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  1. Wellllll that's odd. This is the first time I hear or seen someone sign another authors book... would I get a Dune book signed by Mark Hamil ? Just doesn't feel right. Also - she's selling this merchandise as if it were hers, I'm guessing it's legal if your a store or have a shop. Don't know just feels strange. She might be cute with pink hair, but this clip made me cringe.
  2. I remember being a kid I was quite impressed with Harah's, had a mini crush, then I met Chani - Oh My God, video game crush! I guess when you're starting to discover women at a young age the simplest sensuality can be impressionable. As for the play troughs they seem like nice videos, you have a calm soothing voice. It's just not my style to watch other people playing games, I rather play them myself
  3. Please delete my post - googled something and posted this info, but it's already on another thread, my bad.
  4. Wow dude, that's amazing. Great collectors item, treasure it.
  5. Well, so far I'm quite happy to hear this. Now I'll have to be patient, so very patient.
  6. Well Version 10 is out for Patreons, no idea if the game will ever be free. But from what I've seen there's a lot of work done. The game has an ending, you could probably can breeze through it within an hour if you rush. There's lots of side stuff still being made and the game is all there, but assets are still missing. It's decent for a solo project, but it's more about the sex then the story or even the gameplay. You ask one fremen to work for you, and they instantly all work for you. (probably going to be fixed in later updates.) You can try a censored segment here; This is when you meet Chani And here's a snippet of you meeting the reverent mother; Censored - but still NSFW Spacing Guild character design really made me laugh. The whole thing come off more as cheeky, it's not really sexy or sensual, the proportions are out of this world. Eh- I'm either too tired to think, or I simply don't know what to think of this game. It's ok I guess.
  7. Must of been sold real quick, because the result shows nothing.
  8. So far Legendary bought the rights, and there's talk of possible Denis Villeneuve being considered for directing. If they take Denis Villeneuve, Id think they're leaning towards Movie, because that's all he's ever done. At this point there is very little to go on, seems like they're in Pre-Production if anything at all. From the few movies I've seen from Villeneuve he's definitely competent. I guess we could expect a very adult Dune. I've only seen Prisoners and Enemy, their weren't your typical Hollywood flick. Guess I'll get a better idea when I see Arrival and the Blade Runner 2047 (reluctantly, don't get me started on Blade Runner, its a whole other topic), those movies are more the big blockbuster type. ps. - who knows we might get a rebirth in video games, as long as it's not a movie tie in piece of crap.
  9. Welcome. I think many must have been introduced to Dune by it's by products. I believe for me it was the David Lynch movie first, I was VERY Impressed as a teenager, then I got a hold of the games Dune, then Dune 2, and the rest was history.
  10. Somehow I completely missed this, can we get a link to the twitch recording?
  11. Holy Crap that's EPIC. I actually get most of it, and it's pretty good considering. Of course you need to know the story, otherwise you're lost.
  12. Just a while ago I said a Dune Cartoon could be very interesting; Well a french Artist has begun work on a Adult Parody Remake of the Cryo Interactive. As in the Cartoon thread, these representations of the characters are very stylistic as well, the women are very curvy and busty. You can find his Patreon page here; And you can download a sample of the Alpha here; I tried the game, it's shaping up to be quite a faithful remake of Dune 1. - -
  13. Pretty good video, only one error was said, you said you could Purchase units in Dune 1. Which you can only Rally. But it's a small slip. The history of the game being made was interesting. And it's sad there's been no new Dune games for so long.
  14. I always loved Dune 1 like crazy. So much so I'm currently on my 3rd full play trough on my Android phone. I got a DosBox emulator and I'm going to attempt the Ecologic ending. After playing almost all day, I came to this site to see if anyone had made a game based off of the first dune, anything, fan mod, fan game, etc. I didn't find anything. So I started playing with XNALARA and NOVELTY, and started working on a visual novel for dune, to see how close I could get to the first game. Obviously I can't really draw that good, but here's a few concepts I've created, and shoved into one picture. I has partly inspired by my Dune Avatar work and other things; I could probably re-create all the RPG elements but none of the management ones properly, not with my limited skill base. Anyhow, I don't have any plan on making a full fledged game, or even finish it, I'm mostly just toying with the program. If I do end up having something decent I'll release it here. I'm sharing this to see what people think, and perhaps inspire. My current biggest challenge is just recreating all the palace rooms to look decent. Looking for models I own, or images off the web. I did get that dining room, but not crazy about it, I'm too picky.
  15. I remember as a kid being captivated by the characters faces. I wish the game was longer and had even more characters. I was also surprised no other games I played had anything like it. Anyone know a game which had the same look? I've never seen any, though I didn't play tones of games either.