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  1. If I could get my hands onto one of these mods, that would be superb. If you're interested in watching the series or watching these badass battles please preview the contents contained in these links. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHeKlvSstPI https://kisscartoon.is/Cartoon/Star-Wars-The-Clone-Wars-Season-01/Episode-01?id=880
  2. It's recommended that you send a lot less messages or it will be easier for people to give you poor ratings.
  3. Harkonnen Medium Tank Model What's your view on this @FembotESMP?
  4. This is an option I will make to an degree, if you wish to assist in this project then you will gain participation credits according to your percentages. If you have assisted atleast 0.01%-0.19% then you will get 500 credits and if you've supported 0.20-more% percentage then you will receive 1000 credits and feel free to share the file password to anyone. NOTE; 1 percentage is worth atleast 100 different units. Simply make random original infantry, vehicle components or structures, they will be added to the bonus 1000. If you have 0% then 100 for each structure option will be available to you. You can use this color pallet made with colors found in Dune 2000 structures and units.
  5. I have made a few topics and replies.
  6. I offered these surveys to people to share or give activity and purpose for their methods/personnel. Your reasons for directories are for your aggreement's sake. My reasons/decisions are for conjunctioning Dune 2k are perfectly encoded/unrelated to another's cares/loves for survey/activity. There's a certain level/caliber for each point/personality having care/love at an extent/sum for the angles/physics in proper/specific fields/areas like Dune 2000 or Age of Mythology conjunctioning. The biggest or top fan(s) for a content/property would feel lame, insulted or infuriated for a particular response unlike me being very isolate with my properties.
  7. A very thorough specification for your sonic tank design. I might also download your mod when you're finished making it.
  8. The damage rate for your sonic tank doesn't unbalance things if it's weaker but faster but what about the image shape? If you need help with the image art then I'll be glad to help you make them. If you decide to change things further I'll also suggest you make your tank look like a light and stable combat tank with a rotating or non rotating turret that fires a continuous or non-continuous sound ray. I'm also making 1000 different Atreides, Ordos, Harkonnen, Mercenary, Smuggler and Sardaukar tank halls, turrets and vehicles that you can choose from which will be available to a few people though. I'll only make Atleast 12-80 good ones for each house for the public though.
  9. Then I suggest you make all units for Atreides have long reload rate weapons and try TIBED light making all stats very low so it would seem stronger. 1 whole damage or hitpoint should count as 100 each. For example if you had 300 in stats that would count as 3000 instead.
  10. Sounds can be used for original purposes too and it wouldn't be unlike Atreides to have stealth weapons.
  11. At an extent if the components the components were enough to generate a sound field to the opposite direction.
  12. Define/Specify the components for your sonic tank or state your fan based response for any dune franchise sonic tanks.
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