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  1. The reason i wonder is because i have placed a LOT of "Spice Blooms" all over the map but only the one's at the top half regenerate Total 80ish while only 25ish create spice bubbles
  2. AttackBuildingPriorit does work, but i only observe behavior change for when an AI has chosen which side to attack. for instance setting AttackBuildingPrioritBaracks(A) to 20,000 and AttackBuildingPrioritBaracks(H) to 10,000 does not make the AI attack the Atreides instead of the Harkonnen it only decides which building to attack when they are actually attacking a Faction's Base also setting it to 0,000 does not stop them from attacking the building when they are near it. on the Other hand if you set all buildings to 0,000 for the side the AI is inclined to attack first it does nothing or it ignores it(depending on unit type e.g stealth fremen behave oddly( observed berserk behavior or nothing)) even if all Other building belonging to different Factions/Houses have normal values 1,000-100,000 So Something is not right, i'm inclined to say AttackSide Priority is the Master setting(which doesn't seem to work) the only other explanation is the AI will always attack the closest enemy Base which means it's a rather dumb AI
  3. Yes but half do not work "AttacksidePriority" does not seem to change anything. AttackBuldingpriority only seems to influence the AI minimally and many others i can't even seem to confirm I might be doing something wrong though I tried 0/1 100,000, 255 and 20000
  4. I've been trying to allow "none stealth fremen" to be build from Sietch I've tried modding it with Tibed I got as far as the build icon ingame but when you try to train a unit you get "unit expects to arrive from unknown building type" Is there any way i could get this towork?
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