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Nominations for polls concerning FED2K's B-Day


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Thanks to Edric, I discovered that this is FED2K's fifth year of serving the Dune community, So I want all you guys who visit the forums to nominate the following:

Your favourite news article on FED2K

Your favourite thread on the FED2K forums

Your favourite Dune event of the last five years (Ie. the opening of FED2K, the release of the prequels, the mini, the games)

The most memoriable moment on FED2K

You've got about a week to nominate them, then the five most popular of each of those is going into a poll (whether its going to be talked about on the news page and the poll is on the forums, or Gob makes a Poll page and mentions it on the top of the news page is unknown yet), the results of which will be released later on.

If you have any other idea's for polls relating to FED2K's fifth birthday, be sure to send them to me.

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Here's the votes from the Danish jury ;D. (or they will be here at some time)

News: That the Butlerian Jihad and the 7th novell would be made

Thread: Connections between Dune and Christianity

Event: the prequels

Moment: When I heard of Dunesday ;D

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sorry but i dont know anything except my most memorable post. ive made a new friend, Phyrex via a tread named EITS Rush.

It is my most memorable tread.

as im still quite new but talkative i do not know about others.

but anyways, Happy Birthday Fed-2K!

Have a smooth-flowing and good New Year!

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news: "Warcraft isn't the only RTS going 3D" article in a magazine - the first hint at Dune 3

thread: Tanks Debate in A2k (those were the days, eh Shaddam? ;) )

Dune event: The release of Emperor!

moment: Me being one of the winners of Mahdi's trivia quiz, had it not been cancelled... :(

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  • 2 weeks later...

News: Emperor's release.

Thread: The articals of fan fiction :)

Favorite dune event: When it was simple and only dune 2000 was out. everybody was making articals for Dune 3;)

Favorite moment: When the website was first remodeled.:)

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