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  1. Before you quoted @Krypto, what he suggested is that Music names in Dune 2000's Options it's Music Panel displayed Music with incorrect names. @JasperRowan, Krypto wants Grunt Mods to fix Incorrect Music names error. You may be suggesting to fix this error has Minor Importance and instead this update really isn't stupid to suggest.
  2. This Update, does it help Modders in any way such as game crashes and Thumper Null?
  3. This is the Campaign Screen you get when you lose a Mission, perhaps you can load a Custom one.
  4. I know what you mean, when you click next it will request campaign map instead. Perhaps what I should really ask for was Campaign Screen maker, and whenever someone beats a Mission then you go to fail Mission Screen or return to Campaign Screen.
  5. Whenever you come across your Score Screen you get statistics such as how much is Destroyed, Built or Harvested. If possible can you load it but make it so that the user may also load their own images and next map or quit loader? This should by the way be an extension to the Mission Launcher.
  6. I've joined House Ordos, now here's a registration example, I will handle any missing shadow for your Units and also fully make your unit if your Description is well. And make sure you record the whole battle Score Menu if that's a feature in Mission Loader. Commander Name: Amander Has Joined House Ordos. Requests the following schematics to House Ordos Mentat who then instructs House Ordos's Engineers. A Heavy Machinegun Tank with as much Detail and Description. Description: A Cubular Tank that sacrifices turret component space for stationary weight and armor and a Heavy Machine Gun Cartridge that detatches to replace a new one while it's cheap and Expensive. ("If only they'd launch when they're detatched and melt upon a Target's Barrel but that function is impossible in Dune though. In other words, Tank Stunner.") ~Awaiting, not On Hold.
  7. This Mod is Unique and made when I got boring feelings after playing so many Custom Dune 2k Mods by myself. The Goal is very simple, as grand master and stats balancer to this mod, what I say goes and I'll do all the stat balancing. HOW TO PLAY You are Commander to any House you choose and are enlisted to a series of basic Units the Mentats defines to you. Join a House, work as a Team and I'll develop a Globe where you are to get spice for your Houses. Upload all your nessesary Unit Tibed Savings, Graphics Data, Music and pick a Duo or team if you desire, even join Mercenaries or become Pirates. You must record your entire Missions and beat them, failure sometimes happens because the enemy was too strong. Choosing a House permanently bans you if you've aided a new house until you gain their trust. When player Numbers expand please don't worry, Every Commander will be given a new series of Missions. HOUSES House Atreides has spies, so if you choose another House then they'll reject you if you've joined other Houses. Suspects suspicious acts on Treason or Terrorism. House Ordos has spies, they'll set use you as a Saboteur if you fail them too many times after news that you've joined another House. Suspects Assassins, Spies, Fremen. House Harkonnen has Assassins, sent to kill any importance and kill soldiers while sent to kill you if they find you. Doesn't suspect anything. House Corrino has an alliance with both Harkonnen and Guild. Mercenaries, Tlielaxu Assassins, Pirates, Holy Fighters and Holy Fremen Fighters. Give this game a chance.
  8. You think you can maybe add Explosion Radius and Instant Hit to your Structure Editor features?
  9. People should do more compilations for their creations because there's a lot that I don't find on this website, keep it up.
  10. I don't see a problem with people having access to content they shouldn't when it isn't really the downloaders that's providing their product. It's not our fault it's the society that gets away with uploading illegal content, it's not like copyright Owners can just spot your VPN and sue you for storing their content or even playing it somehow. If you want to do that then feel to.
  11. Also this page will also feature free Unit'z and Structures if you're interested in ever finding any.
  12. What should be possible is that features found in D2k Editor like Events and Conditions are now always active instead of just functioning only in a Mission to extend Dune 2000 Modding. For example just for a certain unit's damage % or damage at all then that triggers a Sound to play or Spawns death hand bombs or even get Reinforcements.
  13. CONDITIONS AND INFORMLOG .I'm making this to give my self something to do + I need to pay Bills. .Pay in advance, there are no Refunds and your agreements are that you put in your payment description the followings below if you're a Valid Customer. For Purchase Transactions, I will send you 1 asset component and if you like it, then I'll finish it and respond that it's ready for purchase. I'll give you a Demo of each unit and see if they're to your liking. A vehicle has 31 frames or can have 9 to 16 frames frames. Please provide Images or Descriptions on what you would like to be found on a Unit you're interested in. Also see that I'm not responsible if there was an incomplete transaction and that I'm unable to complete your product in time or at all and that there can't be an refund due to money being used to pay Bills. Copy and paste all the following Purchase Terms, even title found in under this guide into your purchase description only if you want to be one of my Customers. .ACCEPTED PURCHASE TERMS (REWRITE or COPY PASTE) TO RETAILER AND PAYPAL VENDOR The Retailer I'm sending this Currency as Compensation to has provided an asset I want and I, the Customer fully accept His/Her services and agrees to not held the Retailer and Paypal Product Vendor responsible for any results which a Customer can issue Refunds. I accepted the followings terms you've described I've copy paste into this transaction's description. .If you the Retailer and Paypal Product Vender accepts this Currency as a Payment Transaction for assets is successful, then there is no refund. .If Paypal Staff are reading these terms then it's an valid term being met. .Only the Retailer and Paypal Product Vendor to any assets I obtained after this purchase may implement any copies other products, copyright or for any purpose as well and as Owner to these assets, I can make them copyrighted as well. And if He/She the owner to these assets disagree then any permission is overruled via amandermail@gmail.com retailer. PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS (Enlist them here in rows.) FREE . Any Vehicles you want, however infantry are expensive. DONATION DEALS All purchased items will have an additional Copyright for each file's use which means that they can't be implemented without your Permission to a Forums to make your Mods Unique, also see that assets purchase is also still shared property and that I may use them for product purposes or more. . Dune 2000 Modding Coach, don't know where to start? All for 50$, I can help you manage what Dune 2000 needs, but I'll have to warn you that my perspective on this may be different to others. I will also use assets I've found in Free Mods and edit your Mod to get you started. . 250$ USD Paypal I'll make you 3 Light Vehicles, 3 Medium Vehicles, 3 Heavy Vehicles, 3 Special Vehicles, 1 Super Heavy Vehicle, 3 Turrets, 3 Barracks and 3 Factories. That's 23 objects or be flexible with that number in vehicles, all ending with 3. With shadows cost 3$ more and while 8$ for higher value. All you need to complete most of your Mods. . 1 Light or Heavy Vehicle for 30$ USD, Paypal. With shadows cost 3$ more and while 8$ for higher value. . 1 Super Heavy Vehicle or Special Vehicle for 100$. With shadows cost 5$ and while 20$ for higher value. .1 Infantry for 300$, including Machine Guns, Suit style. With shadows cost 3$ and while 8$ for higher value. .1 4$ for a unit Profile Image, 1$ for image recolor but pay in advanced for this offer. .500$ for an high detail house brand. SPECIAL DONATION 200$/400$ for Small Soldiers Commando Elite collection, featuring Death animation and more. Coming Soon, discount until then. Alien Grey Enemy for 200/400$, featuring Aliens, Mutants and Bogies, perfect addition to fight your Small Soldiers. Comming Soon, discount until then. Mafias and Suits Package 450$/900$, may feature classy buildings, classic vehicles and various suits and units. Paypal Email, amandermail@gmail.com Thanks for watching and buying.
  14. Minigun Sardaukars almost looks as big as Tanks while original ones looked like in the movie. Maybe call them Sardaukar still since both look relatively compatible as one.
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