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  1. Apollyon, dont you have a website were you can show peope whats going on with the tribute mod? If not, updates us on the status...
  2. Apo... being a "single" player, I can just say I LOVE YOU. Ive foam on my mouth.... Just tell me if it will be ready soon...
  3. Apollyon... when the Emperor tribute will be ready??
  4. *imagine playing Harkonnen missions with "walking on the moon" by Police* ;D ;D ;D
  5. For me it is still the unbalanced minos & mongooses
  6. Wow! Im back after LOOONG time and I see there are still many good projects! Cant wait for the "Tribute to Emperor"! When will it be ready and where will it be avable for download?? Btw, Ixianmace, if you remember me, Im Romanov77 from the good old "Emperor Network" :)
  7. I think that only the mighty Gob could obtain something from EA. He should have a lot of credit for the support he gave to the community.
  8. Ehm.. what about a new patch petition too??? Maybe EA isnt so EAvil..
  9. Yeah, I know what you mean. I read the rules before posting ;D
  10. Me too. Yeah, some of the new "firing" missions are cool, but overally I think that C2 & 3 are more...n00b-friendly...
  11. Yes, he did! The model was the same of the Atreides Duke...
  12. I remember that while I was destroying Caladan with Harkonnen, I found,outside the enemy main base, a REALLY STRONG atreides infantry unit. He survived to some Inkvine barrages then died. He looked like a commander, or someone really important... Have you seen him?
  13. I'll add some Assault and Flametanks and say good bye to your frail bikes and inf ;)
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