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Arrakis Factions


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OOC:I'll be the 3rd Defense Unit,of Atreides remnants.Their base is on Mt.Idaho. 

Athanasios looked over the holo-report. Seven more dead, three mortally wounded, 28 more injured. The patrol sent out to scout for any smugglers of Fremen hadn't returned.

Probably swallowed by some damned worm...

Athanasios mopped the sweat off of his forehead. He cursed Arrakis, and quite loudly, too. He was used to Caladan, it's cool climate, shimmering seas. Now he had to endure a blazing climate,and shimmering heat waves, instead of seas. Several men had gone down to heat stroke since the journey from their old outpost had started. An aide came over to him.

"Yes, Autolycus?" Athanasios asked,sighing heavily at the same time.

"Sir...Cenon it dead."

Athanasios lowered his head and stared blankly at the rough floor. Cenon was a friendly,popular lad. It would be a hard blow to everyone in this base.

"From what?"

"Sir.. he was suffering from an infection, dehydration, and blood loss. And given the quality of the medical equipment we have here, sir... Well, he didn't make it."

"Goddamnit! We have to contact any friendly beings NOW!" Athanasios pounded his fist on the wooden table. It shook. "Is there any news from the scout party?

"No news yet, sir." Athanasios kneaded his forehead. Sweat dripped off of his forehead and onto the hastily assembled wooden table.

We don't have any damned stillsuits,for God's sake!

"Send out another distress call on all the known Atreides channels.Keep looking!"

"Well...We'll try, sir, but it won't be easy..."

And with that, Autolycus retreated, leaving Athanasios all alone in the room, with his back to the door...

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Fharim heard the first reports about the Harkonnen attack with disgust and dismay. Harkonnens were never careful about avoiding civilian casualties, but that was not just it. They had targeted civilians themselves, raping, murdering and pillaging their way through the city, making an example out of it.

"Your decision not to intervene was the right one. Those days in the desert have weakened our men, we would have been slaughtered." Wilson said, trying to comfort his master.

"Tell that to the victim's families." Fharim sighed and walked from his chair to look out the window. The sun was about to sink below the desert's horizon.

"Let's talk about other business then. How should we respond to Carth Bindar's request for a meeting?"

"We could use a new set of friends" Fharim murmered. "Very well, tell them we'll pay a visit to their base. I'll travel to him by ornithopter with 3 other men."

"Aye sir."

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"Operation was a complete success." Fyodor smiled thinly, his face drawn into a bisarre map of wrinkles as he did so. "Melange recovered was three times the ammount that was stolen from us. Guards were elderly and easily dispatched. No Harkonnen casualties."

"Oh wonderful!" Ekaterina breathed, allowing herself a few moments of elation, her eyes sparkling, before resuming her icy exterior. "How did my brother perform?"

"Aleksandr gave all the orders necessary to complete the mission, and no more." Fyodor noted, scanning the numerous reports he held. "He ignored the civilians, giving no orders to kill them and no orders to spare them. The troops were given choice in that area."

"Well, that's an improvement, at least." Ekaterina muttered, "After that last disaster, I was quite reluctant to even leave him alive. The rumours that it must have caused..." She winced. "Anyway... this spice, we can put it to instant use, yes?"

"That would be advisable, m'Lady." Fyodor droned, "The volume recovered was too much for it all to belong to us. At least two thirds of it should be spent without delay."

"Very well. Double our standing guard." Ekaterina ordered, "And buy some more ornithopters. This report indicates that the dear Baron's plan was not so complete as he imagined. There are Atreides dregs still wandering about. I want to find them and keep them out of Carthag. Increase security."


"They can do what they like with the planet, I don't really care. When Vladimir gets back he will deal with them, but Carthag is mine."

"Of course, Madame."

OOC: And of course the Baron is still alive, as are Rabban and Feyd. I assume they will be moving in some time soon? If not, someone should really take the Harkonnen side. ...I volunteer...

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In a small cluster of caverns, not more than 10km from the South Pole, a reasonably large force had assembled.  Casting away their sandy camo's, the troops were in ceremonial dress, dark and light blues lined their light brown uniform. This was the first gathering of the whole of the House since they were kicked off their home-planet seven months ago. Portable Laz-Turrets guarded the vicinity, whilst above them on a hilltop, a sensor array had been assembled. 

Message to Athanasios, of the 3rd Defense Unit, House Atreides:


Would you like ally with us against the evil Harkonnen who infect this planet with their evil?


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We've received a reply!We've received a reply!

Athanasios's heart welled up at the news. He scanned the report for what must have been a 7th time.

It was from friendly forces, not true blue Atreides, but one who hated the Harkonnens as well. But he had to think of his troops. Many of them were homesick, and wanted othing more to get off this planet and back to Caladan, where they could continue planning of revenge against the Harkonnens.

He started typing...

[hide]Honored Archduke Christopher,

I am joyous at your offer, but I have to think of my troops. Many are wounded, and need desperate medical attention. Furthermore, they want to get back to their homeland of Caladan. If we serve you for 5 years, will you agree to help us return home? I have not yet asked the troops; please do not be offended if they refuse your offer. Also, if they agree to serve you, we shall need transport, as we are stuck on Mt. Idaho with no ornithopters, and only 2 old buggies.

At your service(Perhaps),

Athanasios Thorn.[/hide]

He finished the message and sent it...

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*Grumble grumble* People posting here when Espionage has been up for months...

So nobody has a problem with me assuming control of the Harkonnen leadership and all the massive power that comes with it? Hm? Anyone? I'll wait a few more posts...

"Spies report that our underground agents have the city in their grip." Fyodor smiled humourlessly, his voice a droning monotone. "The citizens of Carthag are almost entirely loyal to the Harkonnen family, M'lady."

"I should hope so." Ekaterina sniffed, turning her nose up at the moaning prisoner at her feet. "The efforts of Duke Atreides were effective... far too effective."

"Perhaps effective enough that we might try to imitate them?" Aleksandr asked from the corner he had backed into.

"Mouth is open, brother dear, it shouldn't be." Ekaterina smiled sweetly, signalling to a guard who promptly punched Aleksandr in the stomach. "What about those remnants of the Atreides, Fyodor?" She moved to one side, smiling at the crunching of bone under her feet. She heard Alekandr gasp behind her.

"Intercepted messages indicate that they are communicating, but we would need more resources to crack the codes." Fyodor sighed, wishing he was somewhere else, doing something else to someone else. "Most likely they are trying to formulate some kind of strategy to work together, the messages indicate that they are thinly spread."

"And what does the mentat make of their condition?" Ekaterina asked, selecting a sharp, hooked instrument from a bench. "Pay attention, Aleksandr, one day you will be at the end of this little toy. Which end it is, is up to you."

"Running into the desert with little to no preparation. Most likely small bands of starved, weakened, wounded men." Fyodor muttered, trying not to listen to the sounds that Ekaterina's prisoner was making. They turned him on. "They will be dying of dehydration before long."

"Hmm." Ekaterina mused, sitting back and pressing the bloodied tool against her cheek, "So what do you think, mentat; is it worth destroying them as a favour to the dear rotund Baron, or not?" She rolled her eyes as she heard Aleksandr being sick behind her. "Honestly, brother, if you can't stomach one of my interrogations then how on this dusty ball of sand can you live through  Fyodor's?"

"With... persuasion." Fyodor smiled for the first time. "I would declare that the Baron most likely would appreciate your wiping out any Atreides bits and pieces that remain, efficiently if possible. In fact, he might be quite put out if you did not. However," he held up a boney finger, "Although our recent raid has given us the means to make a forage outside the city, it would not be wise to leave Carthag with anything less than full guard. This is you territory, and I would not recommend reaching out of it. Besides, it might upset the other Harkonnen branches hoping to stake claims nearby. I hear your cousin is building a base in Arsunt, and one industrious man is attempting to claim Arrakeen."

"Fat chance of that..." Ekaterina muttered, "So it would not be worth my while to pursue these Atreides?"

"Only if they pursue you, M'lady." Fyodor bowed, "And with due respect, the power that you weild inside the walls of this city should be enough to make any Atreides straggler with half a brain run for Arrakeen or straight into the desert."

"To be eaten by a worm." Ekaterina scowled. "One of these days I'll have those oversized invertebrates culled. The Baron would certainly thank me for that!"

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*** Sure Dante, you can be Harkonnen. FULL Harkonnen.  ;D

Back at the Den Carth was supervising some shipments that were brought from the Arrakeen spaceport. Windtrap power generators. Five.

- Mike, make sure these get to Mr. Gunnar in five day's time. And bring the money straight to me.

- Yeah.. will do. Anything else.

- Not with you... go now, and tell Karl I want to talk to him.

After a few moments, Karl entered the room.

- Well, Carth?

- Listen, Karl, that Atreides didn't answer. Go there and talk to him. Make him meet me, or a least make him receive me. I NEED that spaceport. HIS spaceport. It's such a waste he's not using it... And I haven't seen any spice at all. Here take this message to him. Read it before you hand it over, s you can know what to tel him. Good luck.

[hide] To the Atreides Commander:

I was confident that we'll be able to cooperate. Please respect your end of the bargain.

I would like to invite you here, to talk about some more buisness. We'd like access to the spaceport. I espect you here, or, if you wish, I can come over... but I would recomend radio silence on this. Carth[/hide]

After about 2 hours a smuggler enters the room.

- Carth, we found about 10 Atreides crawling around the Barrier Wall. We took them here. I hope you don't mind.

- No, surely not. Give them food and water and somewhere to rest. I'll talk to them later. Now... you've been to Arrakeen recently?

- Yeah, today.

- Good, what do you know about the Radio Factory "Barako"?

- Well... they are selling lots of shares. Looks like they'll go bankrupt. No one's buying them.

- What's the last price?

- 1.43 solaris.

- Go to Arrakeen. Wait 'til it drops to 1 solaris and then buy ALL the shares.

- ALL??!!

- Yes, all. Go to Oleg and see that he gives you enough money.

- Ok, Carth. You going into the legal thing?

- At least for cover.

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Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! ...Ha ha! >:D

"The original intent with regard to the planet Arrakis was to replace the fallen Atreides with Piter." The dark, sinister shape muttered, apparantly to the young man who was lounging in a chair nearby. "Of course that idiot got himself killed right when he would have proven useful, and so, to my regret, I must turn to family to get this matter under control." A temporary silence filled the room. The younger figure glanced up at the shadows, which sighed impatiently. "I had originally planned to introduce Rabban to take care of it for me," the voice continued in a disgruntled tone of voice, "Time enough for him to crush the populance, get them to hate him. Prepare them for you, my beautiful boy..." The young man smirked. "But I have recently discovered a much less expensive route by which to go about my plan."

"Ekaterina." Feyd smiled lazily.

"Precisely, my boy. You can learn!" Two fat hands clapped once. "My cousin was not born a Harkonne, but she shares the Harkonnen name. I am told she is very much like Piter in her relish for causing pain..." A pause. "Odd woman. She does it for pleasure, not because it needs to be done... Still, she is already on Arrakis and she is building up her power. With the might of House Harkonnen proper behind her she will crush, smash, and most likely mutilate the population of that miserable ball of sand for the next ten years. And then, it will be your turn..."

* * *

"I am to be given control of the fief of Arrakis." Ekaterina announced smugly, sitting straight-backed on the tall, winged throne that she used for formal occasions. A stunned silence greeted her words. The first to move was Aleksandr, who collapsed into a violent fit of coughing. Ekaterina scowled darkly, and flicked a complicated gesture at the two guards she had assigned to watch him at all times. They seized him at once, dragging him out of the audience chamber. 'There's one in every family...' Ekaterina thought to herself with an exasperated sigh. "Well? Doesn't anyone have anything to say?"

"That depends on what you plan to do." Fyodor intoned, wiping a bloodstained hand on a rag. "This news is not news to me, of course, and I have verified it, but this brings as many problems as it does solutions. You are now able, for example, to bring Carthag completely under your control. However, you are now also obligated to oversee the collection of melange, as well as take command in, say, Arrakeen."

"Mentats are such party poopers." Alacia Vorbid smirked, one hand always resting on the inkvine whip that she kept on her belt. The leader of Ekaterina's elite guard bowed low to her mistress, who idely thought that she looked better when her face, and all its scars, was hidden by her long, greasy black hair. When she stood, she smiled grimly. "We shall make this planet yours, Mistress, all yours."

"All eleven of you, that is?" The man on her left smirked, looking straight ahead. Commander Danforth, leader of the Harkonnen guard in Carthag, saluted Ekaterina with a completely straight face, ignoring the threatening glare that Alacia sent his way. "We shall crush them completely, Madam."

"I'm sure you both will." Ekaterina smiled. "But I am going to need to work with a council now, and they will meet here. Not in Arrakeen." She scowled. "Danforth, I want that city under our control in a week. You have the might of Giedi Prime behind you, do not leave Carthag undefended."

"Yes'm." Danforth nodded, turning on his heal and leaving abruptly.

"Now..." Ekaterina turned to Alacia, "There is something I want you to deal with personally..."

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One of the sentinels rushed into Carth's sleeping quarters:

- Carth, wake up! Wake up, man!

- Whoa?! What's going on?

- Read this. NOW!

The man handed him a message from a mole they had in Chartag.

[hide]Ekaterina Harkonnen is not in command on Dune. She'll have to take over Arrakeen as well.[/hide]

- There are already Harkonnens on their way to Arrakeen.

- Well... That's it then. Call the other smugglers. The important ones. And our friends in the city. Tell them to meet me at Bergsun Cave. At 12:00 sharp!

After several hours all have arrived:

- Well, Carth what is going on?

- The harks are coming. Ekaterina in Chartag received control of ALL of Dune. When she'll take Arrakeen our activities will all be deeply disturbed. She'll want all the dough for herself and bribes will be ineficient.

- And you'll want us to fight them? We know you like the Atreides, but such an uprising would be suicidal.

- I know. Let's start with ambushes and sabotages. Small scale attacks.

- Wait  a minute, who said we aproved?

- I'll start this, so join me when you'll see fit. But, please don't betray me. I'm not doing this only for me. Your lives are at stake here too. Think about it....

That very same night Carth's men swooped the Arrakeen region, gathering info about the harks force to come, about where the soldiers will be camped, who will lead them, etc.

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One of the men from the meeting returned to Carth.

- Well, my friend, what was all that about?

- What?

- You really want to rise against the harks?

- I only want them out of Arrakeen, so I can conduct my buissnes.

- Only that?

- Mostly.

- Mostly?

Carth laughes:

- And Ekaterina, of course...


- She provoked me.

- She doesen't even know you exist, little sand scoundrel. She deosen't CARE if you exist.

- She should. I wonder how really is such a woman?

- ARE YOU MAD? What's going on inside your idiotic head?

- I heard she looks great.

- So what you want to do? Marry her?

- No way man... too dangerous. Enslave her. After I defeat her.

- You never wanted to dominate anyone...

- Well... She's one harkonnen hard bitch... what would you care what happends to her?

- I don't care what happends to her. I care what happends to her. And to us. Don't drag us into your affairs. PERSONAL affairs. I have to leave now... BTW we'll back you up... but don't do anything stupid, ok?

Carth remained in a state of shock:"WTF have I just said? I want to dominate her, to enslave her? AM I OUT OF MY MIND? She's safer dead than alive."

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"Danforth." The commander grunted into the ornithopter radio. He checked the sky one last time before the takeoff preparations began.

"New orders, sir." The voice on the other end spoke smoothly, "Arrakeen to be dealt with when stronger forces are ready. New target is Arsunt, repeat: Arsunt. Copy that."

"New target, town of Arsunt." Danforth sighed, preparing to relay the command. It was sensible, but he wished the timing had been better.

* * *

A few hours pass

* * *

Ekaterina Harkonnen hummed tunelessly to herself as yet another of a seemingly endless stream of captives writhed beneath her pen. She signed her name on the woman's back, before moving on to the next gagged person.

"My grandfather used to do this, I'm told." She smiled to Fyodor as he entered the gloomy metal room. "He used to sign his name on the backs of the slaves he owned, so that he could always tell if one escaped."

"As I recall, M'lady, the old Count used ink in his pens." Fyodor commented. "Vitriol is perhaps not what he had in mind when designing the procedure."

"Details, details." Ekaterina smiled, finishing her signiture off with a flourish that drove the sharp pen nib deep into the flesh of the man strapped to the table. "It works out the same anyway. And it serves as a punishment in itself. Very convenient." She paused on her way to the next captive, pursing her lips. "Was there something you wanted, Fyodor?" She leaned down to the last of the captives.

"Your brother redirected Commander Danforth to Arsunt." Fyodor droned, tensing his muscles just in case he had to leap away.

"Arsunt?!" Ekaterina bellowed, stabbing the pen into the flesh of a teenage girl who had apparantly been one of the guards of the spice hoarde. "Arsunt?! The little... why I-" She screwed her eyes shut for a moment, crouching down before leaping back up and slamming the pen directly into the spinal chord of her victim. She took a deep breath.

"Did he explain himself?" She asked, her voice an icy calm.

"Yes, Ma'am." Fyodor said, backing away slowly. "He claimed that Arrakeen should wait until the reinforcements from Giedi Prime arrive, as well as local recruiting. He also claimed that Arsunt was full of eager volunteers. It would not be advisable to turn the Commander back now, as he is close to the town, but I assume I shall be sending him to Arrakeen as soon as possible?" He waited as a long pause rolled out, filled with the groaning of the captives and the morbid gurgling that was the girl dying as acid ate into her spine.

"No." Ekaterina answered at last, glancing down at the girl. "Alexandr may have had a point, for once. Does this mean he is feeling... helpful, again?"

"No, Madam." Fyodor sighed, "He has confined himself to his room, fearful of your wrath. Shall I have him extracted and brought to you?"

"No." Ekaterina growled. "My brother may have made a sensible decision, for once, but if I am so much as in the same room as him any time soon I shall personally drag him to the nearest interrogation chamber and test out every toy that I have ever hesitated to use. Clear? Keep that spineless little addict out of my way."


"Good." Ekaterina snorted, looking down at the girl on the table. She reached down with a smirk, and began to slowly twist the pen. "How are those reinforcements coming, by the way?"

"Several hundred men being the first delivery, they will arrive in two days or so." Fyodor reported, "Of course that's only the beginning. For guarding and mining the spice, keeping the, ah heh heh, keeping the peace, guarding your mansion... Several thousand are expected in the next few weeks. Mostly troops that have not served here before, however. Those that have spent time on Arrakis were... emphatic, that they should not return. The Baron humoured them."

"Hmph. I'd have executed the lot." Ekaterina muttered. She twisted the pen a milimetre deeper.

'I'm sure you would have...' Fyodor thought to himself. "The Baron's reasons are his own, I am sure." He said out loud.

* * *

"No resistance from city thus far." Danforth reported, "Civilians seem resigned to Harkonnen rule. No incidents. Plan three sweeps of city in coming weeks to ferret out any problematic elements. Danforth out."

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Carth rallied all of the traders, smugglers, industrialists of and around Arakeen. Around 5000 men widely dispersed.

"I cannot do anything... These men will not follow me. They'll follow their leaders. And the leaders have better things to do than march into campaigns."

- Sven!

- Yeah?

- Go print this in about 500 copies and head to the city. I want this platnet in every market and any importand place.

- Uhh... ok... but this will bring us in trouble with the harks.

- Yeah, I know.

"Citizens of Arrakeen,

You are the most liberal of all the people on Arrakis,

you hate the Harkonnens and this is why the late DUke Leto Atreides

chose this city as capital.

The Harkonnens have always been cruel and ahve always murdered and

dishonored the people.

You are asked to take up arms whenever is neccesary against them.

If they attepmt to take control of Arrakeen we will fight toghtther.

You are not alone. The Rally point is the Palace.

Yours CARTH"

- Well, lad, is it that smart to sign your name?

- I have to... I want to be shure noone takes my credits out of this.

And pick some guys to stand around the most important places and recruit

ant people willing to fight by our side. Use the Galls Cavern for this.

I'll come there as soon as there are people there, ok? Set up transmitters.

- You going to war with the harks?

- I hope not.

Message to Ekaterina Harkonnen, Location Chartag:

[hide] A battle won't do any of us any good. Give Arrakeen authonomy. If you're willing meet me at High Rock within 24 hours. You can bring your advisor(s) but leave your personal guards 500 meters away, as I shall do. If you won't do that I will not show myself. Carth[/hide]

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Deep in the catacombs, Huahinian scientists were busy producing weapons.  Not conventional weapons though, weapons designed to attract the great worms of Dune. The Harkonnens would pay, and the Guild and the Emperor will be most unsatisfied...

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"They are... threatening me?" Ekaterina asked, shaking her head slightly.

"Er... Not as such, M'lady." Fyodor said, making sure that his shield was at full power. "More... making demands of you. Reports from those Harkonnen forces still in the city indicate that this 'Carth' has gathered together several thousand fighters, not to mention the numerous civilians present in the city. Might I say, Madam, that you appear to be taking the news remarkably well."

"They think... to oppose me?" Ekaterina asked, confusion evident on her face.

"Yes, Madam." Fyodor said, sweat running down his face.

"Hmm.." Ekaterina placed a finger on her cheek, apparantly thinking. "This is new, Fyodor, I never expected this. Who is this Carth?"

"A smuggler, M'lady. I believe he was active during the reign of your predecessor, but seems to have become more politically minded since the arrival and subsequent departure of the Atreides."

"A smuggler..." Ekaterina mused. "Therefore he is engaging in illegal activity anyway, and working against me makes it even more so?"

"Correct, Madam. He also requests that you meet him at High Rock, in person, to discuss giving the city of Arrakeen free rule."

Ekaterina's eyes bulged. "What?"

"He... wishes to give Arrakeen free rule." Fyodor mumbled. He backed away as Ekaterina stood up from her throne, and began to slowly walk towards him.

"Are you saying," she hissed, "That he wishes to take a city out from my very nose, from this whole planet, and that he expects me to do this willingly?!"

"M-more likely he is only sending this message in order to observe a formality." Fyodor trembled, "I doubt he has any intention of showing himself at High Rock."

"Oh? Pity." Ekaterina sighed. "Very well, destroy Arrakeen."


"We're still waiting on men so use ornithopters, there are plenty of those. Use lasguns mounted on ornithopters, yes, that'll be nice. And lots of them, I want them to blot out the sun, is that clear?"

"But Madam, Arrakeen is important to the-"

"Damage the starport but don't destroy it." Ekaterina continued, apparantly not listening. "Everything important there is underground, and the loss of a few soldiers can be stomached. Get them to detonate the stoneburners we keep in the city as well, we'll call it the work of this 'Carth.' And try to leave the spice facilities standing, we'll need them. How man men recruited from Giedi Prime so far?"

"Twelve thousand, M'lady. Eight thousand here in Carthag, four thousand in Arsunt. I have reason to believe at this number will double before the Baron is finished."

"Excellent." Ekaterina smirked. "Carthag spice production?"

"Taking over from Arrakeen. Still taking a loss compared to old figures, but not all of the equipment has arrived yet." Fyodor sighed. He felt comfortable with facts. They didn't often kill you.

"How many stoneburners stored in Arrakeen?" Ekaterina asked casually.

"Er... Ten, M'lady." Fyodor hesitated.

"Mmm, that's a bit too much." Ekaterina mused, "Tell the men to detonate three of them, preferably destroying the palace in the process. That's a thought, have the ornithopters destroy the palace too, if the stoneburner doesn't. And make sure this 'Carth' gets the blame. I don't know what kind of idiot signs his name to a statement like that, but we will certainly make him regret it. Oh yes, and one more thing."


"Anyone seen looking at, holding, talking about, or otherwise acknowledging the existence of this message is to be burned alive. Is that clear?"

* * *

Arrakeen. Bustling, populous city. Water sellers, shoppers, merchants, the occasional blue-tinted pair of eyes belonging to a Fremen. A muffled explosion, then screams; as the sun is blotted out by the many wings...

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- Yo, man! They're exterminating Arrakeen!!!

- What?

- Three stoneburners and then an airfleet of ornis that are crushing everithing!!


Send for our friends around the city, tell them to attck the fleet.

- Yes... SIR.

Message to all anti-harkonnen factions:


Arrakeen is under attck. The Harkonnens are exterminating the city. We need reinforcements. Fast and furious! [/hide]

Message to Ekaterina Harkonnen:

[hide] I wonder what you'll do when there won't be any more people left here.[/hide]

- I want a hospital to be set up at Carson Point. In the caves. I want 50 men on that. The rest of us will take any wounded to the cars on the battlefield or we'll send anyone with cars over there. Remember: anyone who has a car - make the owner use it as an ambulance. Don't force them, but MAKE them realise it's their moral duty.

The 450 smugglers and the recruits took positions around Arrakeen and started to shoot down the Harkonnen ornis with lasers and missles. After a short time friendly ornis appeared to protect the people fleeing Arrakeen.

Carth received a message:

[hide] You IDIOT! You thought you could reason with a HARKONNEN??? Now you brought all that onto us! It's your reponsability! Remember that! Signed: your NECESSARY allies.[/hide]

"I KNOW! I KNOW! I murdered all of those people. But I won't stop until I rip to pieces every last Harkonnen on Dune!"

As they advanced, the smugglers took more and more people to the improvised ambulances that transported the wounded to safety. The city-dwellers that had weapons joined the smugglers in the fight. The Harkonnen ornis, caught between their task, the dogfight and the fierce AA fire were dropping like flies. Still too many too say the battle was won.

" I have an idea! HA! My darling Katerina, a smuggler knows the ways of politics!"

- I want ten men with me! NOW!

After 15 minutes the squad reached a heavily damaged building that was the Harkonnen Command Post. Carth started to look for something and finaly found it: the Harkonnen off-world transmitter. The machine the harks used to send messages to Giedi Prime.

- Fast, make it work, take it online!! Move!!!

In a couple of minutes in a rain of fire the machine was put online.

Message to Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, Harko, Giedi Prime:


Honored Baron, my liege,

I am sorry to report that your representative here on Arrakis, Lady Katerina Harkonnen, has decided to exterminate the city of Arrakeen. I proposed that the city of Arrakeen would be granted anutonomy. We all know that capitalist rule would bring both HUGE amounts of money, and also would satisfy the population. Lady Katerina has thus denied your highness of the posibility of money and security here in Arrakeen. Actually her deeds will bring your highness new expenses: reconstruction of the city, repopulation of the city. Remember that Arrakeen is... I'm sorry, WAS, the largest producer of spice on Arrakis. And, as far as I know that is the asset of the Great House Harkonnen, isn't it?

I trust that your higness will understand that you representative here is working against your interests,

Yours loyal,

Carth Bindar, Arrakeen Buisnessman[/hide]

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Finding a Harkonnen transmitter. How convenient. And in a Harkonnen Command post which I think I mentioned was underground and guarded. And being able to reach Giedi Prime when messages in the Duniverse are relayed via messengers aboard Guild Heighliners. Very clever. And attempting to prove that a state under non-Harkonnen rule would still generate profit for the Harkonnens. Hmm, very shrewd. Incidentally, there shouldn't actually be a palace in Arrakeen since there is no Emperor on Arrakis. Perhaps you'll forgive me if I'm a tad skeptical about all this?

Message back to Arrakeen:

I'll Salt the ground.

To civilians fleeing Arrakeen:

Take shelter in Tsimpo, Carthag, and Arsunt. Arrakeen will either be taken under Harkonnen command or destroyed. If you wish to preserve your city, you may wish to reconsider where your loyalties lie.

The craters left by the stoneburners smouldered away as the ornithopters swooped overhead. Harkonnen insignia far outnumbered the unmarked machines, and the weight of numbers was pressing heavily. Lasgun fire flashed back and forth, slicing apart the unlucky ornithopters while others dived aside. Fires were already springing up across the city, spreading from house to house and leaping streets as the driest of atmospheres went up in smoke.

The battle had been raging for three hours when half of the Harkonnen force peeled away, flapping towards the south. The other half, which regrouped on the west side of the city, immediately suffered losses, but quickly set out a pattern of darting out to return fire before disappearing back into the body of the fleet. This continued for another twelve minutes, with the Harkonnen defensive position working well. Few Harkonnen ornithopters were lost, but they scored no damage on the city during those twelve minutes. It was then that the other half of the fleet reappeared from the south, providing air cover for the two hundred and fifty ground carriers that hurtled towards the city.

Arrival of ground troops: 1 post

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(O.O.C. --> Bearing in mind that I've only read Dune and Dune Messiah, I'm joining this thread in the same way that someone tests how hot bathwater is before sitting down in it.  My Dune knowledge is limited, but I'll do my best to bluff my way past this.  Any dicrepancies I make, feel free to correct me, they will be changed if they're valid.  Otherwise... here goes nothing. :))

The last of the Ixian shuttles floated away from the heighliner, then activated its engines and began the routine process of entering the planet's atmosphere.  The Ix had been absent from Dune for too long; there was profit to be made here that didn't directly involve the spice, and the Ix were going to make the most of it.

This particular shuttle carried Head Ambassador Relnev, who had been ordered by his superiors to set up on Arrakis.  This was mainly to test some of the more destructive weapons that were currently under development by the Ixian engineers that were already on the planet's surface, but also to make the presence of the Ix known on Arrakis, making a tidy profit in the process.  But there had been complications... there were always complications.

The arrival of the Atreides on Arrakis had made the Ixians think twice about sending anything to the spice-planet.  The inevitable dispute between the Harkonnens and the Atreides could spell nothing but threats, bribes and more illegality than the Ix were willing to risk.  Trying to trade and supply two warring Houses at the same time was never a good idea.  But now... now, the Harkonnens were firmly in command.  True, there was still some remnant forces bent on being 'free', but they posed no threat.  They could be traded with, without the threat of another planet attacking the Ix elsewhere.  The Harkonnens were possibly not the best of rulers, but they were undeniably the only thing that held the planet together; the only force that kept the spice flowing.

"The Ambassador's shuttle approaches." intoned the tannoy system that had been hastily set up around the perimeter of the Ixian landing site.  It was a relatively small spot, just outside the battle-ravaged Arrakeen.  A couple of locals were brave enough to creep from their hiding places to see what was making all the noise, but didn't dare get too close.  Some ornithopters bearing the Harkonnen emblem had spotted the Ix almost immediately, but wisely opted not to simply attack them on sight, instead rushing back to transmitter range of Carthag to report this event.

The shuttle lined up for landing, switching to hover boosters and slowly descending.  A couple of bodyguards - equipped with various strange and shiny weapons - opened the doors of the vehicle, and jumped the small distance to the planet's surface, ensuring the safety of the site.  Soon after, the land was complete, and Head Ambassador Relnev stepped out.  He was a tall man, about six and a half feet in height, with light blue eyes and a physique that most Ixians of his intelligence did not posess.

"What progress has been made?" he asked.  One of the bodyguards stepped forward.

"Sire, we have begun establishment of an overground base of operations.  Digging has been scheduled to begin in forty minutes, once the mining equipment has been properly set up."

"Defences?" Relnev asked.  Another bodyguard stepped forward.

"Small lasgun turrets have been erected around the base perimeter, with the hired hands doing routine patrols.  Limited anti-aircraft ability at this time, sire."

"Communications?" asked Relnev, who had begun walking to the command tent.  One of the bodyguards followed slightly closer than the rest.

"Full communications ability, sire.  We are listening on all known Harkonnen channels, and are vigilant of incoming diplomatic envoys.  We also await any communications from the remnant parties on Arrakis, to monitor their wishes."

"Excellent.  Continue as planned." Relnev finished.  He entered the command tent, and began to sort through the small pile of reports that had already accumulated.  Things were going well.

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Message to the Ixians:

Your presence is required in Carthag immediately. Ekaterina Harkonnen, holder of the fief of Arrakis, demands it. Tea and biscuits will be served.

With the arrival of the Ixians, the Harkonnen troops adjusted immediately to new orders from Carthag. With Arrakeen burning and torn apart, most of the ornithopters land near the Ixian camp, for the protection of the Ixians. The rest turned and headed north, for Carthag or Arsunt. The land transports slid to a halt nearby, disgorging their contents. Three hundred transports, each carrying ten men. Three thousand Harkonnen troops begin to make camp outside the city.

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OOC: Sorry, Dante, forgot how the info-transmition worked in Dune. Let's say I managed to send one guy with this message to the Baron through the space-port. And, well, let me take my chances with that message... :)

After he safely send the currier into space Carth and what was left of his men ( there was some serious fighting at the space-port) went back to their lines.

The Harkonnen managed to destroy most of the city. That was a serious defeat. Large numbers of refugees reached the camps erected safely outside of the harks rech (hopefully). AA missles were placed strategically around these objectives.

- How do we stand? Casualties?

- 100 of our 500 men are dead, lost or wounded. Form the 3500 men we recruited 1500 are dead, lost or wounded. I dunno anything from our allies. And something more: some Ixian vessel landed not far from Arrakeen. They're digging themselves in. The harks moved in and they look that they're guarding the ixians.

- Jeez!! Try to contact the Ixians via the transmitters. ANY channel. I want to meet their commander. Let's hope for an allience. Any word from the Atreides troops??

- Nothing sir.

- SIR?!

- You're the commander now, not the smuggler anymore. I heard that there are unrests in some other settlements too.

- Unrests? Just unrests? I was hoping for a general uprising!

- The people are too terrefied to go to war just like that.

- We have to give them a victory, somthing to believe in. Have the harks pulled out of Arrakeen?

- Can't say... The city it's burning like a torch.

- Let's move in and try to put out the fire. Gather civilian volonteers  to aid us, ok?

- Carth, I really hope you realize that you cant do it ALL.

- You mean it's better to pull out.

- Yup.

- Let's retreat for the rocky area and the caverns. DON'T enter the caverns. remember the Atreides. But I want some guy to go in undercover and send the survivors to our camps. And to try and save the wounded.

- I'll pick them out, you take care of the big picture.

- Thanx Sven.

After a short while a smuggler aproaches Carth:

- The Ixians have been invited at Chartag. What are yer orders?

- Keep me informed. I HAVE to meet their commander. If they go there, I'll have to go in.

The man looked at Carth amazed and left.

"This is geting out of control!!!"

- Maverik!

- Yeah?

- Come here. I have a mission for you.

Maverik approached.

- Pick your best men and try to steal some hark onris. Then head for the refineries and stay low until my orders. Remember to search the ornies for the tracking devices.

- Sure man... Wish me luck.

"I'm in desperate need of allies."

Message to the people of Arrakis:

"Arrakeen was destroyed for nothing.

Your home town could be next.

Come towards Arrakeen and meet up with our men.

We need you, and you need us.

One has to fight in order to earn his freedom.

Freedom is gained through battle. Freedom is not given away.

The harkonnens give you nothing but slavery.


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A large tremor reverborated through the Ixian Camp.  Build right on the edge of a rock plateau, many of the vehicles and 'thopters were temporarily placed on the sand under the assumption that should a worm come, they'd have enough firepower to drive it away.

Another tremor, this one caught the attention of an Harkonnen Ornithoptor Patrol.  Swooping low over the sand dunes, their scanners picked up electrical activity.  As they got closer, another tremor created a ripple effect across the sand, as the 'thopter's scanners picked up a sudden surge of electrical activity, Worm Sign...

Nothing could save the Harkonnen 'thopter crew now as the a giant sand worm, a shai-hulud, pounced up from underneath them with pin-point accuracy.  The Huahinian Seismic bombs had worked.  Back by the base, another, although much smaller, worm, had destroyed around twenty of the Ixian and Harkonnen Orni's, whilst two Harvesters, and many other vehicles were destroyed that night. 

Even though they could not control the worms, the Huahinian Leader, Chris, was pleased that they had managed to point them in the right direction.

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The Smugglers took notice of the increasingly accurate worm attacks in the region.

New messages were send to potential allies. No response yet. The Atreides remnants seemed deaf. Only the other Arrakeen smugglers and the population of the city were willing to fight.

As the forces gathered, Carth's men, the first recruits, the new volonteers from the attack's survivors, and the allies' men stood about 8.250 strong. Most of them only had swords, but the smugglers supplied them with lasres and projectile weapons. All of the wealth of the smugglers was gathered in order to be spend on weapons. For this they needed a space-port.

Message to Atreides Marauders:

[hide] We would need to use your space-port for off-world transactions. Requesting urgent answer. Carth [/hide]

Insurgents were send to the largest cities and towns across Arrakis and started to cause unrests and riots across the Harkonnen domain. Some men were send to the fremen to call them to fight.

(OOC: No one playes the fremen. Odd.)

Also small-scale attacks and ambushes were mounted against the Hakonnen troops still in the Arrakeen area. The smugglers succeeded in capturing 2 light ornis, 1 medium orni, 1 transport orni and several trikes and quads.

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After the worm attack, the Harkonnen troops received new orders. The Ixians were removed from their position and forced to move further back onto rock, where their base was reconstructed. The Harkonnen forces camped outside the Ixian base, security tighter than ever.

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- We're losing many men. And we're losing them fast. They don't know how to fight. At least not against the harks.

- I know Sven, I know... Any further attack would mean yet another defeat. Pass down this order: all men retreat to the cave systems inside the Barrier Wall. We'll train them there. And then we'll start guerilla attacks.

- Yes sir. We captured one more light orni. And 2 trikes.

- Take all captured tech to our "treasure dome". It'll be safe there.

- Ekaterina has send this message.

Sven handed Carth the message the harks send throughout the planet.

- What can I say... Counter-propaganda. I wonder how loyal our men are. The ones that wanted to leave left long ago to the harkonnen towns.

- I dunno. I say to retreat to the desert.


- To the fremen.

- But no fremen contacted us yet. No sietch did nothing. Those stinkin' bastards that say they hate the harkonnen did nothing while we were slaughtered here.

Sven sighed.

- Listed, I have an idea: let's contact Ekaterina's brother.

Sven remained shocked:

- w-what?...

- I understand he has a different behaviour than his sister. He may prove a worthy ally. I'd like him ruling Dune, not that bitch.

- I don't know if he'll listen to us.

- I think he diverted the first wave of troops send here. He might have wanted to help us. We did take some harkonnen uniforms, right?

- We lost them all...

- Send a team to look for some bodies and take their uniforms. I'll send someone to this guy...

- I volonteer.

- Not you, man... you're too important here. Now go and do what I told you.

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I'll be the fremen tribe of mushtal ridge. Leader Seth Dinsdar. Location: Mushtal Ridge, just south-west of the shield wall facing north. Population about 700, about 600 troops, 1 surface-to-orbit spaceship, 2 harvesters, 16 ornis, 8 sand crawlers, 6 trikes. Desciption of location: Huge cavern city with about 60 tunnels leading up to the surface. 10 different escape routes.

The fremen were recieving reports of the incident at Arakeen. Soon after reading the report Seth Dinsdar organised a diplomatic party to send to the remenanents of the Smugglers and Atreides. He gave the party a message saying

[hide]I think we should ally together. If we unite we are a much stronger force to be reckoned with. I have 450 highly trained fremen warriors, 4 trikes, 5 sand crawlers with anti-air capability and 12 ornis at my disposal. Seth Dinsdar of the fremen of Mushtal ridge[/hide]

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