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Someone keeps stealing my letters... (Fun MP game)


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Nope, it is many people playing at once.

Best multiplayer game of the year.

Fun to play when people work together, hten people steal your letters and you have to find them again.

Playing tag is the best game to play.

EDIT - We should be in there and keep writing "First ever Dune" and if someone googles that the first one to show up is fed2k. We could get lots of people!

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this is a very addicting game... i've spelled 'slaphapy'  ' dune Zk' (did my best without a 2) and i also managed to get in a game where there was a short period of working together!! (see attachment) ok... so it wasnt the best but we did start seperating into colors, with only a few scattering players.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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