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  1. hah! i do listen to a lot of the old Chris de Burgh! Not so much Neil Young!
  2. dune audiobook! Paul and co have just landed on Arrakis
  3. hah! i like your predictions! 1;2 for brawn, but as far as the other one goes, i hope you saw the 3rd to last lap!! oh, and.... GO JENSON BUTTON!
  4. Does anyone know of a free way to convert the *.aa files audible provide to mp3's??? I've just dl'd the Dune audiobook, and really want to split the 7 hour aa's to 40 min mp3's. Is there a freeware tool out there that will do the trick? If not, how much will I have to spend? and is it worth it? I was thinking maybe recording a line in to a wav, converting to mp3's and them splitting with audacity. But that is complicated and extremely long winded! Thanks, Mike
  5. it was not my intention to start a religious debate! by "fiction" I mean books telling a story, ie NOT the Guiness Book of Records. It may be necessary to change the focus, to more about which books have had the largest following as they were published, and why? Also, why have some books had "revivals" and new readerships?
  6. To mark my return to the forum, I'd like to pose an interesting question: Other than religious texts, which published work of fiction has the greatest following, readership, fanbase etc. Harry Potter has more recently, along with the LOTR. But again, there are a huge number of dedicated readers of other books such as Dune (yay!), Narnia etc etc. What are peoples thoughts?
  7. Right, You want old timers! I was last active (prior to today) way back in July 2004! Since then I've finished off y11, GCSE's A levels, and now I'm most of the way through a masters in geology at Bristol University (UK)! I have a quick question, do people like the Dune audiobooks? I recently dl'd the first one from audible. I've listened to only a little (until duke/nephew finish their "meeting". I personally find it very good so far. All is good, Mike
  8. Is the internet a curse or a blessing? One could say that its a blessing, a wealth of information etc, or is it a place concealing a void of transparent lies? are people using it to spy on us? the fact that we have free porn!!! is that good/bad? what are you views?
  9. In a society like ours, what would be the reaction if someone from bristol, UK claimed themselves to be the son of god: jesus? Would we shun him out? or would we welcome him as our risen saviour?
  10. Hi, long time no post, i'm a good m8 of dunenewt and have a great little generals multiplayer map i created, which can be used in the mod. please dl and test - see if u like it. its only in beta stages and i still need 2 add a few textures. it flows xcellently and gameplay is great! the only thing, i can't figure the ai attack waypoints. any help wud be greatly appreciated. its attatched, "Mike's beta 1.zip" Place the unziped file into the maps file in ur generals data of my docs. i need feedback asap![attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  11. i am sorry to break the flow of this debate, :-[ but where exactly in the bible is there a reference to "the song of songs" ?
  12. i'm ok with all this, (this is the real mike of moratini) but my access to the pc will be limited, i have 2 younger bros and two parents to contend with ;) but i think i shud b ok. about this mod - how much can we branch from emp's plot?
  13. Is the Big bang theory or the big crunch theory more credible
  14. its other peoples opinions that make this interesting, not that no one knows mine is that god does exist, whats the piont in the bible if it has no purpouse? surely the old testament would have had to be really important to be written down by hand in greek, so it must be god who made it so important
  15. Is there a god? (christian) For -the existance of the bible -paleys watch (world needs a maker, just like a watch) -complexity of the world Against -suffering -big bang theory etc
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