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  1. Corrino's Revenge by DukeLeto and Frodo.
    Patch files are only needed if you have an older version.
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  2. The Landsraad has recently discovered several illegal military techniques being used by the Ordos. The Ordos adoption of Tleilaxu technology has sparked an extreme response from the Council. During the Butlerian Jihad the Tleilaxu proved their use and are permitted to perform their experiments and biological testing, but the Ordos had no permission. The Emperor and his Sardaukar launched an enormous strike against all Ordos holdings. All Ordos production and training capabilities were annihilated. The Ordos took heavy military losses as well. Only through well placed bribes and political maneuvering were they able to avoid total destruction. The last Ordos gholas gained the loyalty of several Fremen and Smuggler groups. These are there only true allies. Through the Smugglers the Ordos can draw upon hidden military stockpiles. Now only tiny bases remain on Arrakis. Draconis IV was scorched to it's rock crust. The Ordos also gained several Ixian harvesting and refinement techniques through industrial espionage. Now they scrape out a meager living, selling Fremen Raiders as mercenaries.
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  3. Super Dune III.
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  4. Smuggler Mod.
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  5. Kwisatz Haderach by Edric O, Nema Fakei, Ghosty Square, Jacob Douds.
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  6. Ix Mod.
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  7. Emperor Modification File by Tirinal.
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  8. Realistic Dune by Jez.
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  9. JackBlade Mod.
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  10. Infantry Mod.
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  11. This small 'patch' will change the icons that Emperor Battle for Dune displays during gameplay. IT WILL NOT CHANGE THE GAMEPLAY IN ANY WAY, so it will not cause games to go out of sync when playing online or what not.
    ALL icons, including both structures and units will be affected. The original icon files will not be altered, they will just be ignored by the game, and no longer used.
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  12. In the Destroyer's Grip.
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  13. The Fed2k Heroes Mod was designed to allow all the members of Fed2k Discussion to battle it out on Arrakis. We have about a dozen Fed2k Heroes lined up, but since this is the beta version only about 5 units have been included. Each of these units has fantastic new textures, new weapons, and icons. I have also written some little little stories for each of the hero units included in this beta. So from myself (Inoculator9) and GoldEagle, enjoy the beta and hope that a full version will be released. =)
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  14. Hark Challenge by deathcommando.
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  15. Money Mod.
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  16. Airstrike MOD.
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  17. House Heroes Mod by Inoculator9 & Rubrao.
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  18. Novel Mod.
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  19. This mod replaces Harkonnen with Moritani, Atreides with Ecaz and Ordos with Hagal.
    Also the Sardaukar have been changed to the Smugglers.
    -Dunenewt, Mike Of Moritani
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  20. Widens the difference between hard, easy and normal.
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  21. Imperial Cival War by JulesG & Inoculator9.
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  22. Biogenics Guild Mod.
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  23. Fast Build.
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  24. Infantry Wars.
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  25. Chocolate.
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