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  1. And here's this one I made. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/722853223622246460/733480603399487608/Sardaukar-I.W.S.D_v1.1.zip Reshade it if you want to.
  2. This son of a Gun is mines now, I'll take it.
  3. All you can do is provide enough radius to damage units near targets.
  4. For beginners when it's finished. It will teach them how to locate features in programs.
  5. Getting Started New to Dune 2000 modding? Having a hard time on where to start? Here's a Dune 2k Mod Schedule to get you started. THIS WILL BE FINISHED LATER Here's The Unarchived version of content you can use For changing an unit or building's imagery you must first download and use Resource Editor.zip Unit Imagery ID Information Here's The Unarchived version of content you can use. Unit Imagery ID
  6. Discord Server ~ https://discord.gg/87YERkU [Under Development] My Server will also host other showcaser mods which will share my personal assets. Exclusive Mod Reviews Dune 2000 [Dominative Priors Edition] This mod will consist on Larger House tactical conquests, which means the Atreides will be focused on their Defenses, Industrials and Victory while Ordos focuses on their Flowing Efficiency and Harkonnen their Destructiveness as well as their Evil killing tactics. The campaign looks the same, for all but you make the each task End Differently. The Atreides will kill their enemies using their effective battle tactics, they'll also provide light armored units if that's what you choose instead. The Ordos outbuys their enemies and dominate all, they'll also provide very armored units if you desired it. The Harkonnen will kill their enemies with their powerful destructive powers, if there is need for weak forces then the Baron allows it! Sub Houses (Soon Playable) Emperor Corrino will always send reinforcements to House Harkonnen and are already available. - Sardaukar, carries Large Machine Gun and inflicts high Crash Damage to tanks that collide with them due to their size. - Lion, heavily armored vehicle that does melee. - Power Tank, equipped with an Powerful Triburst Disrupter Cannon that can destroy units fast. - [Boss] Super Tank, equipped with 3 heavy cannons, 22 regular cannons, 2 rocket sockets and 6 medium cannons. Smugglers, Harvest spice and are no ally to anyone. Mercenaries are hired by the Ordos to kill enemies. Fremen became Atreides allies. Fremen, they carry a frequency Rifle that can shatter armor with a few shots and kill enemies very quickly. Fremen Sandworm, devours enemy forces. Sub Houses (Playable) Ixians provides excellent weaponry but are enemies to the Tleilaxu. - Stealth Link Tank, Has Medium Armor and warps energy to long distances at a high rate which makes it fearsome. - Stealth Rocket Tank, Fires 12 Long Volly Rockets - Stealth Quad, protected by anti explosive fibers and fires 2 long Range Seeker Missiles and can detonate. - [Boss] Necka, an advanced Ixian Weapon that has threaded feet and crushes tanks if they're too small. The Guild will not interfere, their weapons may serve useful to you. - Provides basic weapons. - [Mini Boss] Guild Makers, shoots disrupter blasts. - [Boss] Core Tank, fires long range bolts and 1 deadly Ark Bomb if too close. The Tleilaxu will serve the highest bitter and use terrifying weapons of biological war. - Sheet Tanks, protected by tough skins and makes perfect for combat tanks. - Blood Leechers, fast parasites that sucks infantry blood.
  7. I didn't ask properly, any region maker? Topic Updated, view the above.
  8. I need the tool they've been using to make their own campaign regions. I need a modifier that allows how many regions and sounds you can make your campaign display. Since they're this good then it's possible that they can edit the region images and set retake territories or add new colors like Purple.
  9. The Wayback Machine doesn't allow download I'm afraid. I found something better than Dune 3.
  10. Dune 3 is can be found on this page and general. If it's like Dune 2 then it may have the house Corrino assets I'm looking for. I need the Power Tank's attack sound effect, please provide a link to me.
  11. Does the one provided let you see the videos? If not then that's not the original, I prefer to buy the original myself. Perhaps trying Nahoo's version and please standby for an hour for it's download to be sent. https://nahoo.net/games/dune2000/
  12. Please if anyone has Dune 2 House Corrino Edition which features the new Power Tank please send me any links to it.
  13. [UPDATE] Assistance, I need a moderator for my Dune 2000 Tangents, feel free to Volunteer. I wont ask for much, I just need you to remove the followings when requested. You'll receive credit and special thanks for any GFX or assistance. You may also suggest GFX designs here if you're interested. I will be adding videos here later. Brief I will be making a switchable mod inside Dune 2000 Tangent folders.
  14. Excellent properties, I will be sure to add this one to my collection.
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