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  1. Updated: v170407 Heavily reduced the time it takes to save the map and mis file Replaced the settings bellow with the following new settings: 'numberOfSandSpecialsToAdd', 'numberOfRockSpecialsToAdd', 'numberToAdd', 'numberOfSpiceSquares', numberOfDuneSquares', 'numberOfIslandSquares' 'sandSpecialFreq', 'rockSpecialFreq', 'rockFreq', 'spiceFreq', 'duneFreq', 'islandFreq' These new settings are instead now a percentage. Ex. If 'rockFreq' is set to 0.2, then roughly 20% (0.2 * 100) of all blocks on the map will be a rock tile All areas have bee
  2. Ok, I've made some quick changes to hopefully reduce the time it takes for now, later on I'll rework it completely. My PC is a Pentium E5300 @ 2.60 GHz with 4GB of RAM, I'm not sure if I'd consider that too fast, since it gets pretty slow sometimes, but I don't know what other people have. The only other spot where it takes a long time is "Entrances edges added" after the islands are added, it runs for about 8 seconds or so on just it, so I need to fix that too I'll work on that some more when I have the time, I wont make it much of a priority just yet. Ok, I'll add thos
  3. Oh yes, I know it still needs to be majorly improved, in the last version I posted there were still a few points left over where it could get stuck, but in the most current version I'm still working on it should be all good. Hmm, I'm not too sure what was the cause of that crash there, when I try a 16x16 map on that same version it runs fine, but I'll look into the cause of it. But a 16x16 map anyways is pretty much useless, since it's just too darn small. A 32x32 map is better, and mathematically the settings should be about 6.25% of the default values, although they would certainly nee
  4. I've started work on the previously mentioned 'Markov' type idea, and to start I compiled a list of all tiles in the 36 stock maps. data.zip Inside are 800 text files, one for each tile. Inside each text file are 8 sections called 'direc_', with '_' being a number from 0 - 7, This 0 - 7 number represents a direction from a particular tile, the directions go in a clock-wise circle starting from the top left. Under each section are all 800 tiles listed again with the number of times that they occurred in that direction, from that particular tile. In case you have no idea what the heck I'm t
  5. That looks like a pretty creative way to make a map, quite interesting. And thank you!
  6. I realized after that there were still some parts where it could get stuck, but I should have fixed all of those occurrences by now. What settings are you running it on? I have not had it get frozen up on me when I tried values that were higher than the default, and certainly not when they were on the default. But I do notice that those parts do take a little bit longer than all the others, I will have a look at redoing them. For me, it takes roughly 1 minute and 30 seconds to make a map at 128*128, with a .mis file, which I now realize is probably much too long to wait for a map to be made. I
  7. Yes, I am quite glad it's coming all together so quickly now You can find more information under this link. Scroll to the bottom, as the oldest posts starts at bottom and newer appear upwards. It's really interesting to read and there are good examples (screenshots) of the levels it produced. As you can see, the levels it generates are quite cluttered mess which are not playable at all and need lot of human modifications to become playable. However, it's actually improving during the time, and I'm really curious how well this method will work for Dune2000 maps, after creating proba
  8. Updated: v170322 Implemented safe guards to prevent the program from locking up; you may now set the settings as high as you want All 7 original tilesets are now supported Now creates a .mis file to go with the map Added new setting: 'addMis' Setting to true will create a .mis file, false will not Added new setting: 'autoSpaceSpawns' Setting to true will use a new, better method to add the spawn points in a more evenly distributed layout. 'spaceBetweenPoints' is not used under it A 'README.txt' file is included which explains the set
  9. I do recall running into this problem the other day, but I believe I have fixed it. In my case, it was because the other settings were not being resized correctly to account for the smaller map size, and by the time it got to that step there just was no more room left. I will go and add in some measures to prevent any step from getting stuck like that. That's a good idea, I will do that as well.
  10. Hey @Klofkac, I got a question about the other files with your map editor. Why is the 'default_ai.misai' file included only 7607 bytes when the template on the wiki and the game seems to require it to be 7608 bytes? Edit: I think I found out, the first byte is supposed to be the player number, oops
  11. When just a normal custom map is launched through the CnCNet launcher, it uses the tileset as specified in the corresponding .mis file, correct? Is everything else in the .mis file ignored?
  12. Updated: v170317 Added a new system where all you need to do is specify the map dimensions and tileset, and the remaining values will be estimated. Setting 'useSettings' to false will enable this. Added a basic interface which utilizes the above feature. To use it, run the 'runGUI.bat' file. 'Load Defaults' will load the settings last saved and 'Quit and Save Defaults' will save the current settings Picture: Now uses the tileset ini files from Klofkac's Map Editor for the tile info Added new setting: 'numberOfEmptyBlooms' Like how 'numberOfBlooms' wou
  13. Right now, the only way to prevent two areas from connecting to each other would be to increase 'spaceBetweenPoints' so they are more separated, or decrease either 'numberToAdd' or 'numberOfSpawnsToAdd' to make them smaller or fewer. I'll see which settings work best to keep them apart. And like you suggest, I will also look into making a system that would make each area different from each other, so they don't connect at all and stay separated. Yup, I just added this yesterday, 'numberOfEmptyBlooms' will be the start of a spice field that does not have any spice bloom. There was a bi
  14. Thank you! I highly appreciate you taking the time to write up your thoughts on it The 'divisor' variables are meant to help evenly distribute all the squares. Hopefully I can explain this well enough. So, the idea is that without this in place, all the squares will likely end up being placed very unevenly. This is because once an area starts to get big, it gets a higher chance of becoming even more bigger, compared to the smaller areas. When a rock square is being placed, the program looks for a rock tile that is next to a sand tile, so an edge point. The bigger an area is, the larger
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