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  1. Greetings, I recently read on various sites, that a new Dune movie is in development. http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/787995-legendary-dune-movie http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00102957.html and in Hungarian: http://sci-fi.mandiner.hu/cikk/20161122_uj_dune_film_johet_megvette_a_jogokat_a_legendary What do you think? Will be an another film adaptation in the future?
  2. In Dune2 Building of Dinasty without 1.07 patch: I remember, there is one sceneraio (one from Harkonnen level 6 scenarios) where the Ordos has a starport (in the top-left corner of the map), but the AI doesn't use it. I don't know, if the 1.07 path is installed, then the AI would use it. If I remember well, in Dune 2000 is the Starport used by the Ai. (I didn't play too much with Dune2000).
  3. Thank you for your replies :) In one of the original concepts was, that the client would be the Emperor (similar to the second option of your thoughts), but I think, it would be better if the Mercenary would be a "third party" army of House Ordos (because Ordos has no enough "private" millitary strength to defeat all other houses). In this case the Ordos "invites" the Mercenaries to the Arrakis, to help him to defeat the enemies of House Ordos. - If the player is with House Ordos, then the Mercenary will join in later levels to the Emperor's coalition. In this case the Emperor - and later the other houses (joined to the Emperor) - gives a better offer to the mercenaries, to divide the Ordos forces. The player's task to show, that the Ordos can win the war without allies. - If the player is with the Mercenaries, then the Ordos will join to the Emperor in later levels. In this case, the Mercenary will realize, that main goal is the control of spice (-> the Empire), not the defeat of the enemy houses. The player's task to build a "new house" from the Mercenary. - If the player is with an another House, then the Ordos and Mercenary are allies. So in this case - in later levels - both Ordos and Mercenary are the member of the Emperor's coalition. The Mercenary would be an "individual" organization, not a common term for mercenary soldiers.
  4. Thanks for your reply :) I know that the mercenary was built in Dune2, and was a subhouse in dune2000. But if it is a playable house, what is the background? I mean, that who are they exactly and what is the main goal (to seize Arrakis, but why), and if they are mercenaries, who is the "client"? Why not join to other "rich" House , like to House Ordos (like in Dune 2000).
  5. What is the origin of the Mercenaries faction in Dune games (Super Dune 2 , Dune 2000)? If I don't mistake, the army of the House Ordos (colored by green) is are mercenaires. But who are the yellow-colored Mercenaries? (I started creating a new dune II remake/clone few weeks ago, and I set the Mercenaries as a playable house (like in Super Dune2 or in Dune Legacy), but I don't know what should I write in the mentat-sections). Any idea?
  6. Hi, I think, you can expand the list so (sorry I can't so good English): - Guild: Maker, NIAB (E:BfD) - IX: Cyborg (a heavly armoured robot, with lasergun) - Ordos: Saboteur, Raider Trike (like in Dune II), Deviator - Richese: suddenly I haven't got any idea. - Tleilax: Contanimator (E:BfD), FaceDancer ("chameleon" warrior), Leeches Greetings: kisCs
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