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  1. What type of Guns do you make?

  2. Blast Tank, Fast enough to Out Run and Destroys Swarms like Sonic Tank or like with Sardaukar. Armed with Energonic electro blasters that kill infantry all infantry near it and it's equipped with Light Stabled Flamethrower. Successful Pallay, Guess what Pallay is.
  3. Click Like if you're interested. Ordos Chemical Soldier Fast and Defends Eikers, Ordos Chemical Soldier carries a Medum range Corrosive Gas Gun to kill large Assault Squads. Anti Chemical Armor as well as explosive Weapons, Good unprotected Armor. Horror Produced, Tleilaxu Regenerating Tank, Fast and inflicts Medium Range Siege Damage to infantry. Weak against Swarms, better in Swarms. Bene Pasty, skilled and worthy to achieve Mentat Ranks, also trained in Martial Arts while highly muscular and heavily armored.
  4. Only Problem is if you make a new Unit Type, you never load it's name with it. Please find one so it will load and I will also try renaming all blanks to see if anything changes using Unit Name Table Editor.
  5. What's your Approach on this Tleilaxu, Guild or other sub House Units? I'm making one called Tlielaxu Regenerating Tank. It regenerates fast quickly.
  6. @everyone, guests and members. We all have spare time for Dune and for some reason I'm just not getting any Response. It can be anything, like for Request for new Custom Units or Mods. Even by offering an example of what you want. This forums isn't everything you need though because I can find a spot where everyone wants to see happen. So please click like and provide more variety to this pool and I'll make a list of the ones I like and not just anyone here. Only ones I really want you to try will end up here or maybe revamps of ones I want to see look better. I will search acros
  7. You inspired me to make mod units for you, standby.
  8. I want to make a Mod that both Civil and Strict and I need some advise on Melee.
    Have any ideas on how I may make Katana Assassins fight short range?

    Also are you interested in retextured versions of your mod?
    I'll make them inspired by you including Custom Units if you're interested @DoMiNaNt_HuNtEr.

  9. You know where to get a free phone verification line? Discord reasons.
  10. Why not display them, here.
  11. I was told this wasn't aloud, but now I see that it's acceptable. I will make content related to this if I find this being still unflagged.
  12. UPDATE New Units in Process Eiker (Stealth Missile Quad) Fires long range Ballistic Missiles, fast and light armored. Complete Also Unavailable now since I have no access to Discord. Sardaukar and Commando Sardaukar Processing Sardaukars carry an light weight Rapid Fire Heavy Machine Gun and are fast and as well as have heavy armor. Commando Sardaukar carries massive Minigun that inflicts heavy damage to Tanks at their distance to support their troops in Medium Range. Sardaukar May lack variety in units but has one, an High Tech Imperial Heavy Tank.
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