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  1. The final battle - conquering the Harkonnen Palace - isn't particularly difficult. You have to gather your household and do some talking, but the actual challenge is the battle itself... but by the point where you are ready for it (having conquered all other areas on the planet), you will pretty much automatically be strong enough to win it. There's also a hidden ending: Instead of waiting for your Fremen to win the fight, join the battle before it ends. That's a bit tricky, so let your armies come in from a Sietch that's a bit further away. Thsi ending has some unique dialogue, and is your entry to endless mode (sort of). Part 23: Victory Part 24: The "Secret" Ending
  2. Nuclear weapons! Atomics are not allowed to be used against humans under the Great Convention, but as per Dune video game tradition (which admittedly hadn't been established when this game was released), the Harkonnen always have nukes. And you can nick them. I don't know hoe much of a difference in addition to the other weapons they make - when I got them, I had pretty much won already. Part 22: Atomic Age
  3. After a couple of victories, things tend to snowball very quickly. I went from being able to comfortably pay the Emperor to not knowing what to do with my Fremen. I could get some more ecology Fremen, but the whole ecology thing takes so long (especially training the initial troops) that it's simply not worth the hassle. Part 21: Under Construction
  4. Thanks. I don't mind watching other people play (mostly in the background while I do other things), but for me it's sports... I never enjoyed watching sports, but I like doing them.
  5. After about a third of the game (at the end of the main event cycle), it's likely that you only have a couple of armies and are busy gathering all that Spice. However, once you have at least one group of six or seven armies (preferably with 2,000+ Fremen each), the domino effect kicks in and you can swiftly conquer the entire planet, which will also give you more Spice, equipment, and Fremen than you need. Part 20: Victory Spree
  6. I kind of like the whole spying subsystem, but a couple of things bother me about it. It's hard to control where your spies go, and occasionally spying just isn't available as an option (or rather greyed out). Also, you probably want to attack with eight armies anyway if you can - not the maximum of nine or else you might miss out on a liberated Fremen tribe. Part 19: Gathering Intel
  7. It's time to drink the Water of Life. If you do that while your charisma is too low and before Lady Jessica recommends it, you just die. Do it in time and you get a charisma boost (maxed out charisma?) and can generally contact all Fremen on the planet, which makes sietch management sooo much easier. Part 18: Aqua Vitae
  8. The love of our life is back! This is actually a rather critical moment. If you are unlucky and don't find her in time, this can cripple you. Part 17: Reunion
  9. Always concentrate your troops. Have one or two, later three army groups and don't spread them out. The Harkonnen don't tent to swarm you anyway, so it's easier to just take back lost sietches than trying to defend them. Part 16: Schwerpunkt
  10. Today, we just move a lot of stuff around. This is moderately difficult in Dune, mainly because it's hard to get an overview of the stuff you have and where you have it. Part 15: Shuffling
  11. Ah, spying. To see (or estimate) how many enemy troops are stationed at the fortress and how strong they are, one needs to send a Fremen troop out to spy on them. Spying is a bit odd. occasionally, the option is just not available, and sometimes it seems to be impossible to send a troop to a specific fortress. Part 14: Spy Games
  12. The last chain events more or less forces you to prepare for war if you haven't done it at this point. As with so many things in this game, the execution is easy if you know what to do. If indeed you do. Part 13: Ready to Roll Out
  13. Around this point, there's another event: Your Fremen get sick, which mean they can't work. Some of them, that is. However, we know someone who can help! Part 12: Public Health Care
  14. The issue fixed itself after a couple of days, but I still don't know what caused it. It worked previously, and it does wok now, but for a while, the game just wouldn't run correctly.
  15. We can now train ecologist Fremen. These are probably the least useful ones, but it's okay to turn a couple of tribes with 500 members or less into ecologist Fremen. There's only so many warriors and spice miners you need anyway. Part 11: Biological Warfare