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  1. It's been almost a year, but did you ever manage to fix the issue with the colours?
  2. 1024x768 should never be the maximum. You should at least have some higher 4:3 resolutions available.
  3. I remember running this in a Mac emulator at one point. I generally worked, but was slow and choppy, and the sound/music didn't work. What is Executor. exactly? A DOSBox-like program for Classic Mac?
  4. What is "strange" about the two not having custom campaigns? They were created to add modern niceties to Dune II, not new content.
  5. I'm aware that this isn't going to be a terribly popular LP, but there are plenty of Dune II LPs on Youtube already, so even then I wouldn't stand out too much. At the end of the day, completionism is my thing, so I'm going to do all 66 missions. Even if I covered only one choice per mission, the battles would still be quite samey. Most special units (Devastator, Deviator, Ornithopter etc.) bow anyway, so it's always Combat Tanks and Missile Tanks. Even for the Ordos, lest this takes forever.
  6. Dune II is happening as we speak. It's quite a lengthy LP (covering all map choices) and there is less to talk about, so I decided not to make a thread for it.
  7. I'm not sure if it helps in your case, but I had to disable all the compatibility stuff because it broke the game for me.
  8. The engine probably doesn't allow for this. The best you can do is to build multiple production facilities and prioritise the one that's not in the centre of your base, or wait until Dune 2000 has been fully implemented in OpenRA.
  9. I recently beat this mission on hard. Here's my strategy: 1. Build your base in the northwestern part of the starting area to minimise the distance to the Spice field. 2. Absorb the first two attacks. Then, rush the western Ordos support base and destroy their Barracks and Light Factory. Don't bother destroying anything else for now and rush back to your base to defend it. 3. If you don't have units left after the six initial scripted attacks, restart. You are going to lose in the long run. 4. Get two Spice Refineries right at the beginning, and a third Harvester after you get your arms factory. 5. Then, either build Combat Tanks or tech up for Rocket Turrets. I recommend vehicles backed up with a Repair Pad. However, retreat whenever Deviators show up. 6. Against the Saboteur, either build a cluster of Turrets, a wall, have a task force ready (the Saboteur is easily crushed), or place Wind Traps south of your important buildings. 7. After that, get eight or more Harvesters and build and army of Combat Tanks and Missile Tanks. Got for the Harkonnen first, then for the Ordos main base. Fremen can infiltrate the Ordos main base via a ramp in the south and destroy their Construction Yard.
  10. As per title: Has someone ever figured out a way to make this game run properly in widescreen, without the top/bottom being cut off?
  11. Nevermind, I found a converter.
  12. As per title. I tried Handbrake, but my trusty video converter failed me this time. Can someone recommend me a tool to convert the VQA files to a more common format such as MP4?
  13. Coincidentally, I just beat this mission the other day. Here's my strategy: 1. Build your base in the top-left corner, close the the Spice fields. Sent the Sonic Tank south to absorb the infantry attack after the first two attacks. 2. After the initial three waves, destroy the Arms Factory and Barracks in the Ordos support base. This will reduce the number of attacking units by about 25% and - more importantly - protect your Harvesters. 3. Build Rocket Towers blow your Construction Yard so they are able to attack both Ordos and Harkonnen units. 4. Get 6+ Harvesters and Carryalls, and build units all the time. 5. Send 6+ Fremen into the Ordos main base via a ramp in the south and blow up their Construction Yard. That makes destroying the main base much easier.
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