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  1. I don't even know how to use this ''new'' format ... Looking through the modsite and forum cant find anything about it... If there is a post about how to do this pls inform me ASAP. I started making this at the beginning of last month and assumed there was no other.
  2. They should be in the Zip along with text.uib and the readme. Just tried it myself and it worked fine and all the files where there? Im using winrar? Is this the problem?
  3. Hi. I have made a new set of missions for House Harkonnen and need players to give feedback/Bugreports and suggestions. This is my first time making any kind of Dune 2000 content, i have played the game since i was 4 years old tho. Identity: Some of the missions have limited resources and recruitment options for survival and unit optimization purposes. The Starport is the key for most of the missions as it is the optimal way of gaining reinforcements but the mission can be done without it if you choose to thus increasing difficulty. The later missions can feel a bit grindy and will mos
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