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Arrakis Factions


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Sorry guys, I would have joined earlier but my ISP went down.

Former House Trebeis- Once a very powerful & affulant House Major and great ally of House Atreades and House Huahinian not to mention their status as a major CHOAM trader. Until their homeworld of Athalon IV had been invaded by the Imperial Saudukar as punishment for their protests and promises of retribution for the destruction of House Atreades and the death of Leto. Athalon IV was fiefed to a minor house of the small Athalon Contient, a minor house that was known to be ruled by Members of the Harkonnen Family. During and after the Imperial assault 35000 troops, 550 Nokker Guards (Ducial Guards), 400 Ornithoters, 150 trikes, 100 quads, various artillery units and such and the Duke Trebeis escaped to orbiting Highliners which took them to Arrakis where they now orbited in the Atmosphere, Waiting for a chance to land undetected.....

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As Seth heard that his diplomatic party had been killed he sent 350 fremen warriors armed with crysknives, AA artillery and lasguns to kill the guards of Ekaterina Harkonnen. He made sure that his troops were dressed in city clothes and took care to make sure that the fremen would not be able to blamed for the attack. Afterwards he composed a message to the ixians

[hide] You shall recieve 300 stilsuits within two days. The Fremen[/hide]

Seth called for his advisor in defence mechanisms and had this following disscusion. "Do you think these defence mechanism will be enough?" ,Seth said."Well, they are rather good, but I would expect better from the ixians" said his advisor, Vix Leckar. "Well then we shall just have to develop them ourselves then"...

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Carth was amazed by the turn of events. His men wanted to take the offer...

- First we meet with the Atreides. Then we'll meet Alexander.

Message to Alexander Harkonnen:

[hide] We are all happy that the war is over. I WILL meet you at Arrakeen but some problems have to be dealt with right now. I would like to know if you're going to give your sister onto our hands. We have to "thank" her for all this.

Regards, Carth Bindar.[/hide]

Message to Ekaterina Harkonnen:

[hide]I'm coming for you bitch! You'll be my slave if you'll make it that long.[/hide]

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Ekaterina and Fyodor are under guard in Arsunt. They never leave, their residence is sealed like a fortress. Bi-Ixian, if you want to attack me and succeed then you're going to have to do it properly. Also, the Ixians are the tech master here, I'm not sure you could improve on anything they produce.

Message to Carth:

I am pleased to learn that you are willing to meet me. I will be spending several days in Arrakeen, please do not hesitate to visit. Regarding Ekaterina; she is still a Harkonnen noble and she is still my sister. She is under house arrest for the forseeable future, and will not be harmed. Not by me, and not by you.

Sincerely, Aleksandr Harkonnen. Note the spelling.

Message to Carth:

Get bent, desert scum.


All Ixian/Harkonnen projects are collected by Aleksandr personally. Rebuilding work on Arrakeen begins.

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Seth soon heard about the relocation of E.H and her mentat, It was to late to recall his troops, so instead he sent a messenger to stop his troops and pitch camp on the outskirts of Arsunt.

Message to the Ixians

To the Ixians

We require siege equipment and heavy artillery. Also some good lasguns and hand weaponry would be great. This message should come with 1000kg's of spice and 150 stilsuits.

Seth sent 200 men to help with clean up of Arakeen and with this message:

Alexsandr Harkonnen, we want peace, but we think that your sister should be punished or us being given some sort of payment for the lives she has taken with her actions. Formally, we demand 100 literjons of water and 50 kg's of spice in compensation.

The Fremen.

As Seth saw the things that the Ixians had sent, he wanted to take back the remark about the quality of the mechanisms. He was amazed at what they could do and had had is men immediatly examine them... 

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Message to Alexander- Harkonnen leader of Arrakis. My men and I come in peace, hoping to establish a House Minor on Arrakis. We request permission to land an establish a base. Any reply would be appreciated and we look forward to serving as Citizens of Arrakis. -Duke Trebeis, Former Ruler of Athalon IV and leader of House Trebeis.

Encrypted message to Rebel Forces on Dune.

[hide]We come in peace, hoping to destroy House Harkonnen and avenge the death of our friends and Aliies of House Atreades. we request assistance in choosing a landing site and location for our base of operations.[/hide]

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Seth recieved a message from Duke Trebias and laughed. The harkonnens had certinally made some enemies!

Message to Duke Trebias

The is a spot we know that we are occupying at the moment. There are coordinates with this message. You should find a camp already set up. There are some troops there for protection, but once you arrive they will leave. Seth Dinsdar, leader of mushtall ridge sietch.

OOC: I will be going on holiday in two days(New Zealand time). I will be away for about a week, but I'm not sure, so please do not come and slaughter my tribe while I'm away! ;D

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Message to House Trebeis:

[hide] This is Carth Bindar, commander-in-chief of the rebel forces around Arrakeen. The conflict seems to have burn out. The current ruler of Arrakis, Alexandr, seems to be honorable enough to be an Atreides. There are, still, hard-core Harkonnen leaders like his sister, Ekaterina, that have to pay a blood-debt to the people of Dune. As for a landing ground, seek Arrakeen. It needs rebuilding, and it has always been an anti-harkonnen stronghold.[/hide]

- Sven, signal the men that they are free to return to Arrakeen. Along with their families. Anyone that wants to join us, feel free to do so. I'm off to meet our new ruler. And after that I'll meet the Atreides commander.

After the order has been given about 6750 men and their families returned to Arrakeen. The ones that lost everything remained with the smugglers. They now numbered around 1000 men.

Carth drove madly towards Arrakeen past the refugees that were now returning home. He stoped the quad in front of Alexandr's compound and went in alone, with no personal guard.

Alexandr received him rather amazed.

Carth: Well, Alexandr Harkonnen, here I am. There's no better oportunity for you to kill me. I am alone here. I just hope you will not be as cruel as your sister with the people. I trust you will also give a new honorable meaning to the name "Harkonnen". Now, let's get down to buisness: what are your plans? Before you start I'd like to tell you that the other smugglers and I are now going to form a Cartel, so we're pretty much a Small House.

(OOC: I'll go on holiday too; and forgive my rush to write these lines.)

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"I realise that there has never been a better oppertunity to kill you." Aleksandr leaned on his desk, gesturing for a chair to be brought for the rebel leader. "Conversely, there's never been a better oppertunity for you to kill me." He smiled warmly, leaning back again. "And that wouldn't serve any purpose whatsoever. Not only do I not want to kill you, but that would be a spectacularly stupid blow to my diplomatic intentions. And if you killed me, well... that would mean the return of my sister to power." He winced slightly.

"The people of Arrakis want her blood." Carth pointed out, calmly.

"The people of Arrakis will have to learn to compromise." Aleksandr replied flatly. "I am aware that she is a bloodthirsty sadist, and I am aware that most of the population here hold a personal grudge against her. However she is my sister, she is family, and while I am in command I will not let her come to harm." Carth listened to this in silence, thinking carefully.

"So what do you plan to do?" He asked.

"Govern Arrakis." Aleksandr answered plainly. "The first thing to do is establish a workable peace with the other factions on the planet. Namely yourselves, the Fremen, and the remaining Atreides. I'm hoping to encourage House Trebeis to set up here as well. Perhaps we can help each other somehow." Aleksandr smiled happily. Carth coughed.

"Yes, well." He muttered. "You know you can't just waltz into Arrakeen and pretend that everything's alright. Reparation isn't enough, the people want retribution."

"Do not bring up my sister." Aleksandr said firmly. Carth noticed that he hadn't yet mentioned her name. "She is the only one you can blame, and she is the only one that I will not allow to be hurt. There is no middle ground there."

"So what do you suggest?"

"That the people of Arrakis practice what they preach and abandon their thirst for blood." Aleksandr sighed. "If they attack Ekaterina then she will be within her rights to retaliate, and I will have to let her defend herself because I need to keep face in the Landsraad. She could concievably use any attack on her person as justification for a planetary purge." He shuddered to himself, then looked up as a messenger slipped into his tent. "Excuse me, please." He said to Carth, taking the message and reading it quietly. His shoulders drooped.

"It seems that the Fremen are not very willing to call it quits." He sighed, tossing the message to his desk. "They are camping outside Arsunt, presumably to get at my sister. Oh, I hope nothing bad happens..." He began to twist his fingers nervously, before picking up the message again. The messanger waited patiently. "He wants spice? Why on Dune would a Fremen want spice?" Aleksandr thought out loud. He sighed, and turned to the messanger. "Pay him the water, add an extra twenty literjons in place of the spice." The messenger saluted, and left smartly.

"I'll have to deal with that later, I suspect." Aleksandr muttered. "Much like this other message. At least House Trebeis is being friendly." He smiled, fishing from the paperwork another thin roll, which he handed to Carth. The smuggler read over it.

"He wants to set up on Arrakis?" He asked.

"Yes, isn't it nice?" Aleksandr smiled. "I'm looking forward to seeing what he wants to do. If he's in the line of business, I might be able to get some help with the spice mining. Now... where were we?"

* * *

Message to House Trebeis:

Please feel free to set up in or near the city of Arrakeen. I am staying in the Harkonnen defence system around the Ixian compound right now, I would appreciate it if you could meet me upon your arrival. Any aid in the rebuilding effort in Arrakeen would be most welcome.

Sincerely, Aleksandr Harkonnen.

To the Fremen:

Your help in rebuilding Arrakeen is most appreciated. I have sent water with this message, in the hope that you will disband from Arsunt. I would like to negotiate with a spokesperson, if possible.


To: Whomever is blowing up the spice fields.

RE: Blowing up spice fields.

Message: Please don't.

Rebuilding of Arrakeen: 5% (5% per post).

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"We have received more requests from the Fremen, sire." Eemins said, walking through the door into the command bunker.  "They have sent quite a vast amount of spice and even more stillsuits.  That makes 450, now."

"Excellent.  Send them all down to R and D.  I want them examined... I want to know how they operate so that we can improve them.  By the time we're finished with them, I want the Fremen models to obsolete in comparison." Relnev said, staring at a point on the wall.

"As you wish." Eemins said, jotting this down.  "Also, Aleksandr Harkonnen has collected Projects Red and Blue.

"Shame that he didn't come in and visit."

"He assured me that he was far too busy at the moment, and sent his apologies."

"Very well, then.  What of Projects Green and Yellow?" Relnev asked while rubbing his eyes.  It was late.

"All complete." Eemins grinned.  "In fact, it's good that the Fremen asked us for more supplies, or we'd be sitting twiddling our thumbs right now."

Message to The Fremen:

[hide]Project Yellow is complete.  The stealth land vehicle has been dubbed the Invisible Mk I.  It shall be sent to these co-ordinates by remote control.  We suggest that you are there to pick it up.  Also, your request for munitions is granted.  Project Purple will be ready as soon as we are able.  A pleasure doing business with you.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Message to Aleksandr Harkonnen:

[hide]I see that you have Projects Red and Blue.  Project Green is being set up here at Outpost 9 for extra protection against worm attack.  If possible, the Ix will offer this technology to Arrakeen for a very high price... a sort of protection tax, if you will.  As per your request, I send you an update of the new projects we are embarking upon.  The Fremen are requesting munitions; heavy and handheld.  Is there anything else you require?

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Project Purple: 5 Posts until completion.

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Seth examined the stealth vehicle. It would be useful in attacks and scouting unknown areas. It was good that the ixians had said yes to their request. He then decieded to withdraw from Arsunt, there was no use staying there. He then sent for a orni and flew to the ixian base...

OOC: Draggon Knight, the fremen make the best stillsuits, so there is no point trying to make better.

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"The Fremen have collected Project Yellow, sire." Eemins reported.

"Excellent.  How goes the stillsuit research?" Relnev asked.

"It has begun, with several issues already being identified.  They are astoundingly inefficient, for one." Eemins replied.  "We are studying the possibility of total bodily coverage, with advanced thermal technology to maintain homeostasis, improved filtration and purification, improved distribution and collection, and also some lightweight armour."

"Wonderful, Eemins.  See that it continues.  Name it Project White."

"At once, sire."

(O.O.C. --> Bi-Ixian, you must remember that the Fremen only have the best stillsuits because everything else that is produced is a forgery or a knockoff.  The Ix don't make shoddy products... believe me, they will be better than Fremen suits by far. :))

Project Purple: 3 Posts until completion.

Project White: 6 Posts until completion.

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OOC>Not nessicarially(sorry, bad spelling). The fremen have been living on dune for centurys by the time the ixians in this story arrive on dune. Although the fremen may not be as techicologically(more bad spelling)advanced as the ixians, they know what happens on dune from experience. There may be other factors that F.H didn't include in his description of dune. Anyway, I better stop my ranting. :)

As Seth stepped out of the ornithopter he was surrounded by harkonnen troops. He pushed them roughly aside, saying as he passed them 'I need to talk to Alexsandr Harkonnen'. He walked up to the compound...

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- Well, as I see you're a man to be trusted, I'll return to my daily activities. We've lost a lot, lots of money as well, so please try to look somewhere else when we'll be doing our buissness, Carth smiled. Rebuilding Arrakeen will be our priority too. Now I have to go. Buisness awaits. Look out Alexandr, your honor might catch you in between your Harkonnen and the Harkonnen's enemies. Don't think the Baron is as moral as you. Now, goodbye and take care.

Carth drove back to his Den embarked on an orni and flew to the Atreides in the desert:

- Sorry for letting you wait... things have changed.

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As they approached the Ixian Base, they spotted Fremem stillsuits.

"Fremen. here? But why?"

"Who knows?  Maybe they Ixians have killed them?"

"Ixians killing Fremen? Highly unlikely and look at the suits, they're spotless?"

Their conversation was quickly cut short as a spotlight beam hovered close to their position. Nervous with anticipation, they waited for the beam to pass.  Then from out their Quad they got a large package.  It was the bomb.  The bomb was mounted on a suspensor platform which allowed it to hover a few feet off the ground.  A small engine had been hastily attached to the platform. Suddenly that engine roared into action as they platform sped towards the Ixian Courtyard. As Harkonnen Security guarding the Ixian Compound watched in horror as the bomb was activated, House Huahin's representatives at this base made their exit back in to the night onboard their Quad. Just before the bomb exploded, a large message was projected out around the compound:

"This is the price of co-operation with the Harkonnens"

The bomb itself had no real explosive, yet the shockwave's intensity deafened all in it's vicinity eardrums were shattered, as was the many panes of glass, which now lay in many pieces no matter their thickness, glistening in the chaos around.

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Deep inside a secure cave, a courrier arrived, and approached the ArchDuke.

"M'Lord, I have a message for you, sent by the Atreides"

Message as follows, sent by Athanasios on behalf of the Atreides survivors:

[hide]Hail, reverred archduke. I must inform you that we've found other Atreides survivors under the leadership of colonel Odreck, and we're working together. In our dialogues I'll represent all Atreides from now on. We would be delighted to consider you allies.

I also have a request for you. We don't trust the Ix, as they'll do anything for money. I hope you can help us instead. We'd like you to develop a specific gas, very corrosive to all types of metal, yet mostly harmless to humans (if possible). It needs be heavier then air, so it won't spread out of control. It also must be yielded in great quantities. We'll of course pay for the costs, and offer our services as allies.[/hide]

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Several thousand Arakeen citizens looked towards the skies in terror at the sight of 1,000+ landing ships escourted by 350 ornithopters hurrtling towards their already devestated city. Unbeknownst of the the presence of House Trebeis some of the more daring people fired small arms at the vehicals, assuming that the Harkonnen had once again changed their outlook on the Arakeenians. Elsewhere 50 Ornis  and 50 Landing Frigates arrived to set up a Secondary site at cordinates given to the Trebesians by unnamed Denzions of Arrakis.

Encrypted message to Freman Leader.

[hide]Thanks again for that base, as you can see we have already landed there and in Arakeen. on a matter of buisness, I would like to trade for several thousand Stillsuits. send a Courier with your price if interested.[/hide]

Encrypted message to Atreades Remenant.

[Hide]Hail allies! once we establish a base we will be abled to send you some aid packages. we would like you to know that despite the loss of our Fiefs, we still plan on avenging the betrayel of your house.[/hide]

Encrypted message to House Huahin.

[Hide] Hello allies, we hope you are doing well and like we once did, we hope to work again in the future.[/hide]

Message to House Harkonnen.

[Hide]Thank you for allowing us to establish ourselves on your planet and we hope to have better relations with you then we did with your superiors on Geidi Prime.[/hide]

Turns until Arakeen Base compleation- 6

Turns until Secondary Base compleation-4

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"I suppose I should thank you for taking the brunt of the assault." The Ixian ambassador smiled wanly, standing next to Aleksandr as the two of them surveyed the blast site.

"I just don't understand it." The Harkonnen replied, his face and arms grimy from pulling men out of the wreckage. He panted between words. "I mean, I'm trying to talk to people now, really talk. That smuggler Carth that Ek- ah, my sister tried to have killed; he just walked out of my camp today. I thought that would convince people that I don't mean any harm..."

"You forget, the bomb was not meant to harm your forces." Relnev reminded him, "The message clearly displayed dislike of the Harkonnens being foremost, but it was aimed at us."

"Aimed at you? But-"

"For working with you, we have become targets ourselves." Relnev muttered.

"But the Ixian base is completely surrounded by the Harkonnen compound." Aleksandr protested. "There wasn't a single Ixian casualty, what could they hope to accomplish against you by ramming a bomb into my men?"

"Good question." Relnev answered. "Possibly they don't know the layout of the base, though I imagine that would be hard to miss..."

"Also, where did all this glass come from?" Aleksandr asked, nudging a shard with his toe. "We aren't using any glass in the tents, and I can't see much in your base."

"Glass storage." Relnev sighed. "Great big crates of the stuff. Arrived here by accident, instead of the grapefruit we ordered."


"The Ixians move in mysterious ways..." Relnev waved his hands spookily. Aleksandr edged away from him.

"You know what the worst of it is?" He asked rhetorically, "The area of the camp that was hit held a lot of the building materials for Arrakeen. It'll take time to get more, and it'll be expensive..." He covered his eyes for a moment. "How are the refugees managing, do you know?"

"They've set up a camp in the more habitable parts of the city." Relnev said, "Tents, blankets over poles, that kind of thing."

"At least the aid supplies weren't damaged..." Aleksandr smiled weakly. "We'll be able to innoculate against various diseases, and provide food and water."

"Water? You really are being generous." Relnev raised an eyebrow.

"That reminds me, House Trebis set up camp on the other side of the city earlier today." Aleksandr remembered. "They're not too far away, perhaps I could visit."

"You should probably take care of this, first." Relnev replied bluntly. Aleksandr drooped.

"Yes, yes you're right." He sighed. "I'll invite the Duke over sometime. Perhaps he can give us a hand with Arrakeen."

"Perhaps." Relnev replied noncommitedly. "How many men did you lose?"

Unphased by the abrupt shift of subject, Aleksandr replied. "Fifteen, with over a hundred more injured. I've sent word to the Tleilaxu for ear surgery where possible. Oh, this is going to be so expensive..." He moaned.

"I'm sure the people will appreciate the gesture." Relnev said reassuringly. "Incidentally, I've got a team working on the remains of the detonation device. We haven't reached any conclusions yet, but the design of the blast and method of its delivery have suggested several things to me."

"It went bang." Aleksandr muttered, leaning exhaustedly against a shattered crate.

"Yes, it did." Relnev replied. "But it was sufficiently advanced to deliver a message first, and was not especially harmful as bombs go. It was designed to be a big bang, not a shrapnel-thrower."

"So this was an unusual bomb?"

"A bomb that could have been specifically designed for this attack." Relnev answered. "Also, it was delivered on a suspensor cart, powered by an engine. This tells me that the attackers were definately not native to Arrakis. Suspensors attract worms, only a madman from Arrakis would use them, even on rock."

"Unless of course whoever sent the bomb didn't think it mattered if a worm turned up as well..." Aleksandr mused.

"You know, I didn't think of that." Relnev sounded surprised.

"Have you recieved any more of those signals?" Aleksandr asked.

"No, not yet. We'll track them when we do." Relnev assured him.

"Good. I'm going to get some rest now..."

* * *

Message to whoever attacked us:

You seem to have unresolved issues that need a more positive outlet. Perhaps we could persuade you to talk calmly?


Message to Duke Trebeis, delivered with gift baskets:

You certainly made an entrance today. Perhaps I could persuade you to visit me in the Harkonnen compound? I would leave myself, but as you may have heard there has been an attack on my camp. I can't leave just yet. Any extra supplies that you could donate to the rebuilding effort in Arrakeen would be most appreciated.

Sincerely, Aleksandr Harkonnen.

Rebuilding of Arrakeen: 5%. Loss of supplies delays the effort.

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Message to Alexander with 2 ornithopters loaded with medical supplies.

I would gladly meet you, that is if you allow me to be accompanied by 25 of my Nokker Guards. I donnot mean to be rude, it's just that my Commanders are still afraid for my well being after the invasion of our planet, the death of my family and the Re-fiefing of my planet to members of Your family..... simply set a time and I'll attend. -Duke Trebeis (OOC Dante, you can post the conversation)

P.S my advisors and I enjoyed your Gift baskets.

Turns until Arakeen Base compleation- 4

Turns until Secondary Base compleation- 2

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Relnev was walking along the corridor that lead to the Research and Development department.  It was busy with researchers, all endeavouring to create new and ingenious technologies to give the Ix their edge on Arrakis.  It was quieter than usual, though.

"Ah!  The stillsuits must be ready!" he exclaimed, and started towards the main research lab.  Upon entering, he was greeted by Prenison, the head researcher.

"Greetings, sire.  You're just in time to witness the unveiling of the new Ixian Stillsuit." said Prenison.  "We were just about to send someone to fetch you."

"No matter.  I am here now, and eager to learn of its capabilities."

Prenison moved to a section of wall, pressing a series of buttons on a nearby keypad.  A sheet of metal slid back to reveal a sand-coloured suit.

"Behold the PluStillsuit, sire." Prenison said with pride.  "As you can see, it covers the entire body - unlike the Fremen model - to ensure almost total moisture recovery.  Air filters in the mouth and nose area allow moisture to be both retained and extracted from the air surrounding the wearer."

"Go on." Relnev said, smiling.

"It is coloured to match the sand, which the Fremen model neglected to do.  It provides better cover, day or night.  It has limited colour-shifting properties to make the yellow slightly grey at night, or more orange if near spice fields."

"Excellent."  Relnev grinned.  "Is there anything else?"

"But of course.  The Fremen model was astoundingly inefficient in its water redistribution and purification.  New filtration systems, an advanced pumping system and thermal wrapping ensure temperature and moisture homeostasis.  This suit boasts almost a 70% increase in efficiency from the Fremen model.  It has also been fitted with light, flexible, yet strong armour."

"Strong enough to repel lasguns?"

"No, unfortunately not, sire... though it could turn a crysknife or several rounds of normal ammunition."

"Splendid." Relnev sighed.  "You have done well, Prenison."

Message to Aleksandr Harkonnen:

[hide]Good day to you, my colleague.  I trust that everything is going well?  I would like to inform you of the availability of the new Ixian PluStillsuit.  Please, see the attached statistics and tests if you are not convinced of its worth.  As our most valued customer, we would be happy to offer them to you at a discounted price, which you will notice, undercuts the Fremen prices by quite a bit.  Also, are there any more requests?  The Ix desire a real challenge.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Message to The Fremen:

[hide]Your munitions are ready.  Pick them up from the same spot when you are ready.  (O.O.C. --> Send a 'ready' message to me in hidden text, and they will be dispatched.)

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Message to Those Who Bombed The Harkonnen / Ix:

Thank you for your bomb, it was most educational.  We have begun the process of tracing the origin of the components you used, and are currently in discussions with certain smugglers for further information.  I assure you, however, that we Ix are on no-one's side.  Should you wish to trade with us, we would be glad to do so... pending a full apology for the attempted attack.  We could have lost valuable grapefruits.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.

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Deep in the desert, Carth was waiting for the discutions to start. As they were delayed he checked with his men back at the Den.

- Anything new?

- Someone attacked the Ixian and Harkonnen compounds. Some sonic blast. Nothing harmful, only propagandistic.

- What about our Cartel?

- Well, your old smuggler allies agreed and now wait for you to start the discutions.

- I'm waiting for these people here to talk too.

- Any orders?

- Yeah, make contacts with as many factions possible, I want moles. I want to have info. And see if you can get a shttle. See if anyone is selling one. Try in the South, see if the smugglers over there have one.

- Those sandbags? I'd rather kill them.

- I'd rather do that too, but go talk to them, Sven, "incognito".

- Understood.

(OOC: ok, I'm back... post)

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Seth walked around the compound, looking for ways to get into the Ixian's base. No luck. Seth thought. This place is sealed like a doorseal.But the Seth saw a place that explosives could fit inside...

Message to the ixians

[hide] We need chemical explosives in large quantities, some of your new stilsuits and also a stealth aircraft. ready. The payment should be 2000 kilograms of spice.[/hide]

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"So you say he was skulking around the base?" Relnev asked the Harkonnen security guard.

"Yes, sir." came the reply.  "He remained outwith the perimeter, but seemed to be looking for something."


"We're not sure what.  It could be that this individual is scoping out the base for some reason."

"Hmm." Relnev mused.  "Well, we'll increase our security.  I suggest that you do the same.  You are our surrounding wall of defence, after all."

"Aye, sir." said the guard, leaving.  Relnev turned back towards his desk, where a small monitor replayed the security footage.  There was no doubt about it... the man hanging around the base was the very same Seth person that sent him a message a few moments ago.  Relnev began drafting a reply.

Message to The Fremen, Seth:

[hide]Your request for chemical explosives is granted.  However, the detonator will be crafted in such a way that it cannot explode within a set vicinity of our - or the Harkonnen's - base.  The exact details of this technology will be witheld from you; know, however, that any tampering with the explosives will result in their detonation.  Use them only as they are intended.

As for our new PluStillsuits, you will have to wait and make do with your Fremen models.  These are not for sale, yet.  The stealth aircraft you request will require much research and development... say, about 10 years.  Make do with your land vehicle for now.  Your explosives are codenamed Project Black.  A pleasure doing business with you.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Project Black: 6 Posts until completion.

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Message from Sven to Carth:

[hide] Found wreckage of shuttle here. Needs repair. Could do. Orders?[/hide]

Message from Carth to Sven:

[hide] How much? I'd like a functioning one. [/hide]

Message from Sven to Carth:

[hide] Free. I found it. Pretty bad shape. Could be repaired. Never mind. I'll takle it back to the base, piece by piece. Such tech is not bad for us.[/hide]

"What the hell? How can you <<FIND>> a shuttle wreckage??" Carth wondered.

Message from Carth to Sven:

[hide] Plunder the tech. Don't bring back the hull. See about the engines.[/hide]

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