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  1. When you play Ordos it means that you should be a good rusher. Before Atredies can pump out a single mino his base shall be filled with dust scouts.
  2. Oh! And projected Ordos laser tanks VS Ordos APC/Laser Tanks/Deviators! Hell of a nasty thing!
  3. What does Copec does to his brother in the movie?
  4. Oh right. I'll try it right now.
  5. I havn't tried killing sard eilte with NIAB... Anyway, if someone knows, pls post on here how many shots it takes a NIAB to kill a sard elite. I never used to play any game with both sard and fremen, because I luv the Ix too much(precisely, the Ix bombs). But I feel that sards build faster...
  6. Oops! Fixed my post. It's supposed to be 50 not 5000(wow I could retire if I get money that easy) I know 30k is dumb(or noobish) but still you can't think of anything to counter it, can't you?(apart from rush!) The four players are me, Jeffrey, Jacky and Jeromy. All four of us study in the same school when we're young and we work in a same shop selling computer games.
  7. Any player play with Copec instead of Gunseng? I never, cux Copec looks UGLY and I'd like to pound his a$$.
  8. Oops! Forgot to mention mine! The Carryall...The often fly my harvesters to nme spice field, especially when they are heavily defended by themselves...
  9. Sards of fremen? Let's compare the both of them with the Guild NIAB tank. It takes 5-6 shots for a NIAB to kill a fremen(both) It takes 15 shots for a NIAB to kill a sard(both) It takes 4-6 shots for fremen fred to kill a NIAB It takes ? shots for fremen warrior to kill a NIAB It takes 15 shots for a sard troop to kill a NIAB It takes 14 shots for a sard elite to kill a NIAB Pros of fremen: The sard is 4 times as attractive than a fremen to worms. The fremen are stealthed! The fremen warrior has great range Pros of sards: The sards are immune to fremen freds. The sards build faster than a fremen. One of the sards can hit air. Pros of EBFD: You can choose two sub-house! Choose BOTH sards and fremen if you don't know what to choose! Hail to Dune!!!
  10. And to mention: All four players participating in this game are decent I can tell. We can wipe one the entire Emperor Worm mission map within 25 minutes(I mean wipe out the WHOLE map!)
  11. 1st: not much player will have an air force good enough to kill in the first 2 minutes. 2nd: long term economy? The game finishes in about 5 minutes! EITS fail? IX bombs bombing you base + guild screwing you up like hell. It takes 5 fremen fred to kill one single guild tank and 15 sard shoot to do the same. We have so many back ups.
  12. You can't get a large defense group within 2 minutes as well. Besides, all player 1 makes is dustscouts + gas troopes, no high-end units, so we can have 20-30 pretty quick. all player 2 make is EITS and some few Kobra, and with 30k, no prob. If you manage to build Air Drone before we get EITS, we will switch to plan B--Guild. When you build Air Drones you must have built a Hanger which means you only have 1 barraks so you don't produce tanks fast enough to counter Guild. Also the EITS player leaves his MCV behind and build in his ally's base. Of course I'm going to leave SOME units for defense. Units enough to with stand good units. And you can't possibly build engy + APC within 2 minutes, too. You can possibly pump out enough mino to kill a whole load of dustscout + Kobra, the maximum mino we have ever encountered is 2, which both opponents know exactly what we're doing and went for mino without even building a ref. Wind, Fac, Fac up, mino, but he still can't get a force good enough before the EITS get his fac. So sards and worms? Outta the question. Emprworm mentioned it. The only method to counter is to do the same thing so that it's a tie. Not to mention: Ordos are built to rush, so in the first few minutes of the game, Ordos always have an advantage with cheap, 'useless' units.
  13. OK, for starters, the "top most elite players" don't play on 30k, especially against Guild. Nonetheless, this entire glorified rush can be stopped with snipers, Kindjal, and a handful of assorted vehicles, no prob. A turret or two would be helpful as well, but mostly overkill. Everything that you see in the BO goes on within 2 minutes, so by 3 minutes, the player is dead and you can't get snipers, Knidjal, a handful of assorted vehicles and turrets within 2 minutes. Building snipers, Knidjal and vehicles can't stop EITS, and plus, with you whole base gone, my partner can wear you down slowly. If you go for Air Drone, there'll be dustscouts & gas troops & Kobra waiting for you... AA troopers can't shoot down EITS effectively and if you have loads AA troopers my partner will rush his forces(which is basically all anti-infantry units) in to finish them all. The EITS CANNOT be stopped, we tried 10 times.
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