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  1. I need help with the ordos mission where you get dust scouts and chem troopers and engineers. You have to protect the executrix or something. It was messed up. I was being flooded by leeches and contaminators. My Dust Scouts were outnumbered 5:1 my infantry had died long ago with 30 kills each. It was nuts. The executrix palace had tleilaxu nowhere near it yet it blew up somehow.
  2. I have ideas for mod but no idea to do one. :'( Here is my plan: Fremen have: Fedaykin, same as original Warrior, same as original Knifer, Fremen with crysknife, very fast, 1hit infantry killer also cheap, the fremen scout Fremen Fighter, Light infantry cloaked Stolen Thopter, Ornithopter with missiles Stolen Lasthopter, Ornithopter with lasgun Fremen Gatherer, not sure if possible but an infantry spice gatherer, twice the speed, half the capacity Stolen Harvester, regular harvester, slightly faster, smaller capacity for spice Fremen Lasgunner, Cloaked fremen with lasgun Timed Lasgun, a turre
  3. I got it from the Dune book. I read the word glossary and found Naib. Coincidence? I think not... ???
  4. I am not very good player, I admit this. But when I play comp I end up building well over 64 units. And without an attackmove command it's difficult to get them to enemy base without getting shot up. I usually get lazy and send in large amounts of sardakaur. Unfortunately these sardakaur DESTROY :O the base and I never need my army. :-/ My other lazy tactics include: Mass 'thopters and Mass Infiltrators
  5. Most people think they are called NIAB tanks for Navigator In A Box. They are really NAIB tanks. Naib is a fremen word meaning "to never let one's self be captured alive" All fremen leaders take the oath of the naib. So this makes sense for the tank right? It can't be easily captured as it teleports around.
  6. STUPID COMPUTER! WordPad refuses to open it. It gives me an error message or something. Maybe I should just give up because it appears I have destroyed my wordpad.
  7. How do you VIEW the help file? My comp keeps downloading it thorugh Paint. Wierd huh?
  8. If you have a game that was just so cool that you have to tell the world, go to www.battlereports.com. Any game is welcome, there are 0 Emperor reports! Someone should make one don't ya think? ;)
  9. Arghhh, I'm so computer-impaired I don't know how to download the help file!
  10. Mino is SUPPORT. It is not tank, it is artillery. Artillery vs Tank? Mongoose distracts assaults while mino fires. When would you everevreverevereverever come across a 1v1 assault vs mino?
  11. Fedaykin_Hawk


    I have good idea for mod but no idea how to make one. :( It is gonna be all infantry with Fremen, Harkonnen, and Smuggler. Subhouses are Sardakaur, Artreides, and maybe some others. Need help majorly.
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