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Seth fumed.How dare they think that I was going to use the explosives on their base! Seth thought. He promptly sent this message to the ixians

[hide]If you would like to know, we were going to use the explosives for clearing our tunnels. The reason I was looking around your base was because I had heard about the bomb that had gone off in your base and I was checking to see that you base was completly secure. After all, your are our suppliers.

Yours indignantly

Seth the fremen

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Message to The Fremen, Seth:

[hide]Do not insult our intelligence, friend.  One does not use chemical explosives to clear tunnels, and we were merely taking a precaution based on your irregular activity.  Any further unusal actions on your part will prompt surveillance of your faction to ensure that no harm is being planned against the Ix.  We are well aware that we have enemies on Arrakis, and they shall be dealt with swiftly should they try any form of attack.  Make sure you are not one of our enemies, Seth.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

The dead of night... the Ixian ornithopter hovered high above an outcrop of rock.  The origin of the bomb that had been set off outside the Harkonnen base had lead them to a certain group of smugglers, who could easily be influenced by Solaris.  They had informed Eemins that they went by the title of House Huahin - a name that had been heard before by both the Ix and the Harkonnen.  Rebels, all engaging in illegal activity on Arrakis.

A medium-sized cubical object dropped from the ornithopter, parachuting downwards.  Through the use of simple propellers, it managed to land directly underneath the ornithopter.  As soon as it did so, it jettisoned the parachute and sprouted small wheels.  It began to trundle along the rock until it found a secluded cave entrance, which it promptly went through.  Following the faint sounds of voices that were beginning to echo through the tunnels, the object finally came to a halt in front of a strong steel door, with several guards posted outside it.

"What is that thing?" asked one guard, raising his weapon.

"Wait, don't shoot... I think it's a message device of some sort.  It could be more friendlies trying to-" another said, before being cut short by the cube itself.  It was beginning to talk.

"This, House Huahin, is the price of trying to bomb the Ix." it said, and started to bleep.

"Oh shit!  It's a bomb!" screamed the first guard, prompting several others to try to run, one or two to try shooting it to no effect, and the rest try to open the steel door.

A couple of seconds later, the bomb exploded in a burst of simple, blue-white heat.  Every guard still inside the cave was incinerated instantly and painlessly, and the steel door collapsed into a pile of smouldering ash and puddled metal.

Only a lucky few had survived by escaping the cave in time.  They saw the ornithopter as it flew away into the distance.  Some tried to shoot it, but to no avail.  The survivors went back inside the cave to tell their superiors.

Project Black: 3 Posts until completion.

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As Seth read the message he thought These Ixians are smarter than I thought! Well, I better get some more supplies.

Message to the Ixians (heavily incrypted)

[hide]Putting the incident behind us, I would like to make another offer. If you need infomation on any faction/individual, we would be happy to provide it. We need a super-charged ornithopter which can fly extremly fast. We need it to be armored heavily. Note that, this is technology is NOT going to be used against you or the harkonnens. In payment we will give you 500kgs of melange and the rest can be payed with the excess from the last payment. [/hide]

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Carth returned in a hurry at the Den when Sven announced him that the shuttle engines and on-board equipment arrived.

- It seems it was an Atreides shuttle that was shot down on its way out. said Sven.

- And all this you brought is functional?

- No. But most of theese things can be repaired.

- Well... repair it. And lets start to design our new shuttle.

- D'you know how to build a shuttle, Carth?

- ..er... no...

- Do you know anyone who can build/design you one?

- no...

- Then?

- Then... we'll start looking for someone.

- The Ix?

- No... they may have ... convenient information leeks.

- I see. Well, shall we contact House Huahin?

- Maybe. Not yet. Start loking for a freelance designer. See if you can find one.

- On Dune, Carth? Are you serious?

- Just look for one.

- And this shuttle is for...?

- Commerce, Sven, commerce. Our Atreides friends are quite inactive. I'd like to conduct my buissness at my own place. And it's our ticket out of here if the time comes.

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"Well that was easier than expected" the Duke Trebeis thought to himself, The bases had been set up with ease despite the theft of a few hundred solaris worth of building material and weapons and the defenses- at least in the Arrakeen base were compleat. AA batteries, Las-turrets, Automatic Projectile turrets, Artillery, Pillboxes ETC. the place was closed tighter then a Water Merchant's wallet. The Seccondary Base- which had been named The Dune Exploratinionary Base would have finished Defenses in another day. which allowed the Duke to concentrate on other things, He had sent a message with medical donations to the Harkonnen but they seemed too uniterested to reply in turn. Oh well sighed the duke, we might as well draft a message to the more receptive Denzions of this damned planet.

Message to Freman.

[hide]We recieved your message, and yes we have the capibilty to research new technoligy. If that is what you desire in return for StillSuits, Outline your needs. Also We are as yet unsure what these "Consequenses" you refer to are but remember, Do not make idle threats to my house as we are not to be Trifled with.

We have become aware of your need for a Quick and armoured Ornithopter and I wanted to let you know that we already have a few Ornis fitting your needs in our Airforce. If interested in these Aircraft, send an offer and we might sell you one or two.[/hide]

Turns until D.E.B base Defenses compleation- one

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Carth, Sven and several men arrived in Arsunt.

- Ok, men scatter. Fast.

- Yeah, Carth.

- Remember, search for Mancor Ferasil.

- Yup.

After more than 10 hours, one of the men transmitter a signal: "GRAZ".

The men returned to the central plaza.

- Well? Where is he?

- You don't want to know, Carth...

- Tell, me man!

- Inside Ekaterina's citadel.

- ...

- Carth? Yo! MAn!


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"How did the bomb fare?" Relnev asked Eemins, who was busy giving orders to some guards.

"Ah, sire." he responded.  "The bomb performed exactly as planned.  House Huahin have been warned."

"Good.  And I see that Project Black is completed?"

"Indeed, sire.  It is awaiting delivery."

"I am told that the Fremen wish for another Project?"

"Indeed." Eemins smiled.  "This one is less of an insult to our intelligence."

"Then grant their request, and tell them of the location of Project Black's pickup point."

"As you wish, Ambassador."

With that, Relnev walked away down the corridor.  House Huahin had overstepped their boundaries.  The Ix, allied with the Harkonnen?  Preposterous!  They were just paying the most, so they got the best treatment.  They would be wise to stay away from the Ix from now on.

Message to The Fremen:

[hide]Project Black is completed.  It will be at the usual pickup point.  Your request for the kitted-out ornithopter is granted, and payment has been received.  It has been labelled Project Red2.  It shall be with you, as always, as soon as possible.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Message to Aleksandr Harkonnen:

[hide]I do not know if you would be willing to exercise your Harkonnen forces, but find enclosed the co-ordinates of one of the entrances to House Huahin's base.  They are the ones responsible for the bombing of our joint base.  The Ix have already exacted their revenge... perhaps the Harkonnen wish to as well?  Do enjoy yourself.

Head Ambassador Relnev of Ixian Outpost 9.[/hide]

Project Red2: 8 Posts until completion.

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Aleksandr Harkonnen read and reread the message from the Ixian ambassador. He glanced up at the Ixian messenger who stood just inside his tent. "You know what this message contains?" He asked.

"No, M'lord." The man bowed slightly. Aleksandr shrugged. "Whether you do or don't, I would prefer it if you were to aid me spread a rumour that it concerned lost spice. I would be willing to make it worth your while, and you would have course be free to talk with your superiors." He sat back, crumpling the spice paper. "But I don't want the truth of this to be known to my men, if at all possible."

"Yes, sir." The Ixian nodded.

"Thank you." Aleksandr waved his hand, "No reply, at this time." The messenger bowed, and left. Immediately a Harkonnen aide slipped into the tent, and whispered into Aleksandr's ear. The Governor hesitated, before signalling with his hand for the tent flap to be drawn aside. In strode the Duke Trebeis, followed by seven well armed men. The others had to wait outside. The tent wasn't that big.

"Duke Trebeis." Aleksandr smiled, indicating for the Duke to take the seat in front of his desk, "I must appologise for the somewhat unorthodox manner of our meeting, but I will not expend solari on a permanent Harkonnen base while the Arrakeen rebuilding effort is in motion. I trust you will understand."

"Absolutely." The Duke replied with a slight inclincation of his head. "After all, one must always consider the wellbeing of one's people first, Governor. Am I right?" There was silence between the two men as Aleksandr stared at the Duke, apparantly considering what to say next.

"I have no word with the Baron." He said at last, "He appointed me governor for unknown reasons, I will not be able to persuade him to release your planet."

"So you, a Harkonnen, admit that it is our planet?" The Duke pounced.

"My personal opinion has nothing to do with the Baron's affairs." Aleksandr sighed. "My power outside of Arrakis' atmosphere is minimal. Perhaps in time I will be able to help you some day, but for now you have established a colony of sorts here, and I would prefer to speak of that with you." The Duke paused for a second before nodding. "Now, my advisors back in Carthag tell me that you have a substantial ammount of equipment, ornithopters and the like. A very large number of landing ships. Now I know that to simply ask you to donate them to the effort would be unfair, and also harmful to you. Therefore what I propose is this." He steepled his fingers. "I wish to buy from you exactly have of your equipment. I would have course give more than a fair price for you to spend however you wish. You get money, I get badly needed resources for the city, the people get their lives back." He smiled, "What do you say?"

* * *

Ekaterina Harkonnen slouched, bored, in a small chamber deep beneath the Harkonnen residence in Arsunt. Or to be more correct, Her residence. Her brother would never dare to set foot here. She stared at the figure in front of her with no interest. She was utterly bored. Fyodor had of course been killed a long time ago. Without a sadistic and power-crazed governor the twisted mentat had quickly become unhinged. Ekaterina had hardly enjoyed his death at all. In fact of all the many captives she had smuggled with her to Arsunt, only a very few remained. She only really paid attention to one of them right now. She came here every day, just to watch. The figure in front of her gave a half-hearted moan, that ended with a hiss of pain. She didn't even smirk.

"I'm bored, Maverik." She sighed to the maimed man. She got up slowly, and began to pace lazily around the contraption that held her prisoner. "Bored, bored, bored... Nothing to do." She trailed a finger along a thin shigawire cable that was embedded into Maverik's arm, causing it to twitch violently. A gasping escaped from the throat of the victim, before the open wounds there were abruptly pulled shut. Ekaterina sighed.

"I just end up going over the same stuff, over and over..." she muttered, walking around to the other side of the device, where a control panel was located. She twisted a knob, and watched as Maverik's back arched in pain.

He was hardly a man anymore, the thing before her. Maverik was suspended by a series of hooks in the flesh of his back, some of which revealed open bone. His face was a pulped mess, the nose smashed beyond recognition, the mouth a bloody, gaping hole that even now occasionally spat out fragments of tooth. Every single bone in his body was broken, or cracked. Every single one. Ekaterina had made sure of it. Even the really tiny bones in the fingers and inner ear had been broken. Now, the handless Maverik dangled from an Ordos pain amplifier (;)), his one remaining eye always staring at the other one, impaled on a pin before it. The wires and neeldes jammed into his nerves stimulated pain in much the same way as other devices in the Imperium, without causing any more physical damage. Ekaterina expected to be here for a long time, and she wanted to make this one last for years. She pressed a blue button, and the corners of her mouth twitched as the figure started to sob again.

"You know who to blame, of course, don't you sweetie?" She purred. Extensive testing had confirmed that she had done her job well. Every instant of sound was a cacophony of pain, but Maverik's hearing was still basically functional. She smiled, and placed one hand on his shoulder, trailing her nails along tender flesh. "You know who's responsible for your suffering, don't you?" She looked into his remaining eye. Either through psychological pain or simply through utter breaking of will, or jaw, Maverik had ceased to talk some time ago. Ekaterina read his eyes. "Yes." She whispered softly, "You see it. You know who's responsible for the pain, the agony, don't you? The one who sent you here, isn't it?" She smiled, leaning back to find her chair and sit down again. "It's Carth, isn't it?" She smiled, still looking into his eye. "Carth is the one to blame for all of this..." She stopped. In the depths of his eyes, she saw that Maverik agreed.

Rebuilding of Arrakeen: 10%

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The duke had thought had about the Governer's preposistion, Eying the small Ixian recorder that contained the Conversation he drafted a letter to Alexander.

Dear Governer, I have thought long and hard about your prepisition and have come to the conlusion that it woud be more beneficial if I declined.

Instead of selling my equipment to you I am sending 20 of my frigates loaded with building material and a regiment of my renowned Engeener Corp, I am interested in aiding the rebuilding of the city but due to the fact that Your Baron could just as easily replace you with your sister at a whim, and as we all know your sister has a tendancy for violence as does most of your family- we have to be prepared for such an event. if you have any other needs, do ask and I will see what I can do to help, and I do appreciate you inquiring about our home world.

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Good, Seth thought. The explosives have arrived and the Ixians have accepted our offer.Well, I better send a message to House Trebias, otherwise they might become a serious threat.

Message to House Trebias

[hide]Yes, it is true we need a fast flying, heavily armed and armored ornithopter. Although we have already asked the Ixians to provide one for us, we we would be happy to trade with you as well. The concequences are basically immediate attack and obliteration of your house, but do not worry, we are not trying to threaten you, we have had a few problems with the ixians trying to develop the SS. We would prefer to pay in melange, but we also have advisors on desert conditions and survival. Also there are the SS, but we would have to be offered more to sell any. THE FREMEN[/hide]

OOC>Mabye hidden text should be considered incrypted?

Later that day Seth flew to meet Alexsandr at his compound in arakkeen, closely followed by his personal guard and a contruction team with a large amount of building materials

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"Sire, may I speak with you?" Eemins asked, looking into the command bunker towards Relnev.

"Certainly." Relnev replied simply.  "What is it?"

"We have received a message from our superiors, sire."

Relnev looked momentarily uneasy.  There weren't many Ixians that were higher in the command chain than him, but there were some.  "What does it say?"

Eemins smiled gently.  "Fear not, Ambassador, for the Senior Ix are very pleased with your progress on Arrakis."

"Elaborate, Eemins.  What does the message say?" Relnev asked impatiently.

"They say that they are overwhelmingly pleased with the amount of Solaris and Melange that you are crediting back to Ixian Command."

Relnev flashed a look of genuine surprise.  "High command are... satisfied?"

"More than that, sire." Eemins oiled.  "They are ecstatic."

"Well..." Relnev smiled.  "Is there anything else in the message?"

"Yes, sire.  They say that a reward is in order, and that you shall be contacted with details regarding said prize in due course."

Relnev was pleased.  He discussed a few other matters with Eemins, who then left the command bunker.  A reward?  Whatever could it be...

Project Red2: 4 Posts until completion.

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Hidden text is generally considered to be encrypted, or at least unavailable to those it is not addressed to. You will find that this does not stop most people from reading it, but they are not allowed to use anything they read there in their replies.

Aleksandr raised an eyebrow at the Fremen leader's presence. He had chosen to meet the representative of the desert dwellers outside his tent, where both of them were surrounded by their own people.

"I am glad that you have chosen to come here, Seth." He bowed slightly. "I have a favour to ask of you. I have been led to believe that the fremen know more about Arrakis than anyone else. In this case, nothing could be hidden from you in the desert, yes?"

"That is correct." Seth answered staunchly. "If there were any changes, we would notice."

"Good." Aleksandr smiled. "I want to find House Huahin, and I am prepared to pay for services rendered. Perhaps we could come to some agreement?"

Rebuilding of Arrakeen: 15%.

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The Kondor Cartel has been created. The smugglers around Arrakeen united officialy under Carth's leadership.

- Sven, assemble a hit squad.

- You're not going inside Ekaterina's citadel, Carth, it's suicide. And it will  destroy your relations with the Harkonnen.

- I NEED that scientist. Fast.

- I'll go with you, and two more guys. I'll make sure we'll contact the scientist. AND ONLY THAT!

Carth still wanted to take revenge on Ekaterina. This was the perfect opportunity. If the operation went smoothly, no one would know who did it.

- Sven, only YOU and the two guys that come with us shall know about this.

- Of course.

Later, during the night their quad reached Arsunt, and they disembarked. Slowly, stalthy they went inside.

- to be continued -

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Harkonnen patrols marched their way around Arsunt. The groups followed random patterns, and were armed. Since the arrival of Ekaterina Harkonnen, they were authorised to shoot on sight, and sometimes even before that. As night fell, the citizens of the city hurried back to their homes, closing up shops for the night. Unlike Arrakeen and Carthag, both of which had starports, Arsunt and Tsimpo had very little nightlife. Even less since Ekaterina had imposed the curfew. Only the patrols and those with official passes were allowed out in the city at night, and passes were hard to come by.

Tonight, hardly a cingle citizen was out. The patrols hardly stopped anyone. The people whispered of rumours that Alacia Vorbid, a woman as sadistic as Ekaterina Harkonnen and even more violent, had hidden nine of her eleven elite warriors among the patrols. Each of these nine were fearsome fighters, all of whom had difficult kills to their name. Some were rumoured to have slain Sardaukar and Fremen, while others were supposed to have killed fifty people single-handedly. Alacia herself was said to be a failed Bene Gesserit Acolyte, as well as a trained swordmaster. The rumours kept the men and women of Arsunt firmly indoors. So it came as quite a surprise to the patrol of eight men to find a group of four skulking in the shadows.

"Halt! Step forward and produce passes!" The Leader called, as around him his men levelled lasguns and flechette pistols at the group.

Rebuilding of Arrakeen: 20%.

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Seth said to Alexsandr, 'We know of this house's existance but we do not have an exact location.' 'There is one outpost that we know of though.' We think that the ixians may have already bombed this place, but it is the only one we know of.' 'Now, payment. since this infomation is of not much use we will not charge as much as we would nomally.'

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(O.O.C. --> I am going only by the limited Dune knowledge I have here... namely the first two books and the Dune movie.  A few points...

1.) Nothing is ever totally efficient.  The Fremen stillsuits cannot possibly capture ALL moisture.  Nothing is 100% efficient.

2.) In the film, the head and hands were not covered, thus moisture was lost through there.  Therefore, I could improve them.

I rest MY case. :))

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The attack was fast and overwhelmingly successful. 100 Ornithopters carrying 100 Nokker Guard and 500 Infantry took positions around the Outlaw's water Extraction plant in the northern reaches of Arrakis. The feeble Defense force of 50-odd fighters carying swords and Projectile weapons accumpanyed by 10 Decrepit Ornis went to meet the Trebesians. Standing firm as the Outlaws charged, the Trebesians waited ultil after the enemy killed one of the infantryman, then returned fire with amazing accuracy and swiftness. Two minutes later, all Enemy forces were destroyed placing House Trebeis in control of the second largest water producing facility on Dune.

And the Trebesians had also waited until the Outlaws attacked as to be capable of claiming self defense....

The Duke smiled with pleasure at the success of his offensive, Walking through the Water Mining Facility he noticed the Nokker Guard had done what they were known for- Success at any cost, that and their 10 years of training starting at age ten. they were reportedly so good that everyone expected them to be capable of stopping any Imperial invasions, but that had not worked out in reality as the Saudaukar had simply Carpet Bombed their positions during the invasion of Athalon IV. Here  though their training and experiance had paid off with a battle in which only one Infantryman had been lost. now it was simply a matter of reinforcing his new plant, which was under way. 15 Frigates full of men and equipment were landed and tasked with setting up Pillboxes and AA Batteries.

Message to Harkonnen.

[hide] As you noticed, we today took control of an illigal facility in the north. I just wanted you to hear this from me rather then someone else. As it was, the battle was not initiated by us, we sent a small force of ground troops and ornis to perform battle exercises north, and the Outaws found it neccisary to attack us. Never the less, I hope my Engeneers are aiding the rebuilding effort.

-Duke Trebeis of House Trebeis on Arrakis.[/hide]

Message to Freman

[hide]we are still in need of 1000 s-suits, and if the payment demanded by your faction is these aircraft I am willing to trade two to you. And please stop making thinly vieled threats of destruction to me, I will not tolerate them and any action on your part would require me to do likewise, and that is something you, freind would NOT want.[/hide]

Turns until New Recruitment campaign finishes-5

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To Duke Trebeis:

Though I realise that your actions were probably well intentioned, I cannot allow behaviour like this to continue. I am the Governor of Arrakis, and any military action must be sanctioned by myself. In this instance you will be allowed to retain control of the area you have taken, but if anyone comes forward to claim against you, I will have no choice but to prosecute you under the laws of the Landsraad.

In light of this action, I would request that you halt your recruiting campaign at once. You have enough men already, and the citizens of Arrakeen have a city to rebuild.

With respect, Aleksandr Harkonnen, of Arrakis.

'With a Fremen suit in good working order, you won't lose more than a thimbleful of moisture in a day.'
- Kynes, Dune. ALL cases closed. :P
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As Seth met with Huahin leaders he warned them of the forecoming attack, but they did not seem worried. Annoyed, Seth left the HQ and flew back to his sietch.

Message to House Huahin

[hide]We would like to know whether you are able to produce advanced technology and also whether you can provide advanced military training. In the past we have use the Ixians, but they have decieded to not produce anything that might be of some threat to them. The Fremen[/hide]

Message to House Trebias

[hide] We have decieded to not trade with you. The Fremen[/hide]

When Seth arrived back he ordered that the fremen warriors that were living in his sietch would start a new training programme he was meeted with shock."Hey, Seth, why do we need to start training again?'said the trainer, Egerd Mossad. 'Because we need to be able to stand up to these offworlders and be able to beat them, no problem.''Alright, Seth, but I don't think we really need it'.

Special Training 0% (11 posts to go)

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The four men aproached the patrol. One of the harkonnens tunred on his emitter in order to report back to base.

- There is no need for that. said Carth

- Shut up! Papers.

- Papers don't make you rich, friend...

- Are you trying to bribe me?

- I'm trying to do buissness.

One of the troopers shouted:

- How much?

- Shut up soldier!!!

- 10000 credits each, and the sarge gets 20000.

The soldiers started to argue. The sargent turned to them:

- What's wrong with you morons? Are you trying to get all of us killed? You know what happends if...

And sarge bited the dust, as Carth and his menused their Maula tranquilizer guns.

"Never turn your back to your foe."

After that they took the patrol's clothes and headed to Ekaterina's citadel.

The men infirtrated the Harkonnen compound. From time to time they were forced to use their Maula Guns and sedate some sentinel. Slowly they reached the lower levels.

- Our target should be right about here...

- A few more coridors.

They entered a room that stinched death. There wasn't mush light, but light wasn't needed. The four men saw a diformed body suspended in some hooks by its own flesh.

The men aproached...

- I say put him out of his misery.

- That woman must die! She has to!

- Death is too good for her Carth...

- Carth, you know why we are here. The scientist. Nothing else. You're not gonna kill that bitch.

- Look at this guy Carth! Or what is it... This poor bastard is living HELL.

- We're wasting time...

Some movement was esnsed on the other part of the room.

- Well, gentlemen, I see you couldn't wait for an invittion and you came uninvited... Ekaterina laughed.

Carth started to pull out his gun.

Sven pushed Carth's pistol back.

- We're in deep shit!

- Oh, yeah, now we HAVE to kill her... Carth smiled.

Ekaterina came closer.

- Don't you say hello to your old friend here?

- Excuse me?

- Maverik here, he's staring at you wis his own eyes. Ekaterina said while she picked up Maverik's eye from the table by the spike it was

hooked into and turned it towards the four men.

Carth remained still, then a mixture of hate, disgust, anger, fear and thirst for blood animated his face.


- Oh, yes he is... and, isn't so Maverik, we know you're to blame for his pain, aren't we right darling? Ekaterina said while petting the diformed

living dead.

- You dare to blame me for the crime that you have commited and, even worse, ejoyed?

- You forced me to do that, sand scum! You thought you could beat me with your peasants from Arrakeen.

- I ignited your downfall, bitch! That's why you stay today in this GRAVE! You will rot here. Unfortunately you like it.

- You ignorant inferior! I have my appartaments lavishly decorated. You'll never ever dream at the wealth I have there.

- But you spend your time here... torturing ...

- Well, it's fun, ain't it Maverik? And, Carth, you know you can't kill me... You'll have problems with my brother.

- I have nothing to lose. You'll call for troops right away anyway... so...

- Oh... I don't think so. Then you'll really have nothing to lose. And my life would be in jeopardy. I'll just watch your frustrated face right now when you cannot do anything to me.

It would mean YOUR downfall.

- Men, get Maverik, we're pulling back!

- What do you think you're doing you insolent oaf? Leave my pet alone!

Carth grabed Ekaterine by the collar:

- That MAN is my friend and I will get him out of here by any cost. I'll either rebuild him or put him to sleep myself, but I won't le him suffer as your toy.

OOC: Dante, pick up from here. This dialog should be most interesting. ;)

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Encrypted message to House Harkonnen.

[hide]My intentions were innocent when the Recruitment began, although I have substantial forces and equipment, I still have the nagging feeling that The Freman have begome somewhat less friendly toward my House since I arrived. I will halt my Recruitment, but I do request that in return you aid us in the event of a Freman attack. I thank you for allowing me to maintain control of the Water Mining Facility and if you doubt my word when I reported them attacking first, I will gladly allow you to reveiw the reports of the incedent. I would also like to invite you to accompany me as I review my forces, view some troop Exercises and to attend the graduation of 250 new additions of the Nokker Guard. I most vehemantly wish that you attend.

-Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arrakis.[/Hide]

After drafting the message, The Duke sat Staring at the Antique Sword representing his Ducial power, and said "It has been a long time since this weapon has shed blood, But if required it will once again be bathed crimson".

Turning toward the Commander of his Nokker Guard, He ordered that All forces be placed on High Alert, and to activate the De-Meks. Once used by the Sward Masters of Ginaz the De-Meks Had motion, heat and carbon-Dioxide Detectors- which it used to aim its Twin Grenade and Las-weapons.

Now only used for defensive Capacity, they would be abled to track and destroy cloaked or camoflaged enemys.

Message to Freman.

[hide]We are not enemys and yet I hear of programms intended for the preperations of your forces in the event of an attack on my House, My question is why are you so intent on beginning a conflict with a faction that is not interested in any fighting with yourself. Remember, we were only to intrested in suppling you with the Orns in return for something you had on hand- When you started threatening US with "consequences if we did things that we had no intention of doing.[/hide]


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