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  1. I didn't ask properly, any region maker? Topic Updated, view the above.
  2. I need the tool they've been using to make their own campaign regions. I need a modifier that allows how many regions and sounds you can make your campaign display. Since they're this good then it's possible that they can edit the region images and set retake territories or add new colors like Purple.
  3. The Wayback Machine doesn't allow download I'm afraid. I found something better than Dune 3.
  4. Dune 3 is can be found on this page and general. If it's like Dune 2 then it may have the house Corrino assets I'm looking for. I need the Power Tank's attack sound effect, please provide a link to me.
  5. Does the one provided let you see the videos? If not then that's not the original, I prefer to buy the original myself. Perhaps trying Nahoo's version and please standby for an hour for it's download to be sent. https://nahoo.net/games/dune2000/
  6. Please if anyone has Dune 2 House Corrino Edition which features the new Power Tank please send me any links to it.
  7. [UPDATE] Assistance, I need a moderator for my Dune 2000 Tangents, feel free to Volunteer. I wont ask for much, I just need you to remove the followings when requested. You'll receive credit and special thanks for any GFX or assistance. You may also suggest GFX designs here if you're interested. I will be adding videos here later. Brief I will be making a switchable mod inside Dune 2000 Tangent folders.
  8. Excellent properties, I will be sure to add this one to my collection.
  9. I am neutral to this topic, so anything you want to have indulge in may interest me. My first game awards will have new units and it will intelligently reimburse some I have to share with you. Tell me everything about the mod and where does it start? I must say Dune 2000 is a fine edition to my own personal collection and it's even more indulging to finally review them again. This topic is about classics but I may make one that requests for assistance or about finding content and nothing that isn't already there.
  10. I'm making a cool mod and an extended version for Dune 2k in board game form.
  11. I want to add sound effects to whenever a unit gets attack. I need atleast 1 way to script and hopefully it's like scripting discord bots. Don't bother answering if there's no way because I know it's impossible except through hard hacking like that select mission thing. I just want the hardware needed to hard hack and script Dune 2k, unless you're not a professional don't ping me. I don't need 2 noobs me including to fill out any applications either and want to make TIBED. If it's forum progress you're trying to build on here please don't involve us.
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