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  1. I would like to ask whether it is possible to increase event queue size (current: 63) and/or maximum map size? Also, is it possible to define more custom events like "grant X credits" or "change owner of all structures of player X to player Y" or "order unit id 1234 to patrol from (12, 12) to (24, 24)"...?
  2. I have decided to close this campaign because I have lost all ideas on the continuation of this campaign. I can write new story for this, but if I do, I would rather create new campaign. This is forever my first campaign. I have learnt a lot on how to make mission and maps, thanks to the help and advice from Fed2k community. I remembered spending a lot of time crafting events, replaying over and over to get the balance right (and it is still too hard apparently), etc... Thank you for all your supports for this campaign!
  3. I confess I didn't read the briefing past objective section. That's unfortunate. I hate all those limitations. I can tell you put a lot of effort in this tileset. No complain here. I meant, on Arrakis, creating terrain full of rectangle and square hills look ugly and unnatural to me. Meanwhile, since this tileset is man-made structure, you can do that all you want. From player perspective, it looks like everywhere is buildable. I'm talking about the edge of orange land, the one that connect other tiles with the orange.
  4. Great work! These missions have different feels to them. I like it. I will give feedback on them later. Regarding the tileset itself, - It is not clear which tile can be built on, especially boundary tile. IMO, using color to indicate whether we can build on them or not does not hold lorewise (Those aren't sand on Arrakis). I suggest extending that attribute to all non-boundary tiles, if possible. - You can get away with "blocky" map. - I think the black background is rather bland. I suggest adding some space star will light it up, so it feel more immersive - I saw you having more tiles in a tileset than original tileset. Is it possible to unify all original tilesets into one big tileset? (all ruins, all sand buildings, ice, bridge, etc)
  5. Afaik, either CNCnet or OpenRA (remake version). Never plays on OpenRA, but the population on CNCnet is quite low.
  6. I have completed your campaign this weekends. My feedback:
  7. Cool, I can see how it hit my base from their base for some map already. I think its range need to be tone down a bit, and it needs a clear role. I worry that defending might become too easy with this boy. Do you think Raider can outrun it? Yeah, I have roughly 30sec - 1min break for attacking between enemy wave. I see. Well, light infantry is kinda useless lategame. But they will come out of building when we destroy them, so we can't mess much with them. Don't worry, I mostly reserve that praise for true eye candy. It's hard to create one though, this is supposed to be a harsh dessert. I saw a few project here that did just that, but they were all abandoned AFAIK, except the openRA one. And EA lost this game's source code. Too bad.
  8. The moment I took my army out, House Ordos immediately rushed in and destroyed them, before I even scratched the base. For the middle base, I had to use infantry path, 20 - 25 infantries each wave, a mix of Grenadier and Trooper. Of course, House Ordos still prioritize on attacking them. Same to the left base, I had to split my army, one for the air base, one to guard the attacking force. Well, with Ordos' army everywhere, the further another road from my main base, the less chance my even reach these air base. Besides, only the central air base had more than one road of reasonable flank. They were close to the Unknown base, so whenever I use that road, I engaged both the Unknown and Ordos. I only destroyed the Control Node, even for the left air base. I stationed part of my army to guard them, but they quickly fell apart. OK so far. Nothing hurts my eyes. I meant how the mission was intended to playout. Like "Defend your base and your allies until the enemy exhaust their resources." or "Build quick, strike fast, before enemy get stronger.", etc... Yes, this tactic is very common in multiplayer. However, for campaign, I only use them as last resort these days. Wait, I thought that the second version is only available for Harkonnen in multiplayer, weaker than actual one, definitely not the same as one trained with Imperial Palace. Is it possible to add new infantry, like a sniper or something? One candidate for replacement is Trike, I always think Trike and Raider are too much alike. They make no different balance-wise. We could remove Trike, and replace it with Raider for all other faction. Then we have slot for something new. Maybe unnecessary, Rocket Turret is already too good. Might be ok, if it's enemy-only. More if we could capture them somehow.
  9. S13V1: S13V2: I think the my starting units were too strong to defend against those attacks. That's Sonic Tank for you. I think it's fine, Player can choose whatever way they prefer. If any, enlarge the small gap of the path at the right edge of the map. It's hard to flank when the path is small and has a strong defense. Maybe, I saw dense spice and all the tile had spice there This mod is starting to get exciting. Do you need to replace other unit with it? I am thinking of update my campaign to include your mod. Nothing comes to mind. Unless, well, infinity reinforcement. Hahaha. Yes, I forgot. I notice some big changes in those mission, might replay them.
  10. Recently got a job. It greatly reduces time I spent on Dune compared to before. Anyway, here we go: S12V1: S13 and SBON2 coming soon!
  11. Surprise appearance! In addition to other answers above, when you create that event, please make sure that they have a refinery as well. I'm tired of non-refinery harvester replacement.
  12. I don't get the easter egg? What is that referring to? SBON2:
  13. M2: M3V1: M4: M5: M6: M7: The Ordos saga hasn't ended yet in my campaign. I believe they're way worse than the Harkonnen, and I'll expose that more in my later campaign. Thanks a lot, Fey. You set up a new standard of feedback! I like how extremely detailed it is.
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