperial forces. Those injured were sent to the Medical centers while the damaged equipment was sent to maintenance depot for repairs, Uninjured men were Briefed, armed and sent to defensive stations the same applied for the undamaged equipment. Also, due to the fact that all of the Trebesian's bases are beyond the reach of Worms and because The Duke had no desire to attack the Freman, He ordered all men outfitted with shields.

35000 troops + newly arrived men- 37250, 550 Nokker Guard + New Graduates- 800 + newly arrived men-835, 400 Ornis + new arrivals- 500, 150 trikes + new  arrivals- 215, 100 quads + new arrivals- 145.

As a sign of friendship and thanks for support the Duke ordered 35 of his Elite Nokker Guardsman and 7000 men to aid Aleksandr with his defenses.

Message to Alesandr.

[hide]Thank you Governer for your showing of support, I hoped you enjoyed the Festivitys until they were interupted. If you had not noticed, the last of my men have arrived from Athalon and since it seems that I have more standing men then you do at the moment, I sent some men to help with your defenses. They have been ordered to recieve commands dirctly from you so I know you will not recieve any trouble. on one last matter of buisness, I sent a large number of my Frigates into orbit to substitute as reconnsence and command relay stations, if you are interested you may tap into them at any time.[/hide]

Message to Ixians

[hide]Dear Ixian head, I have heard of these Advanced Still Suits you have created and I am interested in purchasing enough to outfit my Nokker Guard. I realise that you are uniterested in selling these suits, but I am willing to pay quite well for them. I am also in need of two other services.

1.) I am in need of advanced heat/night vision glasses that can also be used during the day as powerful binoculars.

2.) If you are capable of reworking shields so they can be used in the open desert I would find it quite helpful.

I have also heard that you are interested in expanding your bases, I would be willing to allow you to use our orbiting Frigates to look for suitable rock formations and to  watch for any resistance....

-Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arrakis.[/hide]

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"So there is to be no attack, then?" Relnev asked.

"Apparently not, sire." Eemins replied.  "It could have been a false alarm, or a bluff."

Relnev thought about this.  "Maintain a higher level of security and vigilance... the Fremen haven't got the best reputation on Arrakis.

"Of course." Eemins said, making a mental note.  "Are you happy with your new office?" he added, gesturing to the room as a whole.  With the upgrading of Outpost 9 long complete, Relnev was beginning to enjoy having 'his own place', as it were.  A permanant place on Arrakis... it wasn't nearly as bad as everyone had made it out to be.

"Yes, thank you Eemins.  Double the designer's pay for a month." Relnev smiled.  "Is there any other news?"

Eemins went on to describe the upgrades that Outpost 9 had undergone.  The overground section of the base was now four floors in height, with another four underground, deep within the rock.  Geological equipment had informed them that there was still a considerable depth of rock beneath them and surrounding them, protecting from potential worm attack.  The research and development floors had all been upgraded, with new materials having been imported from afar via heighliner.  The defences had also been subject to improvement, with new AA emplacements, turrets and bunkers erected throughout the base's perimeter.

"And what of the Arrakeen and Tsimpo outposts?" Relnev asked after Eemins had finished.

"The Arrakeen outpost is completed, and the Tsimpo endeavour is nearing fruition."

"Excellent, Eemins.  Keep me informed."

Message to Aleksandr Harkonnen:

[hide]Thank you for the warning regarding our defences, it was most appreciated.  Rest assured that your contact lenses shall be supplied regularly henceforth.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Message to House Trebeis:

[hide]Greetings, Duke Trebeis.  The Ix have been eager for you to contact us since your arrival on Arrakis.  We are not in the business of actively seeking contracts... rather, we wait until clients come to ourselves.

Regarding your requests... we would be willing to sell some of our PluStillSuits to you for the right price... say 6000 Solaris per suit?  Exorbitant, I know, but the quality is unmatched anywhere else on Arrakis.  The heat sensitive / night-vision goggles that you speak of will take time.  Technology as it stands now is not used to such miniaturisation, but we shall advance and invent, as we always do.

What really intigues us is your request for shields that are suitable for use on the deserts of Arrakis.  Surely you are aware of how the worms of Arrakis detect the shields?  To avoid this, you would not need to change the shields... in fact, it would be impossible to do.  You would need a device that could suppress and mask the signals given off as a result of the shield's use.  The Ix shall research this for you, if you so desire.  Know that this technology would be extremely sought after amongst the other Arrakis Factions, however... doing this research may place us - and you - in danger of attack.  The price for this research shall be equally expensive.  100,000 Solaris now, with another 100,000 on the completion of the project.  Do we have a deal?

And thank you for the offer of the use of your frigates, but the Ix prefer to collect their own data.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Building Works

Arrakeen Outpost - COMPLETE

Tsimpo Outpost - 6 Posts until completion.

Desert Works

All Projects pending.

Research and Development

Project Sun: COMPLETE

Project Moon: 2 Posts until completion.

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"How are our defenses in the Seccondary base?" Inquired The Duke. Shifting uncomfortable, the Sargent replied "Not that good, It was expected to be used as a supply dump, no more."

Turning to the Commander of his Nokker Guard, The Duke ordered the base abandoned and for everything to split and sent to the Arrakeen base and Water Treatment Facility. "Well, That should solve that problem." Then he ordered his Head Engineer "I want the defenses stiffened in both bases, New Walls, Las and Projectile Turrets, Pillboxes and I want the forces reorginised so both Locations are equally well Defended."

Message to Ixians.

[hide]I agree to your terms and prices, and as you said these new advances will seem rather desireable to the other factions so I believe a hightained state of security should surround their development.

I will send an Ornithopter carriing the payment for the research and PluStill Suits after I send this message, It will arrive shortly after you read this. You can deliver the PluStill Suits to my Arrakeen base.

-Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arakkis.[/hide]

Turns till new defense upgrades finished- 4

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Since the bases were nearly finished, Seth decided to explore the planet and find sutible places for establishing new outposts.

To the Ixians

[hide]We would be interested in buying about 10 of your new stilsuits and also we would like you to build a device that can burrow through the sand with minimal worm attraction. If this is possible, we would like you to add heavy armor, (but not so much that it reduces the speed), reasonably heavy weaponry and able to carry about 100 people. We would like to know how much the price would be. We would like to keep this secret from other houses/factions, so for this security we would be willing to pay more. Name you price. The Fremen[/hide]

Building Works

Base Upgrades 30%(10% per post

Trip around Arrakis 0 days( .25 days per post)

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The sound of the specially designed rockets echoed throughout Arrakeen as the Ixian Satellite - Project Moon - launched upwards from the centre of the Ixian base.  Specially designed to break through all known interference found in Arrakis' violent atmosphere, the satellite would be perfect for monitoring troop movements on Arrakis.  As Project Moon settled into its geostationary orbit of Dune, Relnev smiled... the Ix would know everything before anyone else.

At the Arrakeen outpost, things were beginning to settle.  The Ix were making their presence known throughout Arrakis.  With the Tsimpo outpost nearing completion, work could soon begin on expanding outwards into the deserts of Dune.  Any suitable rock formation would be built upon swiftly and effectively.  And none would dare stand in the way.

Message to House Trebeis:

[hide]Acknowledged.  Development has begun on the goggles - Project Eagle - and delivery of the PluStillSuits has been completed.  You will find them at the co-ordinates enclosed.  Research has also begun on the suppression technology, codenamed Project Silence.  We shall keep you informed.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Message to The Fremen:

[hide]The Ix do not claim to be experts on the exact geography of Arrakis; we cannot call ourselves completely knowledgable on the flora and fauna of this barren place.  That said, we can still safely inform you that the ONLY thing that could ever move through the sands of Dune, carrying 100 people, with minimum worm attraction would be... another worm who has just devoured 5 score unlucky people.

The PluStillSuits, however, have been delivered to the usual place.  Good day.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Building Works

Tsimpo Outpost - 4 Posts until completion.

Desert Works

All Projects pending.

Research and Development

Project Eagle - 10 Posts until completion.

Project Silence Research - 5% @ 5% per post.

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At the Kondor council the smugglers were haveing a huge fight over telling Alexandr about Carth being held at Arsunt or not.

- We don't even know if he'se there.

- Where else can he be?

- You heard the man... that would have been his most logical destination.

- And what makes you think the HArkonnen will aid us? It's his sister afterall.

- I say let him rott in there. He started the Arrakeen conflict.

- And you backed him up!

- Stupid mistake. Are you gonna rub it in my face for the rest of my life?

- Go to hell! I say we mount an expedition and get him out.

- Out of Arsunt? Are you crazy? There's more harks that there's sand in the desert there.

- HEY! We talked to the spy. Let him do his job. If he failes, we'll inform Alexandr.


"Now I am a slave? The last thing I do is riping her head of."

Cath lifted his head and looked at the young woman that rmained chained to the chair in front of him.

- Ekaterina's trying to break me. I'm not to blame.

The girl wouldn't answer.

Carth examined the coughs and chains.

"Maybe if I break a few bones I'll be able to exit this. Better die a free man that live as a slave."

He tried several times to pull his hands out but the guards aproached and smacked him a few times.

With his lips hidden from the guards' eyes he said:

- Listen girl, I want you to distract their attention. I think I can get out of here.

The girl was to frightened to answer.

- Please. If you'll stay here longer you'll beg them to kill you.

The girl finnaly looked at him.


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The fremen advanced to about ten kilometers outside the Water Extraction Facility and made sure that no supplies got in or out of it. Bases were established and fast fire las turrets, AA turrets and pilboxes were installed and and patrols were sent out to scour the desert.

Base Constuction

3 posts

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- I need a diversion. Throw yourself to the ground. Along with the chair. The guards will eventually come and get you up. It'll give me time to exit these shackels.

The girl threw herself to the ground. When the guards noticed that they aproached to get her up and prepared to beat her as well. In the meantime, Carth took his hands out of the shackels along with some skin and some broken bones. Still his feet were stuck. After a few tries and similar pain his feet were free as well.

He thought the thing over. The guards didn't saw him as they were busy slapping the girl. His hands wre all messed up, and the feet hurt. He slowly came behind one of the guards and took out his knife. The guard turned immediately only to have his throat slit. The other guard turned soon as well and managed to wield his knife at Carth, but the surprise of the attack took its toe and Carth sicked the knife through the man's eye. Two dead bodies and lot of blood now stained the grizzly floor. Now Carth started to feel the pain in his hands and feet, pain that was until now masked by adrenaline. He managed to free the girl fairly quick.

"If I baricade myself in here, I'll live no more than a few days. I'll die of starvation rather of Ekaterina's poison. NO SATISFACTION IN THAT BITCH!!!" But he looked at the young brused woman.

After a few moment the two people left the room slowly, leaning on each other... The compound was swarming with guards more dangerous than the sardaukar...


At fairly the same time a Harkonnen officer arrived at the Arsunt citadel:

- Open up, in the name of the Baron!

- Who are you?

- How dare you soldier!?! I AM AN OFFICER AND YOU ARE TO ADDRESS ME AS SUCH!!! I am here to see Ekaterina Harkonnen in oficial buissness from Giedi Prime.

- Sorry... SIR. She is unavailable right now...

- Open up the gates, so I can park my car inside. Where do I wait her?

- You... er.. don't.

- Listen, you pece of trash! you'll end up in the Baron's bed if you don't COMPLY!

- I'll end up tortured for years if I don't obey Ekaterina.

The officer opened the vehicles door and jumped down. He aproached the soldier and punched him in the face:

- Where do yout loyalties lie, dog? GIVE ME your name! The Giedi Prime Commandement will hear of this. And the Baron will hear of his underlings' loyalty as well!

All this turmoil at the gates attracted the attantion of the neighboring guards, as well as the attention of the officers. Some aproached to see what was going on.

OOC: hey, Dust, don't capture ALL my men, the fortress isn't FAILPROOF.  ;)

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It is, however, foolproof.

"Unhand that man." The voice was smooth and quiet, but carried a powerful authority. At once the surrounding Harkonnen guards stopped their shouting, backing away to let a single man stalk through them to stand in front of the officer. He waved a hand, and the guards went back to their posts. The man on the ground stood up again, and hurried back to his own post at the gate. The officer, siezing the calm moment, began to rant once again.

"I am sent here by the Baron Harkonnen of Giedi Prime and I will-"

"You must have arrived here a long time ago." The other man said quietly, silencing the officer. She was shorter than the Baron's man, and thinner. He wore no uniform, but carried a Harkonnen insignia on the inside of his cape. The officer glared.

"Just. Yesterday." He intoned.

"Really?" The other man rised his eyebrows, his softly-spoken voice never getting louder. "And being an officer of such status you would no doubt have travelled on a Harkonnen shuttle..?"

"Absolutely! Now let me in or I sha-"

"A Harkonnen shuttle carrying an officer from the Baron that has arrived in the last few days?" The shorter man shook his head slowly, a small smile on his face. "There are no records of such a shuttle for at least two weeks." The officer spluttered.

"Do you know who I am?" He bellowed, spittle flying into the face of the shorter man.

"Do you know who I am?" He answered quietly. The officer stopped, suddenly aware that he did not know who this was. The man smiled politely. "My name is Aurelien the Blade, Swordmaster and part of the personal guard of Ekaterina Harkonnen." He bowed slightly, drawing upwards in a lightning-fast movement to have one of his swords drawn and at the officer's throat. "Now," he said in his calm, quiet voice, "You will tell me who you are, and give me papers to prove it. If you really are an officer, which I personally doubt," he shrugged, "you will forgive this as excusable security measures in the face of a potential threat."

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Sir! The flushed man said approaching The Duke, The Freman Have Placed The Water Facility under siege! Eyebrow raised, The Duke turned and bellowed WHAT?! Shrinking the Private said, This morning the Freman established bases around the facility and are now holding all ground routes. Well Said the Duke, This is interesting! I wonder what they hope to achieve as the defenses are impenitrable and there are enough supplies to last ten years, but let us ask anyway. then turning to a Nokker Guardsman, He ordered all forces mobilised in case the freman did'nt come to see reason.

Message to the Freman.

I do not understand what your motives are, but if your warriors do not lift their siege I will consider it a formal Declaration of hostilities between our people. If you do lift the siege I will consider this action a mere military excercise by your forces and will not seek an engagement.

Message to Aleksander.

[hide]I am not sure of your levels of survalence but it appears the freman have placed my Water facility under siege. As this plants water is neccisary to the well being of half the population and that sieges are generally considered millitary action, I Humbly ask for your intervention- You might be abled to talk them out of whatever plans they have?[/hide]

ooc- Where are the Freman getting all of this fancy tech? in the books they never had anything like this.

The fremen advanced to about ten kilometers outside the Water Extraction Facility and made sure that no supplies got in or out of it. Bases were established and fast fire las turrets, AA turrets and pilboxes were intalled and and patrols were sent out to scour the desert.

Base Constuction

3 posts

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"This looks like a good spot." the pilot of the Ixian ornithopter said to the advance crew in the back.  "I've been all over this desert more than fifty times since we arrived here, that's the biggest rock you'll find for a while."

"Any unusual activity around here?" one of the team asked, underestimating the pilot's intelligence.

"You mean Fremen?" the pilot replied.  "No, this isn't one of their blasted sietches.  The rock isn't deep enough to build an underground base, but it's still thick as dammit."

"Thick enough for an overground outpost?" asked another team member.

"I'd say so.  But you're the geologist, you get down there and tell me!" the pilot finished, and began guiding the ornithopter in to land upon the rock formation.

"The advance party has located a suitable spot, sire." Eemins reported.  Relnev was inspecting the base, monitoring activity and overseeing the new projects.  It had been a task, but Eemins had managed to find him.

"Very good." Relnev said sharply.  "When can we expect a rudimentary construction of Outpost A to be completed?"

"Soon, sire." Eemins soothed.  "There is a full report waiting for you in your office."

"Thank you, Eemins." Relnev smiled quickly, and then moved on.  There was still so much to see.

Building Works

Tsimpo Outpost - COMPLETE

Desert Works

Outpost A - 10 Posts until completion.

Research and Development

Project Eagle - 4 Posts until completion.

Project Silence Research - 30% @ 5% per post.

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Message to the Fremen:

Suggest you cease all hostile actions toward House Trebeis. They are legitimate guests of the Arrakis government, and any violence directed at them will not be tolerated. I have a substantial force built up near Arrakeen, a force that I would prefer not to use but will do if you do not stand down.

Aleksandr, Governor of Arrakis.

Rebuilding of Arrakeen: 44%. 2% per post until spice mining at workable level.

Spice equipment repairs: 80%. 10% per post, -15% for every incident. 100% must be reached in thirteen posts or less.

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Reading the message from Alexsandr, Seth fumed. How dare he meddle in other peoples business! Seth thought. Some of the forces were split into groups of 1000, establishing bases all across the area. The main base was abandoned and taken apartfor use in building extra bases in the area. When all the bases were finished, a main command post was created and Seth flew there himself. The remaining forces were split among the new bases. Defences were set up, which included, as usual las-gun turrets, pilboxes and AA turrets.

Message to Alexsandr

[hide]We have, as you probably know, built smaller bases in the area, and troops are there only for defence. We are not going to attack Trebeis, instead we are keeping a close watch on his actions. The Fremen[/hide]

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- If you'll lower your blade we'll be able to speak. If not, you can kill me anyway.

"The shouting did not get me anywhere this time. Ussually works on Harkonnen. Strange."

The man lowered his blade but maintaned a syance of attack.

- So, who are you?

- Makaro Silthe, officer in the Harkonnen Secret Service. We answer only to the Baron. You'll find no traces of information on me that will lead you to that conclusion. We're not that stupid to divulge our identity if captured. My outfit doesn't matter. This military uniform is only for their eyes. the man gestured to the soldiers still lurking around.

- If I kill you right now... no one will know, right? I mean... I cannot prove you were Secret Service. I can say it was an ufortunate mistake.

- An unfortunate mistake that will bring your death. You know the Baron.

- I know Ekaterina.

- Well, then, I'm looking forward in meeting this Ekaterina. Everyone here fears her more than the Baron. That is NOT convenient. Well?

- Well what?

- Are you going to get me to her?

- Why will I do that? I don't trust you!

- Neither do I trust you.

After a brief moment the harkonnen said;

- Follow me.

- Where?

- You talk a lot enought to be a Harkonnen... who knows? You walk first.


Most of the troops inside the compound rushed outside to whatch the "show" at the entrance, creating a short period of gurading vacuum. Carth and the young woman managed to slip out of the cells sector. They tried a door, and discovered a small closed full of rags and stuff, probably, a deposit area. They entered the dark area to rest for a brief moment. If they stayed too long, their absence could be noticed and they could be found.

After a few moments, they drew their breaths and then ventured out only to open the door when a Harkonnen private passed by. The soldier drew his knife and charged Carth. Carth dropped the knife but managed to drag the soldier inside and grabbed his arms in a dangerous standstill in the dark.

The girls reached for the switch and turned on the light, temoprarely blinding the two men. This gave her time to fing grab Carth's knife and rush to stab the Harkonnen.

- Don't cut his uniform! Slit his throat! mumbeled Carth.

The girl managed to pass the knife through the man's throat. Easily, Carth put him down , making sure he keeps the unifrom intact. After a few minutes, Carth was dressed in the soldier's unifrom.

- We'll have to keep out of sight, this uniform doesen't fit me well.

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OOC: Carth still has his knife, despite the fact that I would never have left it on him; escaped through a locked door when the guards didn't have keys, and crept through a gap in the guards that I thought I had anulled with the line "He waved a hand, and the guards went back to their posts." I've been patient so far, but don't push it.

Aurelien led the officer down the narrow corridor that led off from the entrance hall. Behind them, the various doors and defences of the citadel closed and locked once again. The swordmaster did not look back, taking a path through the building apparantly from memory, turning corners and opening doors when appropriate. Finally he stopped outside two double doors, opening both of them with a flourish and standing to one side, bowing slightly. The officer made sure to peer into the room before he entered.

It was lavishly furnished, with the Harkonnen griffen emblazoned on the far wall. Comfortable chairs were spaced around the room, with a table or two in between. In the far corner an open door showed the private chambers that were beyond. The room had no windows, but was ominously (yet brightly) lit by glowglobes tuned to a deep red.

"The Lady Ekaterina is engaged at a social event at the moment." Aurelien said calmly as the officer stepped into the room. "But I am sure that she will be most eager to see you when she gets back." As he spoke, he slipped back and pressed his hand against a panel on the wall. Immediately a shigawire net sprang up between the double doors, effectively blocking them. The officer turned with fury on his face.

"What is the meaning of-"

"Oh be quiet you loutish egomaniac." Aurelien's words seemed to shock the man into silence. He drew one of his swords and poked the wire. It was taunt and strong, easily powerful enough to cut or repel anything hurled at it. "I said that the Lady would want to see you, and I'm sure she shall. In the meantime, however, no ammount of persuasion or shouting will induce me to believe that you are anything other than a spy without any papers. You will stay here indefinately until the Lady orders otherwise. On the off chance that you are who you say you are, your stay here shall be comfortable. Any attempts to escape will result in immediate death, as I am sure you will appreciate." He replaced his sword, sizing the officer up. "When M'lady gets back, I am sure she will want to authorise your presence with the Baron. I will dispatch a message to Giedi Prime immediately. You will be fed later via a rather complicated pulley system designed to let food in and keep 'guests' in the room." He slid a section of the wall aside, pressing a button. A shield now filled the doorway as well as the shigawire web. "Enjoy your stay, sir."

"The Baron will hear of this!" The officer bellowed as Aurelien walked away.

"I look forward to his praising our tight security." Aurelien's quiet voice drifted back.

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Most of the troops were withdrawn and about three-quarters of the bases were dismantled. Harvesting equipment was brought to the bases. When the harvesters were in the area there was a armed guard always present.

Message to Alexsandr

[hide]As you already know, we have withdrawn from the are and only harvesting crews and their guards remain. There still is troops at the remaining bases for the harvestinng crews saftey.[/hide]

In secret, underneath the remaining bases work was started. The plan was to build underground complexs under the bases. If Trebeis attacked, and the overground base was destroyed, the Fremen could seal the concealed entrance and nobody would ever find them.

EDIT:I'm leaving today for another holiday for 4-5 days ;D so do not, I repeat do not destroy my tribe while I am away

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Well, That was close! exclaimed the Duke. Turning to the Supply Master, The Duke said Send one hundred Frigates loaded with construction supplys and crews to aid the Arrakeen effort. Elsewhere, a massive convoy of vehicals and their guard left the Water Facility, delivering their precious cargo to the water-less establishments that had gone without the deliverys during the siege. He also ordered a complete stand down except in The Water Treatment Facility.

Message to Aleksandr.

[hide]I cannot thank you enough for your intervention, as thanks I have sent a lage force of workers and material to aid Reconstruction. They should quicken the effort significantly.

-Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arakkis.

P.S. Instraments in The Water Facility have picked up sismec activity similar to that of deep drilling eminating from The Freman bases, I believe it could be simple construction but as they have diplayed in the past few days, they are not to be trusted.[/hide]

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Message to House Trebeis:

[hide]Project Eagle is complete.  Pick up a consignment of 20 goggles from the usual drop off point.  Research on Project Silence continues, and we are nearing completion of our theories and calculations.  We shall keep you informed.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Relnev finished composing the message to Duke Trebeis, then rolled his chair backwards towards the digital map of Arrakis.  Little blue-green dots among the orange and yellow's of Arrakis marked where the Ix had set up bases and outposts.  The largest dot was Outpost 9, closely followed in size by the Arrakeen Outpost.  Next was the Tsimpo Outpost, and Outpost A out in the desert was almost completed, and also of a decent size.

What interested Relnev the most, however, were the little purple dots that were scattered around the map.  They formed an almost perfect circle around Outpost 9, and expanded outwards into the deserts of Arrakis.  These marked planned bases, those yet to be built.  One of the purple lights was pulsing slowly, indicating that it was scheduled to be built next.

The little label next to it said 'Sietch Tabr'.

"Yes." Relnev said to himself, looking at Tabr's surface.  "Nice and flat.  It will do nicely as a communication's dish outpost, or possibly even... yes..." he trailed off, new ideas filling his head.  Peering round the corner into the office, Eemins frowned.  Relnev was acting strage of late...

Desert Works

Outpost A - 1 Post until completion.

Sietch Tabr Outpost - Pending.

Research and Development

Project Eagle - COMPLETE

Project Silence Research - 75% @ 5% per post.

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Message to Ixian leader, Relnev.

[hide]I thank you for your hard work on the Goggles, they will do- nicely. Since you have already developed the pieces it should be much easier to produce more. I would like to make a bulk order, 5000 then another order of 35000. Send a price with your reply. I also know that such things are not to be rushed, but is there any way the development of project Silence could be sped up?

-Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arrakis.[/hide]

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