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  1. Runtowin

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    I don't get the easter egg? What is that referring to? SBON2:
  2. Runtowin

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    S10: S11:
  3. Runtowin

    [WIP] Mercenary Campaign - Fall of Emperor

    M2: M3V1: M4: M5: M6: M7: The Ordos saga hasn't ended yet in my campaign. I believe they're way worse than the Harkonnen, and I'll expose that more in my later campaign. Thanks a lot, Fey. You set up a new standard of feedback! I like how extremely detailed it is.
  4. Runtowin

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    On my backlog together with Cm_bast's new mission, I'm going to replay this after the next update of my campaign. Lol.
  5. Runtowin

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    That one got destroyed quite early in my game, removing it won't make any impact, I think. A viable option imo is reduce no-crush zone in front of your base.
  6. Runtowin

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    You could increase the the difficulty of no-middle strat to compensate. When I played that mission, the defense at my base is mostly automatic, even if it's not as efficient as yours. So if the player has to pay attention to defend, I think it's good.
  7. Runtowin

    Units revert to attack mode only

    Sounds like you have forced attack on, which is Ctrl + left click by default. Try checking whether your Ctrl button is stuck holding down by something.
  8. Did you apply Windown 10 Hotfix in this post?
  9. Runtowin

    [WIP] Mercenary Campaign - Fall of Emperor

    Thanks man, I greatly appreciate it.
  10. Runtowin

    Intro and assistance needed

    You might have a very old version of Gruntmods. I suggest you reinstalling the new one from his website. The "check for update" button in Gruntmods launcher won't work the last time I checked. Oh, I can't wait.
  11. Runtowin

    Intro and assistance needed

    Hello DM1977, welcome to Arrakis! In addition to what the post above me said, if you want an all-in-one pack, which includes HD resolution, CnCnet integration (allow you to play online with other people), and 50+ custom fan-made missions, check out Gruntsmod edition of Dune 2000. About specific campaign, I suggest the Ix campaign, Merc campaign, and WOA campaign by AkaFedaYkin, which is quite similar to original campaign. For more advanced stuff, Cm_blast's campaigns, especially later works, have more unique objectives, well-made terrain, simple plot. They are easier than AkaFedaYkin's campaigns IMO though. For extremely complex campaign, check out Fey's smuggler campaign, decent plot with twist, fairly challenging toward the end. I believe you will enjoy them all. There are more, of course. If you're interested, I can find links for you. If you want to create mission yourself, feel free to ask anything. You have my attention. What could be the final form of Cm_blast's campaign?
  12. Runtowin

    [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    HBON (Defensive): BTW, your terrain skills in this campaign is way better than in Smugglers' campaign. Good job.
  13. Runtowin

    [WIP] Mercenary Campaign - Fall of Emperor

    The only possible calculation I can think of is: B: 1/0.55 = 1.818 A: 1/2 = 0.5 A: 2/1 = 2 A: 2/2 = 1 A: 2/3 = 0.6666 B: 0.55/1 = 0.55 In other word, for only the first unit, they take the inverse of build priority. Then the rest of them just follows the formula but minus one. If this is true, it would explain why engineer always come first for practice AI.
  14. Runtowin

    [WIP] Mercenary Campaign - Fall of Emperor

    Lol. I have a group at my base, a small group at my flank, a small group at my ally's base, and switch to them if I heard "under attack". I have a feeling that Starpost delivery will work. I'll try it out later. Normal speed. I have an in-game timer on for testing. I think they're 1:1, not sure what with max speed. TFW I see a speed run video. Speaking of which, I don't see any Dune2000 speed run video. Ah, an alternative to my harvester strats! Will try it out in Fey's campaign. I think it works similar to BuildPriority, sorted in decreasing order when divided by the number of units. For example, a unit (A) with build priority 2, and one (B) with 0.55 will be built with the following order: A A A B A Because, First A: 2/1 = 2 Second A: 2/2 = 1 Third A: 2/3 = 0.6666 Fourth A: 2/4 = 0.5 First B: 0.55/1 = 0.55 Fifth A: 2/5 = 0.4 etc So decimal doesn't matter. There might be rounding error, but it is not game-breaking.