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  1. The issue fixed itself after a couple of days, but I still don't know what caused it. It worked previously, and it does wok now, but for a while, the game just wouldn't run correctly.
  2. We can now train ecologist Fremen. These are probably the least useful ones, but it's okay to turn a couple of tribes with 500 members or less into ecologist Fremen. There's only so many warriors and spice miners you need anyway. Part 11: Biological Warfare
  3. I'm using DD too, and the unit voices work just fine.
  4. Since I started Dune Dynasty today, the game no longer cover the Windows taskbar and the upper part of the top bar is cut off. I don't know what the cause is since I didn't make any changes to my interface. Auto-hiding the taskbar doesn't solve the issue (screenshot here). Starting the game in fullscreen or fullscreen windowed mode instead of windowed solves the issue, but doesn't allow me to record the game with OBS Studio anymore. Any idea what could have caused this? before this happened, the taskbar was never visible and the game was centred correctly.
  5. It's time to meet the last important NPC: Liet Kynes the planetologist. he gives us access to bulbs, which unlocks the third possible occupation for the Fremen: Ecologist. Ecologists can grow plants on Dune and deny access to a region to the Harkonnen. However, growing plants also destroys Spice, so don't grow plants in Spice-rich regions! Part 10: Meeting Liet Kynes
  6. IMO a miniseries would be best. I quite liked the 2000 miniseries, and if they have a decent budget, it could be a worthy adaptation.
  7. The Harkonnen continue to harass us, but we are already training troops to take back what we lost. So far, it's not too bad; we still have enough Spice to pay the Emperor and buy equipment, which is what matters right now. Part 9: Losing Ground
  8. The Harkonnen make their move and attack one of our territories. There isn't much we can do about it at this point, but soon enough, we will have an army strong enough to strike back. Part 8: Assault from the North The parts have been re-arranged, hence the seventh episode is missing.
  9. Thanks for the images. It seems like the Harkonnen version has the most alterations, including less spice (like in most of their campaign).
  10. The final mission of each of the three campaigns seems to use the same map - not only for the two choices each House has, but also in-between Houses. Is that actually true, or are there differences apart from the the fact that your always face the two House you are not playing as? E.g. as the Atreides, does it matter whether or not I chose the eastern or western arrow?
  11. Yes, this game does have a romantic sub plot. Almost two, in fact! Part 6: Desert Love
  12. It's time to train some troops. Don't do this too early; troops don't do you any good unless Part 5: Ready the Army!
  13. This time, we search for the Fremen leader! I'm not quite sure what the game wants Stilgar to be. He is a respected sietch leader in the novels and films, but here they can't seem to decide whether or not he is some sort of super chieftain or just another Fremen leader. Part 4: Desert Lead
  14. Oh, I never had that happen. When I die, it's usually because I lose a battle. Too bad the Fremen suck compared to the Harkonnen, much unlike how it's in the book.
  15. With the plot being a bit different, a new mechanic enters the game: We have to send the Emperor a shipment of spice every couple of days or else we will be recalled from Arrakis. It's not much of an issue, but it does put you under some pressure and prevents you from just harvesting all the spice in the beginning. Part 3: Bribery