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  1. I want to use the unit voices from the Dune 2000 game in Emperor, so I can replace the group selection voices (for the duke! for the duke! complying! complying!). I have already modified the sfx text files that change the selection/attack/move voices, but I want to know where should I put the D2k audio files (and how to extract them in the first place). I want to do the same with the D2k music, choosing the music tracks that fits each house. Regarding the mentat/AI voices, I don't know if every house in Emperor can have their own mentat voice, like in D2K; but I still want to try (the missing dialog/warnings will use the default Emperor voice). It seems that in the DIALOG folders there are lines that could be used differently for each house.
  2. Rise en español significa alzamiento, ascenso o levantamiento; no Risa. Creo que la campaña "Rise of the Mercenaries" debería llamarse: "Ascenso de los Mercenarios". Suena mejor. Solo tratando de aportar. Saludos.
  3. I don't know why, but CPU-Z does't tell me what is the manufacturer, part number and serial number... WTF? I have PC 3200 (200 Mhz), must I buy one of the same manufacturer?
  4. I have 1024Mb of RAM, and I want to increase it to 2028Mb... I don't know what to buy because I don't remember the cuantity, type, brand, etc. of the RAM cards I have already installed... Someone told me about a program that let you see your system specifications with details... I don't remember its name.
  5. The creative diagnostics software says that I don't have any problem. No matter which cables do I use, the center speaker never works(digitally speaking, because physically the 5.1 system is ok). heres is a photo of what this program looks.
  6. THx setup console? Speaker calibration wizard? how can I access these? analog output... checked appropriate speakerselection... checked
  7. I was short of time, sorry. By connected, I meant to the internet (Broadband). And IE works, without problems. I open FF, try to load a web page, but nothing happens, not even the loading bar appears, not even an error message. This happens since I reinstalled windows (without reformating), because of a motherboard problem. I reinstalled FF (and fully upgraded), but the problem persisted.
  8. You will make me reinstall EB4D! Why disabling the Heighliners and homeworld mission? They were my favorites. They still can be redesigned! If this mod takes after the defeat of the emperor worm, which house was the victorious? And which homeworld was attacked at the end levels? What is ICW?
  9. The default software is called Creative AudioHQ, which consist in smaller programs, such as creative EAX settings, Speaker setting, Sound fonts, and a piano useless thing. With the EAX setting I can select the effects, and with the speaker settings, the configuration of the speakers volume of bass, center, etc.
  10. The web browser just doesn't load the web pages, as if my PC weren't connected.
  11. I have some options in my speaker setting (default software of the Live! 5.1). Is the same program where I test the speakers: - Center speaker volume (at maximum) - Subwoofer volume (at maximum) - Bass redirection (I don't know what is it), when I check this, "crossover frequency" regulation control is available. (is unchecked, I can't notice a diference) - AC-3 decode, (I don't know what is it) (checked)
  12. I made it work. I just needed to press the input button in its remote control. Now i have another problem. The center speaker doesn't work. For example, in a game, i can't hear what a guy is saying, if he is in front of me, just the mummbling coming from the subwoofer, the same happens with the test software.I don't know if this is a software problem or hardware problem. If is the second, probably is a wrong connection inside the subwoofer not the speaker.
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