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  1. Hello hello, I'm creating a game in the Dune2000 style, since I'm a huge fan of RTS games. I'm an indie with a long experience and so far, I have the entire RTS engine (from pathfinding to building units, to controls, attacking, groups, etc.) and UI running up. The major difference in my game is that there are mechs that you can build ( and select which parts to build on them specifically ), and you control one main mech that you can LEVEL UP and Upgrade with new skills at each new level. The biggest problem I'm facing are the Graphics. I'm not entirely certain whether my graphics are good enough, or if I should switch to the Dune2000 graphical style. All of the graphics are currently made by me, and I'm mainly a programmer. This is how it currently looks : BlightSteel sample image Any input you may have is more than welcome.
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