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  1. With all the storms this winter, it would seem, staying inside playing Railroad Tycoon would be the place to be. My two newest computers got sick and refused to work for over two months. I thought both computers was IDE so I bought convertors and preceded to convert them to SATA. So when a friend looked at the computers, he said they were already set up to be SATA compatible. ------------ I don't remember doing that. --------- Ohhhhh, don't get old. On the positive side, with all of the extra pieces, I might be able to put another computer into the working machines box. I'm also glad to see some RR activity at the Terminal .
  2. Gwizz, did I picked the wrong thread. I do remember brushing over the insert button when I went to submit a reply. Sorry about that. I guess I was on vacation too long. Went to the beach to watch the big waves come in. The storm's waves went too far off the coast too be worth seeing.
  3. Making this map easier was not as easy as I thought it would be. I removed or down sized many citys, etc. I changed the amount of available cargo. I also reduced the passenger business. Few pasengers to fill too many seats in the passenger cars. I used some peaple to make Soil Green When no other cargo was available to haul. I still get too many AI companies trying to start up. They always seems to have full money bags, buying mostly stock. Will I finish this map I don't know.
  4. I think I'll go back to a saved game and see if the same thing happens again. Since almost all of the locomotives were running mostly on Hills track, there might be a connection or not ? Hill had 67 locos in operation, most were Ex AI locos with a few on stand by. Hill had about 20 of his own locos with a few as standby units, about 5 to 7. It was strange for MR HILL to get almost all of his money back. Maybe the AI LOCOS paid enough running on Hills track for a good return on Mr Hills investment. In real life, Mr Hill would control the stock then take over a RR and close the unprofitable rail lines. The extra locos and equipment were used on Hills profitable rail lines. How did the date change? Jeffery you may be correct: I saved over another saved map with too many changes.
  5. When I restarted the game 6 AI railroads restarted. Only 3 had enough funds to build a RR. But the same amount of money I started with returned to me and the start date was the old start date. Some things stayed in the present. (track and locos)
  6. James hill Railroad It can be won. After playing for 7 or 8 years, for some reason time travel went backward to 1938 the original start date. I had foreclosed on 3 Railroads in November 1942 or 43 buying all the stock I was allowed to own and then in January I merged the last 7 RRs. I paused, now owning all track and locomotives, everything on the map. Then I noticed not one owner was worth a million dollars. The lowerest was $ 380.K and the highest was $ 799.K But the gold trigger didn't fire. I'm thinking the trigger is out of order. But the RR museum has two cells of track. I think I accounted for those 2 cells. The big thing is what caused the date to jump back 7 or 8 years,????????????? I wasn't watching the clock. I Didn't expect the date problem. I expect the railroads will start up again, but for now I own everything except the gold in their pockets. Adter dinner, I will run the clock again. I was planning to simplify the map anyway. Too much micro-management as it is.
  7. I've never played Dune 2, Therefore, I would not be of much help to you.
  8. MaglevForever Its' been interesting to read your posts. I like what you are doing. I've continally taken my Hill game back to the editor to make adjustments to the original map. My plan now is to get rid of my cheap, slow locomotives that don't turn a profit. I like using them on branch lines. But they limit profit to much. I've already lowed operating costs of the locomotives by 10% to see how that works. and, my chores need attention as well.
  9. This post is talking to the past, Yea! about 5 year old posts from the past, when 3 identical posts came together then another 3 and so on, on an on. To answer one of the posts; I'll give one possible answer and see how it goes. Dealing with a new problem, for me, of using parts of a number when most triggers only work with whole numbers; Except when trundication is not so important, and when whole numbers are more important. I think this will work. (((gametrackcells) +100) - ((companytrackcells) + 100)) (- 100) = + or - (companytrackcells) The reason: company is buying up all other game cells until all game cells are owned by the one company and wins Gold.
  10. What happened to some of my RRT2 maps. "Take over tycoon" Map edit. Nov. 3 2007
  11. There seems to be a problem with maps sent here getting lost. A while back I tried to open a number of maps. All returned: map is missing or words simular. I also checked only a few maps on the map pages. No player made maps to be found there either. Maybe I'm not pushing the correct button or I have a delete bug. Now the maps seem to have come back. I have not looked very hard to discover what happened.
  12. I can't seem to get much past year one. This time in Dec. Year one, I numbered the nine AI railroads numbering each down from #1 to #9 from the strongest to the weakest. This allowed me to see how each RR performed over time. I had programed all AIs to be less productive adding only a few extra Locos. I started the map forgetting to return my control to Hill's RR. Hill had about 25 locos. Now at the start of year two Hill's RR added about 90 more locos. An odd thing happed. Starting year 2 the game also started 8 more AI RR companies. All together there was now 18 RR companies in the game. I'm tryings to make the map easyer. Boo Hoo.
  13. Yes, the AI railroads can produce cargo out of thin air and make a profit. I enjoy controling more then 50% of an AI's stock. You can take control. buy a locomotive and program the AI to run its trains on you home track and pay you to do so, etc.
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