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  1. I forgot how to take screen shots. Can someone please tell me how to?
  2. Thanks for the help. :) The turned out to be easier than I thought.
  3. I have not installed any mods.
  4. What are some good strategies on Worm Mission when you are the Ordos allied with the sardukar and fremen?
  5. I sometimes get stuck with different houses even though I never selected them. It seems like the computer selects my house and subhouses at random.
  6. I selected my house as Atriedes and subhouses as fremen and sardukar in the options menu. When I go to play on QM my main house and subhouses are always switched around. >:( Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?
  7. Look around for infiltrators, on some maps you can find them lying around.
  8. I think infiltrators work good against a computer too, but they require to much micro managing to be used affectively against a human opponent.
  9. yeah the harkonen retreated only several minutes after i started the mission too.
  10. if you use the tilexu you only can build three or four vats before your units start getting lost in the slow animation of the vat.
  11. I selected Atriedes w/ fremen & sards as my preference, but when I play QM this sometimes gets mixed around and I end up with the hark or ordos, or sometimes with ohter subhouses. Is this what QM does, just randomly selects your house and subhouses?
  12. i've tried building infantry right away but that doesn't seem to work well.
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