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  1. Hello, I am curious to know how difficult other players find the 'HARD' level to be when playing against the AI's. Not having played a lot of games against other humans yet (I have been 'practicing' against the computer in preparation..), I was wondering how well the AI's compare to good human players. I find the normal level to be quite easy, but then there is a huge jump when you set it to hard. The AI players become fast and unforgiving, and do things a lot smarter like building secondary construction yards, identifying your weaknesses and making better use of subhouses. I actually find the hard level to be considerably more difficult to beat -particularly against Harkonnens. (I play Atreides) I would be interested to hear other players experiences when playing against the computer on the hard level. Maybe I'm just really crap .. :'( -JN
  2. Projecting half a dozen Sonic Tanks and using them to invade the enemy base is kinda fun. You can shoot THROUGH several enemy buildings at once and destroy them in a few shots. ;D
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