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  1. Dune II Posters, and more!

    Got a update for you guys! With help from tomsons26, together we were able to remake the box art for Dune 2000! I have attached two variations based on the EU and US versions.
  2. Dune II Posters, and more!

    I have the posters already printed, so there is no problem there, just the shipping costs as mentioned :) I pack the posters in a strong poster tube and the posters are wrapped in a plastic for added protection. Shipping to Europe is £16.78 ($21.54), and the transit is normally 2 to 4 days. I would have to find out costs for America and other countrys on request.
  3. Dune II Posters, and more!

    I can look into this for you, drop me a PM with you address :) Could you show examples of what you mean by the mini-series or books? Well I am working on a alternative Dune II poster, But I am working on a design based on the movie artwork, though the high res artwork I obtained is heavily creased...
  4. Dune II Posters, and more!

    Like a poster based on the movie franchise? I have some high res somewhere on my home server, I can take a look and see what I can come up with :) Also, thanks to MVI, I am working on a poster for Dune2k also!
  5. Dune II Posters, and more!

    RA++ is currently on a private repository as are still working towards a stable codebase. Hopfully by the end of this year we will be public :) So no one is interested in one of these awesome posters?
  6. Dune II Posters, and more!

    That is correct, I would be shipping them from the UK. :)
  7. Dune II Posters, and more!

    Hi FED2k! It has been a long time since I stuck my head in to say hello, some of you might remember me when I was researching for a high-res patch for D2k. All my time now is spent on a new project called "RA++", but that is not why I am here... In my profession, I work in the commerical print industry and this gives me access to all sorts of awesome services, and this includes printing posters for absolute pennies, including this one... I am able to source the Dune II key art from the box in very high resolution, so this allowed me to produce a "movie style" poster, with complete game credits! Now I have 9 of these available (maybe more in the future if they go quickly) and the printed size is 58cm x 86cm, and Nyerguds just got one from me and he can varify the high quality of the print. :) So I am offering these out to anyone and everyone, and all you would need to pay for is the postage/carriage charge, so the poster is absolutly free! You can contact me via PM, and they are first come, first serve! I have many others posters I have designed and recreated with the help of tomsons26 from CNCNet, so if you have any requests for other games C&C, Tomb Radier, Metal Gear Solid, Lands Of Lore etc, I can look into producing posters for these games too :D
  8. Units in dune2000.dat

    With the database dump? There is nothing you can do really other than use it for research. It is a dump from the IDA Pro HexRays decompiler that produced pseudo C formatted code.
  9. Dune2K - High Resolution

    Someone who goes under Glukv48 hacked ugorden's VQA encoder to allow 800x600; http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38148
  10. Dune2K - High Resolution

    The VQA Engine from TS supports any resolution video. The game might clip the viewport though. *EDIT: Looking back through this topic, how does the new 'high res' patch work? I wondered why there was not a in-game menu created to list resolutions or a command line option to set it? (This is what I last looked into).
  11. Units in dune2000.dat

    Nice, its MVI's dump of my IDA database for D2k! (Notice the debug code I added at the end of the file).
  12. Dune 2000 IDA database available?

    Nice! Glad to see someone took over from me and finally got it working, is it bug free?
  13. Dune 2000 IDA database available?

    What have I missed? Someone passed onto me that someone got around the issues I had with the screen blitting and got a fully working patch?
  14. Dune 2000 IDA database available?

    Hey MVI! Hows it going?
  15. Dune2K - High Resolution

    Excellent work here, seriously! I struggled with the blitting routines as i *had* no graphics background, and always got stuck for days working out what was going on. I have a IDA Pro database with a lot of stuff named, mostly function names and static members, but your welcome to it if you like, just PM me and ill send it over. :)