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    Pistols at dawn. I just did the free trial and purchased 100 days =)
  2. Ok first, what are your thoughts on this topic. I don't want to just dive in with my idea and then get gunned down by corrections (or gunwounds)lol ;D
  3. i know chrismas is a long time away, but i talked my parents into gettin a new pc. Buget of about
  4. I couldn't agree more with the blame situation. i'm kinda the other way round though, i wouldnn't sue the ladder company if i fell off, i'd blame myself for leaning too far.
  5. i don't want to play an exellent MMORPG, i want to play a good MMORPG that doesnt cost much. i accept that WoW is better than Guild Wars, but guild wars is a hell of a lot cheaper. GW is the poor mans WoW, and i am poor :( and as for the lack of new content, there are free updates every week or so with 2 new areas coming in the next few weeks. Rune traders have been added, PVP reward system, Scrolls, new trading materials ect. You seem to hate GW, you should accept that it is a good game. not exellent, but value wise...
  6. Guild wars is worth getting. According to an interview there will be an expansion pack every year costing
  7. The fact is, 90% of the worlds problems are due to poor parenting.
  8. I havn't posted in well over a year, my linguil skills are pretty rusty so i'll probably give the wrong idea but please try to add to the debate rather than flame me. www.mavav.com, after seeing this i went quite crazy. Maybe computer games arn't satan, perhaps, just perhaps the flashing images don't turn little angels into bloodthirsty murderers. Maybe the games didn't turn your child into a slob, maybe it was your poor motavational skills. And here's a long shot, maybe your child isn't failing at school because he shot an alien last night, maybe it's because your son is a FRIKKIN IDIOT. Maybe you are willing to blame anything and anybody exept yourself for your child's failings in life. "MacDonalds made my son/daughter fat" - no, if macdonalds was the cause then every human being within a 2 mile radius of it would be morbidly obease. The fact is, i live near a macdonalds, a pizza hut and a KFC, yet if anything i'm underweight. Well i guess the billionare MacDonalds has it in for your son/daughter and they just don't care about the joneses' perfectly healthy child next door. THERE ARE 2 POSSIBLE REASONS FOR YOUR CHILD OBESITY 1)It is genetic 2)It is because you never taught your child self restriction EITHER WAY IT IS YOUR FAULT instead of blaming McDonalds - blame god for making potatoes - blame potatoes for being so easy to prepare - blame the chips for not leaping out of your childs mouth or... - blame your poor parenting skills And to make things worse, your inability to take blame is spreading to your children "it wasn't me", "i didn't do it" blatent lies, i know as i am in secondary school (high school),nothing is ever your fault, "he made me", "he started it". i pity those children, it has been proven that your behaviour is almost completly based on how you were brought up, the wolf child documentery proved this. Every generation it gets worse. please feel free to express your views. and i would love to see someone manage to disagree.
  9. me and my mate now have our own servers and web site... and it's pretty neat if i say so myself. I was wondering if any of you would like to join our forum, if enough of you join i will make a dedicated dune section! hope to see you there www.rd-gaming.co.uk feel free to tell me what you think of the site ;D
  10. hi all, i got a light gun on christmas for my xbox and would like to know of any good lightgun games :D
  11. gerbilpoo

    forget GTA:SA

    ??? .yup you heard me. http://www.elderscrolls.com/games/oblivion_overview.htm look there.
  12. just played GTA:SA at my friends... it must be the single most overhyped game since the beggining of time. 6/10 and i am being sooooo kind at that just above average
  13. erm A)boris (yuris revenge) B)mammoth mark II (tiberian sun) C)artillary copter (yuris revenge) D)Dreadnought (yuris revenge) E)Telaxu flesh thing (emporer) F)E.M.P patriot missile system (generals: zero hour) 8)
  14. ;D wow i just found out about this go to www.adventchildren.net it looks pretty sweet so far... just hope it dont go as bad as SW that was lame :P
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