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Eemins crept through the empty corridor.  With Relnev absent, this entire section of Outpost 9 was nearly derelict.  Eemins was taking no chances, however; it didn't matter to the guards that he was Relnev's assistant - they were under orders to let no-one into Relnev's office while he was in Carthag.

Slipping around another corner, Eemins finally managed to gain entry to Relnev's main office.  Everything was still active, from the map of Arrakis to the glowglobes that lined the ceiling.  As Eemins made his slow progress towards the desk in the center of the room, he could not help but hope that his theory was correct.

"Ah, Governer." Relnev said.  Aleksandr had just entered the lounge area where Relnev had been waiting for the last half hour or so.  "I had thought you would be attending to matters here in Carthag by now."

"Ambassador." Aleksandr said politely.  "I was participating and organising the festivities at Arrakeen, if you recall."

"Hmph, yes." Relnev said, rubbing his temples.  Noticing this, Aleksandr spoke again.

"Do you have a headache, Ambassador?"

"I'm fine!" Relnev snapped irritably.

"I see.  Well, I've brought the gelid glob of green putty for you to look at." Aleksandr said, producing a small glass container.

Relnev grabbed it, passing a small rod over the glass.  It made a series of clicking noises, indicating that it was a Gieger Counter.

"No radiation." Relnev said, setting aside the device and getting a new one.  He opened the glass container and prodded a needle, with a length of cable attached to it, into the putty.  The cable was attached to a small digital readout.

"Not acidic or alkiline to the extreme." he said, grabbing it and bouncing it up and down on the table a couple of times.  After a moment's contemplation, he looked at the Ambassador.

"You realise that this is merely Jelonium, a by-product of several new-age fuels used by your machinery, in its condensed form?"

"No, not at all." lied Aleksandr.

"Well, it is.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have no more time to waste." Relnev said sharply, rising and then suddenly falling to his knees in pain.

"Relnev, are you alright?" Aleksandr asked.

"Quiet!" Relnev shouted in reply.  "And it's Head Ambassador!" he added as he managed to stand up and move towards his ornithopter.

Eemins jumped slightly as his personal communicator beeped.  There were only two people that had the address for it: Relnev, and just recently, the Governer Harkonnen.  He prayed it was the latter.  Pulling it from the folds of his robe, he sighed a breath of relief.  Aleksandr it was.

The message read:

Eemins, I would suggest haste.  Relnev's condition seems to be deteriorating rapidly.  He is returning to Outpost 9 as we speak.  I can only hope that this message reaches you in time.


A few moments ago, that might have frightened Eemins.  But he had managed to locate the message and examine it.  There was, indeed, signs of distortion and warping of code.  He hid it about his person and quickly left the room.  It would take time, but Eemins was determined to heal Relnev.

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Looking around his Base, The Duke was made rather happy by the buzz of activity. After the arrival of several shipments of Building material, Construction on several new buildings and a small starport had begun. "Things appear to be going nicely" Said the Duke. "How long will it take until compleation?" he asked of a man passing by with an armfull of schematics. "Well, If all goes well. five days." Replied the man. Who then proceeded to hurrey back in the direction from whence he came.

Things were also going well for The Duke's finacial situation. Due to the large demand for water, He was bringing in tons of Solaris from profits generated by the W.T.F.

Construction Completion- 5 turns.

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After the sudden departure of Relnev, Carth left to his Den.

"I'd better see to my own affairs right now."

In the following days he saw to his buissnesses. More wealth meant more power. More power meant more ways to destroy Ekaterina.

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OOC: Had to post, I get itchey when no one does anything for four days like that.  :D

Message to Aleksandr: I understand you not being able to attend the meeting. Is one still possible? That gift is still here and I would really like to talk about my buisness preposistion sooner then later.

Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arrakis.

Construction Completion- 3 turns.

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"Well well, looks like your man Carth actually escaped from my dungeons." Ekaterina allowed a small smile to cross her face as she rubbed salt into Sven's back with a rusty cheesegrater. "Not many people have done that before, though he isn't the first."

"El 'ih 'oo." The broken face of the smuggler choked. Ekaterina rolled her eyes. She had grown fluent in 'speaking with a broken jaw, among other injuries' several years ago.

"I'm sure he'll try." She said pleasantly. "But frankly, I don't think so. He might try to rescue you, though." She smirked. "And wouldn't that be fun?" Placing the cheesegrater on a bench, she turned around to the other bloodied figure, hanging from the ceiling by strips of his own skin.

"And you, Maverik? Do you hold out any hope of rescue?" Bubbles of blood formed at the figure's ragged lips.

"Really?" Ekaterina raised her eyebrows. Well, we'll see." She turned around as the door to the sterile room opened, admitting Alacia Vorbid. "Ah, Alacia. You've come to join me?"

"Maybe later, M'lady." Vorbid smiled thinly in the direction of Maverik. "I have come to report that your brother has taken up temporary residence in Carthag, prior to flying back to Arrakeen for a meeting with Duke Trebeis. Also, we have had word back from Giedi Prime, the man claiming to be an officer of the Harkonnen military has not been sent by the Baron."

"Really? Excellent." Ekaterina grinned, squeezing Sven's leg and listening to the crackling of shattered bones. "Leave Aleksandr alone for now, Carthag may be closer but it's also better defended." She started to wipe her hands on a cloth. "Meanwhile, we have a guest to entertain."

* * *

Makaro Silthe, as he claimed to be, was awoken by the sound of scraping furniture. He scrambled to his feet immediately, dressing in his private room before hurrying to peer around the doorway into the larger room of his prison. Several Harkonnen slaves were clearing the chairs and table to the sides of the room, creating a space in the middle.

"What is the meaning of this?" He demanded, stepping out in full Harkonnen regalia. The slaves ignored him. He considered grabbing one of them for questioning, but even as the thought passed they simmultaneously stood up and rushed for the door, darting away. The room was empty for only a split second before a figure entered through the same doorway, striding confidently into the centre of the room.

Makaro examined her carefully, warily. She was in her late twenties, he estimated, with dirty blonde hair and a sinewy grace. Her eyes were the blue-on-blue of the fremen, but she seemed slightly too thick with water to be of the desert people. She stood in a relaxed stance, but was clearly more than capable of bursting into motion at a given signal.

"Makaro Silthe." A voice echoed in the chamber. "This is Ekaterina Harkonnen. You are not who you say you are, and thus you will become who I say you are."

"I am an officer of the Baron's personal Secret Service!" Makaro bellowed back. "I demand an audience."

"You will 'demand' nothing." Ekaterina's voice sneered. "I am the Baron's family, Silthe. I do not know much about his services, but I know people who do. You are not Makaro Silthe. You will now fight to the death." The blonde woman drew a milky white blade. A crysknife.

"Buh, I- buh..." Makaro stuttered.

"Run for the door, if you like." Ekaterina mocked. "There are others out there, just waiting for you..."

"My name is Orianna Lyasma." The blonde woman said without expression. "Draw your blade."

* * *

Message to the Trebeis:

I am returning to Arrakenn directly. Perhaps tomorrow?


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Audiable over the sounds of construction was the noise of cleaning. 20 or so workers bustled around the Duke's residence cleaning, Decorating and making an all out attempt to make the place ready for the visit by the Governor. The Duke who was pacing through the halls, was bemused. He preferred an unruley residence.

Mesage to Aleksandr:

I thank you for the oppertunity, and hope you agree to my plans. See you tomorrow.

P.S. Do you prefer any particular Wine or Drink?

Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arrakis.

Construction Completion- 1 turns.

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At the Mount Idaho outpost, construction was almost ready to begin.  Construction machinery had been brought in and the entire area was full of Ixians.  However, they were not the only ones there...

"Sire?" came a voice from outside Relnev's door.  The Ambassador had just returned, and was sitting in his office, head between his hands.

"What?!" he snapped.  "This had better be important!  And where are my painkillers?!"

"Th-they're on the way, sire.  It's regarding the Mount Idaho outpost, sire."

"The blasted Fremen again?!"

"Y-yes, sire."

"When will they learn to keep their god-damned noses out of our business?!"

"They're in the way of our construction crews.  They refuse to move."

"Then make them move!  Anyone who obstructs our crews, open fire upon them!  Understand?!" Relnev shouted, grimacing and clasping his head.

"Yes Sir!" the aide replied, and ran off to relay the message.

"And get me those painkillers!!"

"Are you sure that he said that?" asked the head of construction at Mt. Idaho.

"It would seem so." the pilot said.  "The aide back at Outpost 9 was very specific."

"So be it." he said, raising a megaphone.  "To the Fremen who occupy this area!  You are obstructing the construction of the new Ixian outpost!  If you do not move within the next day, we shall open fire!"

The Ixian crews fell silent, awaiting a reply.

Meanwhile, at Outpost 9, Eemins had completed his 'Sonic Cure'.  Rushing from his laboratory, he headed towards Relnev's office to administer it.  On the way, he passed an aide heading to the ornithopter hangers...

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Hey guys, just spoke to 'Newt and he said it would be cool if I joined as the Sardaukar, is this cool with you guys?

If so, I'll be Bashar Khan, in control of 2 Sardaukar Legions in Arrakeen, and 10 more legions on Salusa Secundus.

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ooc: Ok guys I'll just stick to, say, 5 legions on Arrakis, with 2 in Carthag and 3 in Arrakeen.

As the hot sun beat down upon the desert Khan turned to face the centre of carthag, which had fallen into disrepair since his last visit. He gave his orders from the emperor one last brief glance before handing them back to the runner.

"Peace keeping" He grumbled, "I hate peace keeping."

"Things would be a lot more peaceful if we got rid of those Harkonnen Dogs" Su'ulon said, passingly.

"You know the Emperor's orders" Khan said, never letting go of any sense of formality. "Take 1 legion and position it outside the palace. If we let anything happen to the Harkonnens it could result on a full scale civil war of Arrakis."

"Sir. Yes Sir"

"Akshell, take the other legion and patrol the outer perimiter of the city, if you see anything suspicious, you have permission to shoot on sight. I'm going to take an Orni squad to Arrakeen and check out the situation there."

"Sir. Yes Sir"

With that Khan turned to the waiting squadron of ornis. Waiting to depart like birds of prey.

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OOC: Are birds of prey famous for their waiting to depart? :)

"And so ends yet another day." Aleksandr sighed as the sun dipped below the horizon. "I hope I kept Relnev in Carthag for long enough." Glancing around him, he realised that the room was empty. He was talking to himself. "Hmm." He frowned, taking a step closer to the window and peering out at the streets below.

So far, the new city of Arrakeen was going down wonderfully with the population. So well, in fact, that citizens from Tsimpo and Carthag, and especially Arsunt, were migrating into the city in hopes of taking advantage of the new housing. There were problems, of course. The officials found it very difficult to tell between genuine refugees, those that had lost their homes in the destruction of the first Arrakeen, and settlers from the other cities. As a result Aleksandr had ordered a registration system. All those that were already in the refugee camp registered themselves as refugees, and were allocated living space in the new city. Those that arrived late were treated as imposters. This move had proven unpopular with the immigrants, but that was hardly a surprise.

And so many of them had turned to the city itself. Rather than go through official channels, they simply moved into a house and claimed it as their own. Harkonnen troops had already had to forcibly remove three families from houses that were not their own. This too had proven unpopular, but at least the people seemed to be able to see the logic behind it. After all, the city had been built for the refugees, not carpet-baggers from Arsunt.

Ah yes, Arsunt... Aleksandr's scowl deepened, and a chill ran down his spine. Reports from Arsunt came in daily of missing persons and suspicious circumstances. He had cut his sister's influence and power as much as he could. Officially, she was hardly allowed to blow her nose without his say so. Of course officially had nothing to do with it, and it was an open secret that Ekaterina Harkonnen practiced almost as she wished within the city. And Aleksandr could do nothing about it. And, he suspected, he never would.

On to brighter matters. He forced the thought of his sister to the back of his mind. There was the visit to the Duke Trebeis tomorrow to think about. His first to the Duke's residence, Aleksandr mused as he stood back. Last time it had been the ceremony, which had been conducted mostly outside. And the Duke promised a gift... Aleksandr tried very hard not to think about the last time he had recieved a surprise gift, which had put him in a medical unit for a week. He would make no extra preparations. The Duke was not his sister. Everything would be fine.

On another note, it seemed that the Sardaukar, who had been strangely absent throughout the recent scuffles and the anihilation of the first Arrakeen, were finally coming to visit. Aleksandr lamented the spirit that had seen fit to send the Sardaukar on the day that he had planned an important visit. Oh well. Better get some sleep, and wait for tomorrow...

Message to the Trbeis:

I look forward to attending. Regarding the beverages, I'm sure you can make a good choice.

Aleksandr Harkonnen.

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A squad of ornithopters flying in in hawk formation against the evening sky of Carthag. Missles fired. One is destroyed. The rest surround the area, firing las-guns. One lands, ten men get out, dressed in the uniform of the Imperial Sarduakar. No-one is there.

At the Mt.Idaho outpost, the fremen could see their bait. Fremen, blocking the way. Fremen warriors creep towards the area

At the construction site, the Ixians open fire.

It is unusual for a fremen to use a shield, but at this time it seemed appropriate.

The Ixians had used projectile weapons, just as planned...

Message to House Huahin


We require your help in extiminating the Ixians on Mt. Idaho

The Fremen


Slipping into Carthag, Gast spotted some new arrivals. Sarduakar legions, patroling the perimeter of the city.

Walking up to one of the sarduakar, Gast said 'I have a proposition for your leader. We can give you intelligence reports in exchange for training. What's your name?''Nanforth.''Well, Nanforth, tell your commander our proposition.

Seth was muttering to himself when a messenger garbed in MIDF uniform came into the room.

'Sir', said the messenger, 'Sir, the Ixians have attacked. We have sent a message to the noble house huahin asking for help.''Good. I'm glad you sent that..'Sir! Sarduakar have established positions in Arakeen and Carthag!', said a second messenger as he rushed into the room. 'Well', said Seth,'Both of you should return to your positions. But, you,' he said pointing to the second messenger, 'You go to the villages around the harvesting bases near the WTF and calculate how many more fighters we have.''Yes, sir'

Message to House Trebeis

[hide]I suggest a meeting. Possibly it could be held at Tabr Sietch? Of course you would be able to bring guards, as many as you like, except I would suggest under 200 because we do not have enough food to go around.[/hide]

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"How many men were in that thopter?" Khan asked a new young recruit fresh from Salusa Secundus, with the seemingly weathered face of someone twice his years, that came with the brutal Sardaukar training.

"Only two, Val'dur and Mond"

"Tell the rest of the squad to carry on to Carthag, we'll make a quick survey and then catch up with them"

"Sir. Yes Sir"

'Only two eh?' Khan mused to himself, 'These new recruits don't even care if their comrades die anymore, the empire really is crumbling. The Emperor's traing them more quickly and more harshly than ever, he doesn't want soldiers, he wants machines.'

"Sir preliminary investigations have come up with nothing. No trace of what took down that thopter."

"What do you mean nothing? There has to be something, it didn't just fall out of the sky, those were rockets that took it down, there has to be a buggy, or some kind of platform or..."


The Bashar looked looked distantly at Yu-Lin before he finally realised what he was thinking.

"Fremen. Go back to Carthag and tell Su'ulon that any and all Fremen are to be considered extremely hostile. Only the Fremen could have made such a move and then slipped away into nothingness like that"

"Sir. Yes Sir."

Khan and his entourage climbed back into the Thopter and headed toward Arrakeen.

Su'ulon was in the mess hall with a large portion of his men when Yu-Lin and Nanforth entered.

"News from Bashar Khan sir. One of are thopters was shot down on the way to Arrakeen, the Bashar suspects Fremen invlovement and considers it an act of war. Sir."

"And what's your news Nanforth?" Su'ulon said, noticing his change in colour upon hearing Yu-Lin's news

"A..a a Fremen... in Carthag.. he.. he..." Stuttering in fear he could hardly say the words.

"Come on man spit it out"

"He said that the fremen would give us information if we trained them."

"Oh did he now, well then lets show him how the Sardaukar do urban warfare." He called the men in the mess hall to attention, about one hundred and fifty in total. "Men, it seems we have an infestation of Fremen, orders from the Bashar are that we are now at open war with them. Let's Have ourselves a rathunt."

The men filed to the barracks to get their weapons, howling with anticipation.

"Yu-Lin, Nanforth, go to Akshell, tell him of the move against the Fremen in the area, I'll rally the men outside the Palace."

When Akshell heard the news he knew what would happen.

"The fool, His men will go crazy killing everyone one they see, it will be genocide. We have to stop them."

When Akshell finally tracked Su'ulon down he could see the blood lust in his eyes that he had had ever since his family were killed.

"Su'ulon what are you doing?"

"Orders from the top Ashell. Ah, isn't battle glorious!"

"This isn't battle, those are women and children that you are killing, order your men to stop."

"But Khan said we're at war with the fremen"

"You fool, the Fremen aren't flooding the city, if you want to fight them, take it to the desert, there's none here."

"But Nanforth sai-"

"He said there was one, how many have you killed?"

"About three hundred" Su'ulon's frenzy was wearing of as he began to realise what he had done.

"Order your men to stop. Now"

"Yes, yes of course"

When the carnage was over the death toll had reached four hundred and sixty eight. No Fremen were found. The only good to come of the day was Akshell's idea. Su'ulon took 1 cohort of men and headed out to the deep desert in a fleet of ornis. Far from where he could do any major damage, Akshell took comand of the remainder of his legion.


OOC: Are birds of prey famous for their waiting to depart? :)

It was the end of my study period and I was in a hurry. :P

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OOC: Just becuase I said no-one was found doesn't mean that the person escaped, and anyway, how does Khan know that it was the fremen? Oh, well. Once more into the breach, once more dear friends.

As Seth read the report of the slaughter, he decided that he would never help the Sarduakar...

Message to House Trebeis

[hide]I would like to suggest an attack on the newly arrived Sarduakar legions. They have just attacked and killed 468. More will die of their wounds. If you agree, then could you provide uniforms for my warriors? The sarduakar have decared war on us and if they see us, they will shoot on sight.

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Sitting alone in his study, the Duke thought on the recent developments. Sardukar. As it turned out, the very man that had led the invasion of the Trebesian homeworld was at the head of the Sardukar. Cowards. In that invasion, they did not even allow his elite Nokker Guardsman to mobilise, instead they carpet bombed the bases containing the ducial guard. But what could this mean to the Trebesian's recent good fortune on Arrakis? Never the less, Defenses were to be stepped up. Just in case.

The preperations for the meeting with Aleksandr were wrapping up and the drinks had arrived. Harkonnen Beer and caladinian wine.

Message to Aleksandr:

[hide]My home is ready fo our meeting, Shall the occasion be set for tomorrow? And I have quite extnsive plans drawn up for the factories so do not feel surprised when you arrive. Also, is your ornithopter capable of carrying a delcate pice of art? If not, may I suggest ajusting the Internal Dampners for better results.

-Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arrakis.[/hide]

Message to Seth:

[hide]As allies of my House's long time friends, The Atreades. You have always been entitled to my help. Also seeing the Emperor's hand in my House's downfall, I'm more then happy to lend Covert assistance but due to my already precarious situation that is all. I am sending two Ornithopters filled with uniforms and supplies captured during the Imperial invasion of Athalon IV to your villages in the WTF area. They are newer issue and will pass any Sardukar inspection. I would suggest doing something to hide the effects of Spice addiction. Any Sardukar would notice the Blue on Blue you have and my men and I have attained.

-Duke Trebeis, Leader of House Trebeis on Arrakis.[/hide]

OOC:Dante, since you are better at discussions could you please post the meetng? I think there is enough info for you to do it. My charicter wants to give you a statue of yourself to decorate your new home and to discuss the possibility of moving back into trade by constructing a factory to design and build the Trebesian's old speciality- weapons for off world trading.

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As Seth was looking through his technology archives, he found some old pendants that they had experimented with a long time ago. The project had been funded with help from all the sietchs, for once and had made about 1500. What they did was mask the real apperance of a person. Colors of eyes could be changed and faces modified. The only restriction was that the person modified in looks would change back to normal if the pendant was removed from the body...

It is midday. Troops are preparing for the attack. Pendants are programmed to remove the blue-within-blue from the eyes and randomise the color fo the eyes. The pendants are inserted in the patients body.

Mid-afternoon. The troops are nearly ready to depart. Suddenly, an attack group flies into the area.

The troops hide under the sand. The ornithopter squad fly overhead. And continues to fly, but changes it's direction and heads back the way it came.

Late afternoon. A messenger runs into Seth's cave. 'Sir!' said the messenger.'Sir, we need to use some of the melange that we have collected. Our silos are full and need emptying.' 'Well, use your extra supplies to build more silo space and send all the melange down here. 'Yes sir'.

Evening. The melange arrives. Huge amounts of it. About 70,000 kilograms of it. seth decieds to liquidate his stocks.

Message to Carth's Smugglers

[hide]We have a lot of melange to liquidate and would like to sell some through you.

The Fremen[/hide]

Message to House Trebeis

[hide]Thanks again for the uniforms, we are really grateful for them. We have a lot of spice to liquidate and would like to either exchange some for onithopters or other equipment, or just exchange some for normal credits.[/hide]

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After 2 days in the deep desert searching for Fremen, Su'ulon had found nothing, just empty sietch after empty sietch. Running low on supplies, and the moral of his men waning he decided that the best thing to do would be to return to Carthag.

Khan had finally set up his men in Arrakeen, the city was still in a state of turmoil with the flood of immigrants, and one of legions was best used spread throughout the entrances to stop any 'undesirables' from entering the city. He sent 8 cohorts of men to travel to the north, east, south and west of the city in groups of two. Khan fell into a deep and well deserved slumber while thinking of the meeting he would have to have with Aleksandr soon, to find out how the Harkonnens saw fit to use the remainder of his men.

When Su'ulon arrived back at Arrakeen he reported his findings to Akshell, who had been trying to restore friendly relations with the Fremen, although he knew that they could never go back to the way that they were.

OOC: Just becuase I said no-one was found doesn't mean that the person escaped, and anyway, how does Khan know that it was the fremen? Oh, well. Once more into the breach, once more dear friends.

OOC: Common sense and expert traing say that if you get attacked in the desert and there are no traces of any men, it's probably the Fremen.

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Swooping down from the night sky, a small one man 'thoptor dropped out of the sky and made a skillful landing outside a Fremen Camp outside Mount Idaho. 

A representative of House Huahin stepped out, as the Fremen put away their Krys knifes,

"Long time no see, what's happening?"

The Huahinian representative noted a tone of disgust in his voice, but this was to be expected as the Fremen had been fighting almost alone for a while, and the time for House Huahin to join in was long overdue.

"I do not wish to overuse this clich

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