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  1. thanks fey 😋 here's a sneak peek of what's to come!
  2. cheers! excited to see what you can come up with 😁
  3. Yo! I originally started this project as a means to improve my pixel art skills. Starting with little to no experience I knew this would be a daunting task to replicate the iconic style of Dune 2000. After approximately 6 months of on and off work on it, I'm happy to say it's finally complete. Download link is at the bottom of this post! Here are some in-game screenshots showcasing the new tiles: The preview mini map colours have been altered too: I have also repurposed the original 32 rock crater sprites to match: Here is the tileset as a whole: And finally here is a quick playthrough of an earlier version of this tileset which displays the crater sprites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N54Zsa2Z_NY Download files here: Dune 2000 Icy Tileset.zip How to install: - WARNING: Make a backup of Dune 2000/ data to return to vanilla. - Unzip "Dune 2000 Icy Tileset". - Locate Dune 2000/ data and copy "BLOXICY.R16" and DATA.R16 into it. - Locate Dune 2000/ data/ bin and copy "TILEICY.BIN into it. Also a special thanks to the guys over at the Dune 2000 Singleplayer discord!
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